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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skin Food Salmon Eye Patch

I love using sheet masks, that´s nothing new to most of my readers....but I hardly ever use the patches designed especially for the eye area as...well...probably I am just too lazy lol. I have several boxes of various eye sheet masks but they just sit there unused most of the time.

Since I am approaching my 30th birthday I got more aware of taking good care of the skin around my eyes as I noticed a few fine lines, especially under my eyes. So I whipped out those eye sheet masks and try to use them regularly. Of course I use eye creams daily (a light one from Cosmetex Roland during the day and the Meishoku Sleep Beauty Eye Cream or the Shills Avocado Eye Cream at night).
Anyway, I scored a nice lot of Skin Food goodies in an eBay auction and one of the items was a box of the Salmon Eye Patch.

I like the bulky brown cardboard box, it looks somehow elegant and precious and salmon is a very luxurious food so that fits with the look =)
There are 8 pairs (each pair wrapped individually) of eye masks in the box which is a quite generous amount, most eye masks come in packs of 5 pairs only. 

The eye masks aren´t sheet masks actually since they aren´t made of cloth, they are made of a jelly-like material which is transparent with a slightly peachy (or salmon) tint. Don´t worry, these don´t smell like salmon (I was a bit wary of that actually hehe) but has a rather unobtrusive floral scent. 
Since these masks aren´t made of cloth there is no "essence" but still the jelly makes my undereye area really soft and smooth and reduces fine lines and slight puffiness visibly for a few hours. It´s more of a temporary effect but well, it´s there.

The gel pads stick very well to the eye area and are quite large so they cover a good part. 

Here you can see how many layers of plastic the patches are protected with!

Just apply for 10-15 minutes, then peel off. 
I am not aware of the retail price in Korea, sorry! Normally Skin Food´s prices don´t break the bank there. I know that in other countries (or on eBay) the prices tend to be very inflated though!

Overall good for giving a temporary lift and smoothness to the undereye-area, for deeper hydration I prefer a wet eye patch like the ones from Beautymate or Hisamitsu.

Rating: 3.5/5


Unknown said...

Thanks for this review! Is this in anyway related to Skinfood's Salmon undereye concealer?

AskMeWhats said...

I am starting to get addicted to sheet masks too! and I am intrigued by this! never seen them at Local Skin Food down here though!

ashura said...

I have been looking at this eye mask for a while now in the local Skin Food shop. It costs a bomb here (Singapore)! Very inflated price. I probably will only buy online or in Korea (that is if i get there haha). Thanks for the review though! Now that I know its not 5/5 I might not feel so strong a need to buy! =)

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