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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall 2010: Fasio Chandelier Shine Eyes in SV-5

I don´t pay so much attention to Fasio these days as many times this brand has let me down with its inconsistent and often mediocre quality. Given that this brand is produced by Kosé and the prices are on a par price-wise with Kate, Integrate and even Kosé´s other affordable drugstore brand Visée (well, it´s generally maybe a few 100 Yen more expensive) I think one should expect a good consistent quality etc.
Anyway, enough blabla, the new Chandelier Shine Eyes palettes are actually pretty nice and affordable so it´s very worth picking one of these up!

The case is quite pretty for a drugstore brand with the embossed jewels on the cover.
Each palette contains 3 shimmery powder shades and a glittery color which (to pat on top of the other shades) probably is some sort of "chandelier shine powder" or so. Can´t read Japanese but I am guessing that hehe =P
Pigment-wise the Chandelier Shine Eyes show up really well. These shades don´t blend that easily though and they have the tendency to crumble a little so I recommend doing the eyes before the face makeup.

Still they are good shadows and last the whole day on me with just minimal fading and no creasing.
SV-5 is a really gorgeous quad as the deepest shade is quite unique, a deep gray bordering purple or blue, hard to say actually. The other shades are medium silver, white and a silver glitter shade with engraved jewels.

I used this quad along with the Lunasol Gel Eyeliner in 06 Dark Gray which shows up just a little but fits oh so well with this quad!

I got this Chandelier Shine Eyes from Adambeauty for US$17 incl. shipping, Japanese retail is 1470 Yen (=US$18).

Rating: 3.5/5


Jessying said...

this is gorgeous ! gonna check this out

Unknown said...

It's very pretty! Love the eye make up u did with this palette. The ideal smokey eye palette? Am checking them out soon.


Jess said...

Looks like a gorgeous palette for smokey eyes! It looks amazing on you, Kathi!

Emma said...

Love it! Blingbling with no fall out!

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