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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adambeauty haul & Aube Couture Designing Mascara in BK611

I got this haul from Adambeauty and really love the goodies I picked up this time around (I am usually happy with what I order anyway lol)...

I got:
-Lunasol Coloring Cheeks in 08 Medium Pink (new for fall, I got refill, case and brush)
-Coffret D´or Beauty C Curve Eyes in 06 Smoky Brown (new for fall)
-Aube Couture Designing Mascara in Bk611 (black) below!
-Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Moisture Gel
-B&C Aqua Way Super Off liquid
-Naris Up Memotia Refresh Eye Gel
Also got some hair elastics from Kai (US$1 for 2 pieces) as they are really some of the best hair elastics I know =)

I am somehow on a mascara kick these days as I just refuse to believe that my beloved and discontinued Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo can be the only excellent mascara on this planet... and I am open to try out more brands these days and found the Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Mascara to be a pretty good mascara. 

Adambeauty has the Aube Couture Designing Mascara listed in his special section as it normally retails for HK$200 but is now reduced to $145/US$21 (I believe it comes in some special store sample packaging or so so it´s cheaper) ...

If Google Translate works correctly this mascara is a thickening, lengthening and curling formula so it pretty much has all the things a girl needs from her mascara =) I believe it says the slim brush is perfect for grabbing even the smallest lashes to create a fan of beautiful lashes.
BK611 is a really nice deep black even though it looks a bit gray on the pic of the brush. That´s probably the flash. I am not quite sure if this contains fibers but at least I didn´t see any sticking out or falling over my cheeks after application. 
The slim brush really helps in getting close to the lash line and to define short lashes (like the one on the lower lids).
I really love the slim pink and silver tube as it looks feminine and elegant.

For me this mascara is absolutely amazing! I used it on bare, uncurled and unprimed lashes which is something I NEVER do. I wanted to see if the mascra can really hold its promises, especially the curling part. And with just 2 coats of the mascara my lashes look almost like falsies! I even didn´t use any sort of eyelash comb but the result is really just perfect. All I used was the mascara and nothing else.

I do have quite dense and long lashes with a natural curl to start with but this mascara just gives a real wow-effect!
I have to whisper this now but I think this is at least as good as my HG mascara...maybe even better! Shh!!

This removed easily with just cleansing oil so I suppose it might be a bit water-resistant but not waterproof.


Retails for 2200 Yen (about US$27) but as I noted above I got it for US$21 shipped.



Julia said...

The kanji on the packaging, 見本品, say it's a sample good. ;)

Steph said...

you buy alot of stuff from adam beauty.... is it a us site? and are you based in uk/us? how long does delivery take? x

Kathi said...

AB is based in Hong Kong, I am in Austria so shipping to Europe is really quick, about a week for airmail or 4 days for EMS which is an optional service (worth it if you need your stuff really fast and/or order higher value items)

~Lisa said...

It looks pretty nice on you!! =)

galpal.hi said...

Wow, the mascara looks like it's really good. I may have to try it. Thanks for the review.


Georgina said...

i agree, the mascara just puts on the WOW factor! love the made up lashes! :) nice haul as usual :)

Kai said...

holy crap you make me want that mascara BADLY, except i have a bajillion mascara (both full size and sample sizes) from US brands and gwp's that i really can't justify it. x______x oh how your blog creates desperate needs! *dies*

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