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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summer 2010: Kosé Visée Blossom Eyes in PK-1 and GR-4

Did I really write that I only found the purple version of the new Visée Blossom Eyes appealing? I don´t know, but sometimes I seem to be quite out of my senses =P Maybe it was a try to convince myself that I didn´t need any of the other palettes hehe!

Anyway, I remedied that and picked up 3 more Visée Blossom Eyes palettes but only 2 were for myself as the brown one was a gift for my stepmom (who btw. is only 6 years older than me and the mom of my younger brother who is just 5 months older than my YOUNGEST kid haha...yea naughty dad and messed-up family, I know!).

For myself I got the palettes in PK-1 and GR-4 (from the Apopofkawaii blogger sale, too, so each of them came with something else like a lipgloss or falsies). 

I think I don´t need to say much regarding packaging etc. as I reviewed the purple palette thoroughly before here. The top 2 shades are non-greasy cream bases whereas the 3 lower colors are shimmery powders with medium pigment and a silky smooth and blendable texture. Please check the other post for more details.

PK-1 is a very sweet feminine rose/plum palette. The cream shades are white and brown whereas the powders are pale pink, medium rose pink and a deep brownish plum.

GR-4 contains white and brown cream colors and powder shadows in a light yellowish green, medium olive and deep olive-tinged brown.



Mascara used on both EOTD: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
Overall I really like these palettes and the new colors are very wearable and pretty. 
Rating 4/5


Jenni said...

thanks for the swatches <3! I was debating which one to get but i ended up not ordering XD heard so many good things about the kiss me mascara, it's on my must-try list from now on!

Riya~ said...

i love the colors and it also looks nice on you!

Anonymous said...

both palettes looks amazing on you! i am envious of your long lashes. I have tried heroie make mascara before.. it was kinda HG but it was soo hard to remover!

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