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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall 2010: Shiseido Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes, Diamond Star Rouge & Sakura Drop Essence

Seems it´s time to finally review one of my favorite fall releases this year. Honestly most of the time Integrate is a quite bland and non-descript brand with good lipsticks/glosses and mediocre eyeshadows. 
This year they came up with some cuter stuff, especially their lovely new eyeshadow quads called "Rainbow Grade Eyes". 
I got all the items from Mihokoshop who offered really excellent service as usual =)

I ordered 2 of the Rainbow Grade Eyes but decided to only use 1 of them as the 2nd one was just a bit too warm for my liking. 
I also got 2 of the new Diamond Star Rouge lipsticks and the Sakura Drop Essence, a lip care/base.  

The Rainbow Grade Eyes come in small cases and cosist of 4 powder shadows and a creamy base arranged in the cutest way as you can see on the pics.
The cream base is very dry so it almost feels like a powder but this means it´s a great base as it´s not greasy. It has a gorgeous pearl sheen without any shimmer and is also a really pretty highlighter to use on the inner 1/3 of the eyes.

The 3 powder shades in the heart shape are quite silky and smooth but not powdery and they blend nicely but don´t smudge easily. They all have good pigment and a nice metallic and shimmery finish, but finely milled shimmer so it´s very pretty.

The striped shade at the bottom left is a sheer glitter shade which is nice to add an extra bit of sparkle to the lids or below the brows. Still I am not much a fan of glitter shades so a nice regular highlighter or maybe a bright contrasting color would have been nice instead.
The shadows wear well and neither crease nor fade on me in this cool dry weather. I can´t predict if they will hold up so well in humid and hot weather.

BR701: Definitely the palette that caught my eye first. A combination of cool taupes and beige with an off-white cream base and a slightly blue-tinged white rainbow powder. Love this palette and have been using it several times already!

BR302: A solid palette in neutral browns, though a bit too warm for my taste so this remained untouched and unswatched =) This will be listed on my sale blog soon I guess.

I might get the purple and green versions later...let´s see =)

The new Diamond Star Rouge lipsticks are very good lipsticks as they are smooth, moisturizing and have a very nice luminous finish (aka shimmery an glossy). They are sheer but with a few swipes they show up really well. Lasting power is average since this is a range of glossy and smooth lipsticks one can´t expect a very long wear.

These are neither fragranced nor flavored. Retail price is about 1575 Yen for (only!) 2.2g.

PK333:The standard light nude pink
RS771: A brownish mauve shade

The Sakura Drop Essence is a lip balm in a squeeze tube. It has a very light pink tint (almost not visible on lips) and a texture like vaseline. I love the slightly sweet taste this has (very subtle and soft) and the thick texture which is great as an overnight treatment. I also love using a super thin layer of this under my lipsticks and glosses as a base. 

The Sakura Drop Essence gives a glossy finish so it´s also pretty to wear it on its own.

Retail price 840 Yen for 7g.
Overall definitely a great little collection and very worth checking out! =D

Rainbow Grade Eyes:4/5
Diamond Star Rouge: 4/5
Sakura Drop Essence: 5/5


Whitepiano555 said...

YES!!! I'm so glad that you post this review. I have been waiting for your review since this collection came out :))))

Now thinking to get the violet and/or green palette just b/c its package is so pretty ^_^

birkinbagbeauty said...

I hope these will pop up on adambeauty soon. The colours of the eyeshadows look fantastic on your EOTD...especially the peachy brown shade a bit higher than your crease...

Unknown said...

those look excellent! :D I'm so envious how effortlessly pretty all the lip sticks look on you! =0 how do you do it?! :D

Jess said...

Kathi, you always pick up the most pretty neutral palettes. BR701 looks so beautiful on your eyes!

Also, how do you make all eyeshadows look so immensely smooth and silky on your eyelids? Your blending is awesome!

And great lippies as always! I love PK333 - great nude pink!

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