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Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautycolor DOT DOT Eyeshadow Palette #7 &Eyeliner Trio

Over 2 months ago, when I was searching for Shills stuff on eBay I stumbled upon this Taiwanese brand called DOT DOT (I think it's made by the same company as Shills, i.e. Beautycolor). An eBay shop (ianhaze) had some cute and rather inexpensive items so I settled on the eyeshadow palette and eyepencil trio they had up for grabs.

I was waiting for over 2 months till the package finally arrived! It's not the sellers fault, he/she sent out on 8th of March by First Class Airmail but seems the post was super duper slow this time around (well, mail from the US takes ages usually - 2 to 3 weeks is normal - but 2 1/2 months is obscene...)

Anyways, last week I got this nice heavy palette to play with (does the style remind anyone else of a certain HE brand from an American makeup artist? Hehe) and a bunch of 3 eye pencils to use with the palette.

The eyeshadow palette has 2 layers, 4 neutral colors on top and 3 cooler colors in the bottom tier. The 2 applicators are of good quality, the brush is soft and the sponge doesn't feel scratchy either.
The shadows are lightly scented but you don't really smell them unless you sniff the shadow pans directly.

In all honesty I like this palette. I admit that the texture is a bit crumbly and dry (like the shadows are loosely pressed) but the pigment is quite decent and the jewel-like shimmer is really pretty. It's not the quality of many Japanese brands I am used to but still pretty good.

The darkest brown shade (on the very right in the top layer) could be more pigmented and a little less peach-toned but it goes well with the other colors and works for me when worn to define the crease.
Staying power is good, once they're on they stay there (I use a primer) and I didn't have any problems with creasing either.
You can see the individual colors on the swatch pic =)

All in all a decent palette if you can find it for a fair price (or if you can find it at all!).. not sure for how much this retails in Taiwan but I am sure it's not expensive. I believe I paid somewhere around US$15 so I am pretty sure it should be quite a little cheaper in TW.

I also got a trio set of eye pencils as they looked so cute (pink! I love pink!). The colors are a shimmery taupe (lovely color!), shimmery black and shimmery white.
The pencils are a little crumbly, too, and I find they tug too much when I try to use them on my top lid (I think it'd help warming the tip a little).

I am anyway not a fan of pencils so I always use liquid/gel/felt pen-style liners for my upper lids. The pencils are nice for defining the lower lids though and I am especially in love with the taupe color as I don't have a pencil like it!

I saw them on the Dot Dot website for NT$173 (less than US$6) while I believe I paid US$11 or so =/

There were other eye pencil sets (one with brights and some others) shown on the Dot Dot website.


Laura L said...

oh, lovely colors. I used to see someone selling them but it never cross my mind to grab them simply because I was doubted with the quality. ha~ thanks a lot for the review!

acutelife said...

I love the taupe color too!! So nice..

Catherine said...

Ooh, the shadow swatches are very pretty! Such a cute palette for on-the-go!

fuzkittie said...

I've seen that palette before and almost got it! It looks really cute...

Amelia said...

Oh no!
Now i feel the need to have them >.<
The Taupe color is soooo gorgeous.

sumiji888 said...

haha...I ordered from her before *i assume is a female seller*
I was going to get the eye palette, but wasn't sure if has good pigment or not, now i see's cool

♥sormui♥ said...

oh those e/s and pencils r sooo pretty!

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