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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love package =) Jill Stuart makeup bag & Sana Natural Resource Treatment Base UV SPF18 PA++

I received this wonderful gift from my dear long-time friend (5-6 years now?) and blogger buddy Iris from Rouge Deluxe and just wanted to post about it here =D

She sent me the makeup bag that came with the Jill Stuart mook and a Treatment Makeup Base UV SPF18 PA++ from Sana Natural Resource which is a new brand to me so I am so excited that she picked this out for me!

The Jill Stuart bag is really large with tons of compartments in various sizes so it´s a perfect thing to hold lots of and organize makeup and/skin care when traveling or taking along. I love the pretty floral print and the nice touches like the glittery JS logo and the ribbon charm! 
The whole bag is really a great quality item incl. the materials and finishing.
The Treatment Base UV from Sana comes in a really sweet pink squeeze tube and is tinted in a light pink shade. The Natural Resource base is made for even the most sensitive skin-types as it´s free of additives, alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, artifical colorants and ultraviolet absorber (do they mean chemical sunscreen?). See how well my dear friend knows me =D Sensitive skin all around lol!

It´s non-comedogenic and contains 6 botanical extract. 
Contains "luxury rose water" to give the base a subtle rose aroma (which I personally can´t detect, to me this is pretty unscented), squalane (I suppose the one from olives), silk sericin and bran ceramides.

It´s a lightweight base with a pink tint making my skin look bright and evened out. The base feels very light and comfortable and doesn´t give a slick or moist feel, rather a good silky matte base for makeup to cling to, soft with a very light stickiness to it. I can´t see shimmer in the base and I wore it the whole day today and it kept my makeup in place beautifully. So far I didn´t experience any kind of irritation and will update if that should happen later on. 

So far I really like this base as it feels comfortable, makes my skin silky and evens out my skin tone nicely. And it does what a base is supposed to do: Keep my makeup in place =)
Rating: 5/5

Thanks so much to my dear Iris for sending this to me! *smooooch* =D
You can read more about the Natural Resource line here (Iris provided me the link) =D


Unknown said...

So sweet of Iris. I was tempted to get the JS set last time. I think it is a really pretty bag especially with the charm on it.

Thank you for sharing. Its beautiful!

Valerie said...

I got the JS mook and I love the bag! I'm impressed with the size, and I like that my full-length MAC brushes fit in the brush slots!

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