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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Xmas 2010: Guerlain Météorites Perles d´Or & Rouge G Le Brillant Jewel Lipstick Compact in B64 Bee

To me Guerlain is the epitome of French elegance. Their Météorites are a real cult product and highly sought after.

This year the Holiday collection "Collection Les Ors" is absolutely gorgeous! I was given the opportunity to try and review a few items from the collection and honestly when I saw the promo pics I thought I would like to have the whole collection as everything looked very pretty lol!
To my greatest delight I received the following:
-Météorites Perles d´Or 
-Rouge G Le Brillant Jewel Lipstick Compact in B64 Bee

-Météorites Perles d´Or Illuminating Powder:
Here is what Guerlain states about this product:

"A Promise of Radiance:
The legendary Météorites represent absolute radiance, an ideal light made of complementary colours that chase away imperfections with a harmonious halo. Correcting and illuminating, Météorites is the powder that surpasses all powders.
For this festive spirit, it offers even more surprises: it is enriched with a golden shade, to light up the complexion and a violet specially created for the season to catch the light and soften shadowy areas.

Deep within the powder lies a harmony of 6 pearls for absolute radiance:

-illuminating effect: a copper gold and an iridescent white;
-unifying effect: a neutral white gold and a pearly apricot to warm up dull complexions;
-correcting effect: a pink to revive tired complexions and a violet to set the light and brighten shadowy areas.

A Jewel Case
To celebrate the festivities in style, Météorites Perles d´Or dresses up in a chiselled metal case stamped with the rosette, the Météorites seal, and embossed with a finely embossed golden bee."

I absolutely adore the beautiful metal container which has some vintage feel for me. It´s so pretty and the golden bee is really sweet! The beads are covered with a soft black puff so they stay in place, too.

The Météorites are a finishing powder for perfecting the skin and giving a radiant look. They come in various color combinations to flatter a variety of skin-tones.
For the Holiday 2010 collection the Météorites come in a gorgeous combination of pink, purple, white, apricot, white gold and golden beads as you can read above.

The Météorites are fragranced, quite a strong floral scent (violet) which i first thought would bother me but actually I like it and it doesn´t linger on my skin at all, about 2 minutes after application I don´t smell it anymore. 
While I am all about unfragranced makeup like the Japanese brands generally do I don´t mind the Guerlain scent.

I swirl my fluffy face brush over the beads and apply a sheer layer to my face. 
I was a bit sceptical if the Météorites would be different from other powders but it´s really amazing to see how well this product works instantly in giving radiance to my skin and making it looks flawless. This isn´t a glittery or even really shimmery powder but it rather gives a pearly soft glow which is so pretty. I think this color combination works so well with my skin color but I am sure it would flatter a variety of skin tones as it´s a sheer translucent product.
I am actually so thrilled with this and now I can understand the raves on MUA and other blogs and I will introduce this into my daily makeup routine as a finishing powder (which means it´s the only non-Japanese product I plan on using regularly lol)!

I apply this after using base, foundation, concealer, regular face powder, blush and highlighter. 

Retails for US$56
Rating 5/5

-Rouge G Le Brillant Jewel Lip Compact in B64 Bee: 
Guerlain´s information about this product:

"As the final touch of exquisite make-up, Rouge G Le Brillant elegantly completes eye make-up by enhancing the lips with intense violet, subtly scintillating with golden pearly particles. This is the secret to an irresistible smile. Chic lies in the detail: the bee lands on the interior mirror of the gold ingot case, decorated with a golden stamp.
Limited Edition shade: B64 `Bee`"

When I first held the box in my hand I thought this is a really heavy lipstick, heavier than any other I have ever had. I personally like weighty lipsticks as there is always something luxury about them.  
The Rouge G looks like some futuristic piece of art with its rounded shapes. The coolest feature is the dual mirror hidden in the cap! This Holiday color even has the cute bee on the mirror!

The color B64 Bee somehow sounded like it would be some caramel shade which was what I associated with the word "bee". But when I opened the tube it revealed a deep vampy garnet-berry shade with fine golden shimmer which looked very deep and a bit scary at first.

But this turned out to be a really stunning golden-flecked berry shade as it´s richly pigmented but not as dark and scary as I thought at first. 
This is defnitely not your muted slap-on-lipstick. This is a statement color which requires a subtle eye makeup, evened out skin, lipliner and a lip base and exact application to look its best. 

The lipstick is very creamy and moist and all in all just an absolute pleasure to apply. The color is pigmented and rich and with a pretty moist and shimmery finish. It stays on pretty well and wears off evenly just leaving some golden shimmer bits behind.

It´s scented which is something I generally dislike and would be the only draw-back about this lipstick for me. The scent fades after some time but still i can detect it and it´s just something unnecessary for me.

Otherwise a gorgeous holiday item and I will definitely use this a lot during this fall and winter season.

Retails for US$46
Rating: 4.5/5

Here are some promo pics incl. the other holiday items.

The complete collection includes:
-Midnight Star Extraordinary Radiance Treatment - US$73
-Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body - US$85
-Météorites Perles d´Or - US$56
-Météorites Poudre d´Or - US$170
-Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow US$59
-Le 2 Volume Mascara - US$36
-Rouge G le Brillance Lipstick - US$46
-KissKiss Strass (2 shades) - US$31

Guerlain´s Holiday Colour collection is available beginning October 2010 at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman stores.
I am sure the collection will sell worldwide at select counters, here in Austria it´s out by early November.


Steph said...

i saw this collection before and it looks so pretty! I would love to try this but I can't always afford high end make up lol. thanks for this though.

Azraelle said...

that bee is so cute and Natalia Vodianova is stunning as always. Makes me wanna try the météorites right now :D

Unknown said...

This is such a pretty collection. If given the chance i think i will definitely wanna indulge myself with it. Too bad the brand is so highly priced. Nevertheless, great review!


reene said...

I love this collection (based on photos anyway, haven't had the pleasure of playing with any of it), but I was thinking all I wanted was the eyeshadow quad. Then I saw your post, and now I'm in trouble lol. The Meteorites looks so pretty! I like the packaging almost as much as I like the product inside. Thanks for sharing!

Jennet said...

Do you know when this collection comes out at Sephora?

Jess said...

Oh wow... both the Meteorites Powder and the Lipstick you got are gorgeous!

Definitely very 'holiday-ish'! ;)

Isla said...

It leaves gold flecks behind? Does it feel gritty?

galpal.hi said...

This collection is gorgeous! That lipstick color is so pretty. It looks great on your lips.


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