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Monday, October 25, 2010

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer Long-lasting in #1 Light

I honestly don´t pay attention to the regular Shiseido makeup and skincare line. It´s weird since this is one of the only 2 Japanese makeup lines available here but that´s probably exactly the reason why it´s not attracting me =P The hard-to-get-factor is missing!
Some of the line has been revamped recently and I thought the new lipsticks look good but the eyeshadow trios are just ugly color combinations for my taste (at least the 7 colors they sell idea if the line contains more variations?)....very weird and unwearable combos. Anyway, I am sure the strange mix of colors will appeal to many but I am probably too conservative, boring and used to my typical graduated Japanese color palettes =P
I found this Natural Finish Cream Concealer in a new makeup store and swatched the lightest shade with no intention to buy it but when I tried it on I had to buy it right away as it was the perfect super pale shade I was missing a bit in my beauty arsenal so far. It helped that the store had 10% off on everything so I paid roughly €25 for it (still pricey but it will last an eternity!)
Finding a concealer is even harder than foundation as I want my concealer to be a tad bit lighter than my skin. I have a few very light Japanese concealers but one is a bit sheer (the DHC one I love so much for using around my eyes that I used up 3 of it already) and the old one from Maquillage is a bit...well...old (4-5 years?) and it´s a tad bit yellow.
Anyway, the new Natural Finish Cream Concealer is absolutely fantastic. 
It comes in a 10ml lipgloss tube which is the only part I dislike as the slanted plastic applicator has no use in application really. Either a pointy tip or a regular spongey doe-foot applicator were to be a much more convenient choice in my opinion.
I squeeze a bit of the concealer on the back of my hands and then blend it with my fingers around my eyes and apply it with my concealer brush on spots.

This spreads absolutely evenly as it has a super smooth texture that doesn´t settle into fine lines - on the contrary, it seems to smooth ilnes out which is something I positively notice around my eyes as the skin looks much more even with this product.
Since this is so creamy it spreads really well without tugging the delicate eye area. 
The pigmentation is very good so coverage is easily achieved with just a dab of this stuff.
The concealer lasts on me all day long right now in this cold weather. I can´t predict if it would melt/slide off in summer or hot/humid weather.

I like that this is now unfragranced unlike the older Shiseido makeup products. It´s dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and I haven´t had any irritations so far. This concealer is resistant to sweat, oil and water. It contains high amounts of silicones as far as I can see on the ingredients list so if you are sensitive to those or fear it might break you out then steer clear.

Color #1 Light is an extremely fair shade which should be suitable for the lightest skin-tones.
Overall a great product and I´ll continue using this regularly.
Rating 5/5


Jess said...

I've looked at this concealer too, but did not buy it right away, since I just re-purchased my hg Dior Diorskin Sculpt Concealer.

But since I'm running low on the latter again, I might give this a try, exactly because I find the lightest shade to be gorgeous!

Very light, yet not pinkish at all unlike most concealers in the lightest shade.

Connie De Alwis said...

I'm quite a fan of this too. And it's now my go-to concealer when I need my makeup to last. However, close-up in daylight photos, the concealer does look cakey but in real life it looks fine.
I'm a big fan of the new lippies too

Riya~ said...

ohh thanks for sharing! I'll have to check that out. Btw have you seen Shu Uemura new collection? You have to see it! It's super cute!!


Jenni said...

oh wow i didn't notice their regular makeup line contains a concealer!!! i should go and check them out now LOL i agree with you, since the regular line is always here and the Maquillage line always have new releases, so the regular line is not as appealing :X

Jenni said...

oh and what was the DHC one you used 3 of it already?? :)

Totchii said...

ohh, I must try this! I am a shiseido lover, and in need of a new concealer :o

Musing on Beauty said...

I never really did pay any attention to this product but I'm actually on the hunt for a concealer that I can easily find here (unlike my Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier) and this one seems to fit to my requirements!

Rica said...

Interesting! I'll definitely take note of that concealer. I'm gonna finish my MUFE Full Cover first I hope. Yet another great post!

Btw, I mentioned you on my new blog and provided a link to your's. I hope you check it out. Thank you Kathi, you're an inspiration.

Here's the link:

Big Hug,

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