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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got a wonderful gift! =D

Some days ago I received a wonderful package from my blogging bestie Iris (I am sure you know here blog, if not then click here) =D
I know her for over 4 years now (she kindly CPed tons of Japanese beauty stuff for me while she was in Japan! I bet she must have spent dozens of hours shopping, wrapping and sending out my stuff lol!) and we even met once (so far...) =D

She sent me the most wonderful skincare, and it came right in time after my Grapia Peel disaster!

The BabiesOnly Let's Face It skincare kit consists of organic skincare from Australia so mild that you could use it on your baby!
I love the cute logo and hot pink/lime colors used for the labels and bag!

It contains a Rose Milk Cleanser, Rose Mineral Water Spritzer (this is so yummy on hot days!), Pure Rosehip Oil (you cannot imagine how soft and even my skin got after just 2 days of using this!) and Rosehip Cream (great for a more intense night care!)
I love the herbal smell of the products and their performance is just great!

She also sent me a whopping 11 face masks (I had already used one when I took the pic haha!) from The Face Shop in a variety of versions (great to try various masks for different purposes!). These are among the first The Face Shop masks I own and they're really nice and hydrating!

I also got a cute letter and some Kenzoki samples I am very eager to try out as I read great things about Kenzoki!
Thanks so much to my dear for her most generous gift!! *smooch*


Yumeko said...

cant wait to read ur reviews on ur masks

meowie said...

very cute baby kit!

Nina said...

Wow, you got a bottle of pure rosehip oil! I love that stuff! You can also apply that on healing wounds to prevent scar formation. I've tried it and it really works!

CherryColors said...

Woooh! Baby items that work for adults too! ^^
The baby kit is so pretty, it makes me want to steal it!

Catherine said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your reviews! :D

K said...

OOooh how nice! Please let me know if there's anything from Japan you would like!

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