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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New goodies from Yumeko's blogger sale!

I simply love Yumeko's blog! And I am daily stalking her sale blog as she lists fantastic handmade items there quite often!
(I participated in most of the sales so far =P Yep, I was the bitch who snatched up 3 brush rolls, the makeup pouch, a netbook cover and 2 scrunchies right before you =P)

Anyways, I am really thrilled with the 2 brush rolls I purchased some time ago (Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty!) so I ordered yet another brush roll (Little Twin Stars!!!! I loved Kiki & Lala when I was a kid.. I think I actually preferred them over Hello Kitty!) for my growing stash of brushes!

As always it's so well made and the fabric and lining fabric fit so nicely together!
The fabric is so colorful and cheery and so crowded with cute creatures and things! It's the cutest LTS fabric I spotted so far (most of the LTS pouches etc. you find on Etsy are made of a rather pale pastel fabric which looks a tiny bit boring)!

I also got this generously sized cute makeup pouch made of the same HK fabric as my brush roll!

Love the cute lacey trim around the zipper, too!

And last but not least (and
most eagerly awaited) is my new netbook sleeve for my Acer Aspire One (8.9" screen version)!
I picked the Kuromi fabric as the little naughty devil is just darn cute!

We always had My Melody stuff here (though it's gone for some years now *sigh*) but her evil sister was just created in 2005 (I remember seeing a lot of Kuromi stuff in Japan when I was there in 2006)!
Look at the skully cherries lol! Ahhhh, I just love it!

The size is great, because I can also tuck in the charger, modem and even a notebook (I mean the one made of actual paper lol) when I am heading to university! All the gals there are going to give my cool netbook cover jealous looks =D

It's lined with shock-absorbing material so the computer is protected from the daily bumps (like from tossing it in my big messenger bag hehe)

Yumeko also spoiled me with candies and a fab looking mask from Skin Food! I shall try this later today!

Thanks dear for another bunch of lovely items that made me really happy! And I am continuing stalking your blogs hehe!


Laura L said...

aww,I'm so excited to see your haul. everything is soo cute especially the makeup pouch and kiki lala. love love!
oh,can u do a review for the skinfood caviar mask sheet in your future post? I'm curious :)
thank you!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I am deeply in love with your latest hauls...Isn't she the best in creating the kawaii-est items?

Jamilla Camel said...

So Kawaii!! I have a HK Skull brush holder, and I love it!!

justltee said...

She is so talented. Thank you for her sale blog site. I am now a follower and everything looks so cute and tempting.

AskMeWhats said...

everything got sold out in less than half a day!!! You are fast! those are super Kawaii!

Amanda K said...

Those are so cute!!

acutelife said...

Yumeko always produce the cutest things :) I love kiki n lala too.but I didn't know my melody character has a sister!!lolz

KRYSTAL said...

so cuuute!! love the haul!

Yumeko said...

whee u got it!
my ploy to get u to review the mask is totally working XD
i cant wait to hear wat u think

so did the candy go to the kids this time again? heehee

i never tire of saying this but thank you thank you thank you for your support!

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