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Saturday, October 2, 2010

EBay and Gooddealer haul =)

Some ladies requested that I should post haul pics like I used to do but stopped for no reason actually lol! 
I love looking at other people´s hauls (especially of my dear friend Iris of Rouge Deluxe hehe) so I can understand this request =)
I haven´t gotten really lots of packages over the past 3 weeks, just maybe 5 or so (that is extremely little for me haha) but yesterday I got 3 in one day, woot!

I got:
-Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in 04 Seductive Rose. I didn´t intend to get any of these at first as I am not a fan of loose powder products in general. However I couldn´t resist this after seeing it in this post on Rouge Deluxe =) I am so glad I got it as it´s absolutely gorgeous! Got this from Gooddealer for around US$46 & s&h, so I paid around US$51 (retail 4750 Yen = US$57) total for this...not bad!!
-RMK Nail Color EX in P-22 Red and P-23 Dark Purple, got them also from Gooddealer along with the JS blush.
-Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Mascara in black and
-Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Rouge in PK831, won them for less than half their retail price on eBay, yay!
-DHC Rose Beauty Eye Zone Treatment Retouch Q10 in Light Beige, this is the 3rd piece of this eye concealer. It´s my favorite and even though I use it about 3-4x a week 1 piece lasts me about a year! This and the following products were from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.
-Kiss Me Medicated Hand Cream, this smells like Vicks VapoRub to me´s a very thick petroleum-jelly like cream. Just sampled a bit of it so can´t yet say if it´s good or not but the smell is certainly strong!
-Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair Milk Soft Wave
-Sekkisei 25th Anniversary sheet mask tablets to make my own sheet masks
-Dariya pillow sheets with lavender scents, just put one into the pillow case for a fresh scent for the next 2 weeks. Contains 2 pcs
-Also got couple of hair elastics from Asience as a freebie. They are really cute! I ordered the Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment set along with the other stuff but they came in a separate box (due to their weight) a few days earlier so I am guessing the elastics were a part of that set.
I officially declare the Asience Shine Therapy range to be the best Japanese hair care for dyed/very dry/damaged hair I have tried, that´s why I had to get the jumbo sizes (580ml each, the Treatment is a smaller special size). Whenever I use these products my hair gets super soft and silky with a gorgeous glossy shine. Love the cute pink pump-bottles, too!
Individual reviews of most items to follow (reviewed a few of them already before!).


Unknown said...

Wow...that's alot of stuff u hauled. Can't wait for u to do a post on the Jill Stuart product. The packaging seems so lovely.


Unknown said...

This is a lot of stuff! :) I imagine you are enjoying ever product!! :D I can't wait til you review them all! :) especially the Ascience hair stuff :) I've seen them at my local Japanese market so I can buy them easily! haha

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
I love haul posts! I don't post some of my hauls, as I don't want to come across as showing off excessively ('cos you never know what nasty comments silly people will make). Nevertheless, I still love reading what other bloggers are purchasing. The hair shampoo that I'm really loving now is Sala. It leaves my hair soft and untangled, even without using conditioner. I have tried Asience before but it was just average for me.

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