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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G Lipstick in #30 Cool Beige & #32 Sheer Beige

Ah, how much I love Lunasol´s lipsticks! As much as many of their eyeshadow palettes fail on me most of the time the lipsticks are always gorgeous.
Seriously, I think I haven´t seen a single color in the Lunasol range that doesn´t look wearable, well, maybe some of the more orange ones might not suit me personally but still they will look gorgeous on someone else.

I recently purchased 2 of the Full Glamour Lips G in #30 Cool Beige and #32 Sheer Beige, which still seem to be a part of the regular color range.
I got them for a good price in an eBay auction as I was the lucky winning bidder (I know some will hate me now haha! I really have a perverted luck with my eBay bids hehe....Sorry, I am a tad bit sadistic I think =X).
While Lunasol is an expensive department store brand oddly their lipsticks retail for the same price as those from Coffret d´Or and Maquillage but to me anyway all 3 brands´ lipsticks are on a par quality-wise so this fact makes sense...somewhat. 
3150 Yen (somewhere around US$35?) retail price for a lipstick is in no way inexpensive anyway so probably you could consider Coffret d´Or and Maquillage as over-priced since they are drugstore lines!

Enough blabla, the Full Glamour Lips G come in the Lunasol signature chocolate-bronze colored metal tubes that look very simple yet elegant.

The texture is creamy and very comfortable to wear, the lipsticks never start to gunk up on the inner part of the lips and stay put for quite long time if I don´t eat or drink.
These are not scented and these particular colors have a pearly-almost metallic finish. 

#30 Cool Beige looked totally not like a color I´d like to wear at first as it somehow was very orangey brown or copper-ish but since I trusted Lunasol I tried it and I fell in love with this color as it turned into a pinkish brown shade with a very lustrous finish. This is rather pigmented.

#32 Sheer Beige might seem very pale but it´s actually a bit sheerer than #30 so the natural lip color can shine through a little. On me this looks like a lighter nude pink beige.

Overall gorgeous colors and perfect quality as usual. The color difference is actually rather subtle but I like the slightly more lustrous finish of #30 better.

Rating 5/5


Silkybow said...

Lunasol lipsticks are so gorgeous!
They look really good on you.

kylie said...

i love the packaging of the products and the colours look lovely on you!

Pammy said...

Those shades look really pretty especially that you have nice lips. :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous, gorgeous! they looked really smooth and moisturising! =D

Lydia said...

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