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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Japanese magazines haul =)

I love flicking through Japanese magazines as they just feel totally different from the magazines found here and of course I love seeing the products I like used on models, being advertised for etc. Of course I can´t read Japanese but still I just love looking at the pages hehe =) is a good site to order magazines but only if you intend to get a bunch as shipping is outrageously expensive and only turns out somewhat viable if you order a lot. 
However the thickness of the mags and the great freebies make it worthwhile from time to time in my opinion. Last time I ordered from them was in May 2009 so I decided to indulge in some new mags now in November 2010.
Iris totally helped me to pick out the mags because she posted information about the new mags on her blog Rouge Deluxe incl. release dates and included freebies!
I received the magazines a few days after ordering via FedEx (I ordered Friday and received on Tuesday). They split the order into 2 boxes, one weighing 3.5 kg and one 4.5 kg which also made the order tax-free as each box had a value of less than €22 (w/o shipping).

I purchased 7 mags to see some new ones I didn´t see before and not all are that great but still I like browsing them all.
The best issue is definitely the Bea´s Up 11/10 issue which comes with a free Be-Zen Chigira Keiko x Bea´s Up lip gloss. The issue features tons of the new Xmas collections and I love how neatly they are photographed. I made up my mind that I totally need the Lunasol and Esprique Precious coffrets and some of the new Lavshuca eyeshadows (and probably more hehe).
I also really like the issue of Sweet which comes with a great-quality Paul & Joe pouch duo. 

All in all I got those mags:
-Bea´s Up (comes with Be-Zen gloss which is a thick gloss with a mirror shine and lots of fine sparkles. It is scented with a herbal (I think lavender) scent and feels actually moisturizing. The tube contains only 3g so it´s quite tiny but a little goes a long way.
-Voce (with free RMK hair band & face cream sample. The head band is very comfy to wear and perfect to keep the hair back during makeup application and removal!)
-Sweet (Paul & Joe pouch duo)
-Spring (Tsumori Chisato wallet...good quality but mine came with a faulty zipper =( )
-With (Samantha Thravasa x Hello Kitty card holder & LUX hair care sample pack)
-Steady (HbG tote bag...gorgeous, roomy and very well made, I love this!)
-Biteki (Pola samples and satin hair tie)


Silkybow said...

Japanese magazines are awesome!
I love the way they incorperate so many pictures onto one page and it's fun flipping through them. The extra bonuses is always a plus :D:D

enchi said...

waaahhhhwww!!! You've got loads of Jap. Mags and freebies!!! I'm super envious!! U_U :))

Much love,
enchi :3

Unknown said...

great haul! I love the look of that lipgloss on you!! :D
yay to magazine freebies <3

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
You got all the great ones :-) Glad to have been able to help! I love the Samantha Thavasa x Hello Kitty and Liberty card case. The HbG bag and Paul & Joe pouches are some of the best quality magazine freebies I've come across this year so they are definitely worth it!

va said...

I use to buy older Japanese fashion and makeup mags like these but never got as good as free stuff inside as you have just some tiny things like a face mask or some small catalogs . You received some nice items with your purchase , very nice ! :)

Musing on Beauty said...

I never thought of ordering Japanese magazines online but I'm going to try! I always enjoy being able to see extracts on blogs so I'd be glad to have full versions.

Jenni said...

did you check out the Jill Stuart magazine :)? the one with a makeup bag <3 it looks gorgeous! you have so many freebies :D

♥ Starryxuan said...

wow! loads of mags! :) you picked a some nice mags! :)

Anonymous said...

ahh i've been eyeing on those Jap mags. but i can't seem to waste my money on them. $14 worth can get me a full size Mac lippies. lol! but i'm waiting for the P&J pouch freebies and def. purchase it.

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