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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall 2010: Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Silky Lipstick in 127 & 128

The Extra Silky Lipstick from Clé de Peau Beauté is probably the best (and one of the most luxurious) lipstick ranges I know...though still the difference to other great lipsticks quality-wise isn´t that high so e.g. in my opinion the Moist Melting Rouge lipsticks from Lavshuca or some of the lipsticks from Maquillage or Coffret d´Or are a great and more affordable alternative to the Extra Silky Lipsticks. That´s why I personally wouldn´t pay retail (US$52!) for the Cdp lippies but I am always happy when I can get a good deal on eBay. My limit is about US$25-30 & shipping as this is what I would pay for e.g. Coffret d´Or.
I got the Extra Silky Lipstick in the 2 new fall colors, 127 and 128, for a good price on eBay as I was the only bidder. Probably nobody else found these as the seller listed these as "Extra Silly Lipsticks" haha!

The twist-up tubes come in the elegant signature deep blue shimmery CdP color. The lipsticks are not retractable so be sure to only twist out the amount you need not to crush the tip of the lipstick. 
To twist out the color the cap should be attached to the end of the tube for easier handling.

The 2 new fall colors are very different from each other and as I am used to from CdP they are exceptionally creamy with a gorgeous rich moist and nicely pigmented lustrous finish making my lips look plump and glossy.

These lipsticks wear very well, feel comfortable and moisturizing and last for several hours on me if I don´t eat or drink. They don´t gunk up on the inner part of my lips either so a great product all the way round.

They are definitely wonderful quality and a really nice indulgence however still the price-tag would turn me off lol but for the price I paid I am very satisfied for sure.

These lipsticks are unfragranced and unflavored and contain a measly 2g.

127 is a color that looks more suitable for spring and summer which doesn´t prevent me from wearing it whenever I want hehe =P It´s a very pretty coral pink.

128 is definitely my favorite color as it´s a soft raspberry rose shade.

Overall I love the lush texture and lustrous finish of these lipsticks but the price-tag certainly is very high.

Rating: 5/5 (not detucting for the price as I got them cheaper and the lippies totally deserve the 5 stars).


herroyalbleakness said...

I swear it looks lovely on you! It's a plus that these babies come in dainty packaging. Love it!

galpal.hi said...

I just recently discovered Cle de Peau. They are really pricey but like you, I found that there are some good deals to be gotten on ebay, if you look well.

LOL! Extra Silly Lipsticks.

This line of lippies sound really nice. Might have to give it a go if I can find a good deal like you. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Which lipsticks in particular from Maquillage and Coffret D'or do you think are similar to the Cle de Peau ones? I know they have several different types. I love how moist and lush these CdP ones look, but that price tag...*ouch*!

Unknown said...

Oh... I love them! the colors are so pretty! I think cle de peau are great quality.

Thank you so much for sharing kathy =D

Shop N' Chomp said...

That is so pretty!!

Delirio Sensorial said...

I always love your posts =)
your blog is really good ^^

... I have a question for you... I'm trying to order some items from gmarket but I live in Chile and when I try to order my shipping fee its over 150usd ... I thinks this crazy price its because many items ,(for example a etude house cherry tint) are listed by users as an items that weight more than 400gr , so, for about 10 items the shipping fee they are telling me to pay its for 4 kg /kilos! and that is not the real weight =( ... I know because I have etude house tints... So tell me, its always like that?? they always have crazy shipping costs? =(

Take care!
and good luck in everything

Sabrina said...

your lip line is very well defined in all your lip of the day photos. do you use lip liner? i always have a problem defining my lips. my CDP lipstick when applied definitely does not look as well defined as yours :( could u share some tips? :)

Unknown said...

Those lip colors are so luxurious and beautiful!! They always look so stunning on your lips!

Unknown said...

Both of them looks so good! Pretty colours :P damm u have nice shaped lips

Kathi said...

the most similar lipsticks for me are the ones from Lavshuca called Moist Melting Rouge.

Hi Delirio..,
I mentioned the shipping dilemma with Gmarket a lot I think. The sellers like to enter higher weights but that leads to the customers paying much more upfront than necessary. You´ll get a refund of the shipping costs you paid too much but to your Gaccount unfortunately.
If you want just a few items it might turn out cheaper to just ask an ebay seller for the items you want (check rumistyle, she has decent prices and can get anything you want from Korean beauty brands usually).

Hi Sabrina,
yes I always use lipliner. I have about 5 liners that I use regularly as the colors go with about all my lipsticks and glosses.
I also always wear a very light layer of a lip base (or balm) to give a more even finish to the lipsticks


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