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Friday, October 29, 2010

Isqueen Princess Carnival Fuji Sakura Brightening Mask (comes with 5ml olive essence primer)

Isqueen is a Chinese beauty brand which deserves to be tested as there are some really nice products in their lineup.

I reviewed some of their products before and today I am showing you my so far favorite product from this brand.

The Princess Carnival mask series is brand new, featuring a variety of sheet masks with ingredients from all over the world like lily from Scotland, Aegean rose etc.
I purchased a package of the Fuji Sakura Brightening Masks first but ordered more masks so you can expect more reviews soon.

I am a sucker for packaging so I must admit that I LOVE the cute packaging. The princess is so cute and I adore the sweet pink color of the sakura tree!

What makes these masks special is that they come with a primer liquid to be applied before the actual mask. The olive primer essence is filled into the upper right part of the mask pack and should be applied right before the mask as it will help the skin to absorb the mask liquid faster.

The "induction essence" is a clear liquid with a light slip but no oily or heavy feeling at all. The 5ml are plenty for one application.

The mask itself is made of a thicker very soft and smooth cloth with a good cut so it fits snuggly and doesn´t need to be constantly adjusted (something that happens with poorly cut masks).
The sheets are very drenched with a milky essence which feels quite moisturizing and smooth. It has a very non-descript floral scent, not quite like sakura and I can´t describe exactly like what it smells.

The sheet contains 25g of liquid which makes it feel heavy and very wet but it stays in place well nonetheless.
After wearing the mask for 15-20 minutes my skin looks visibly brighter and more even and feels very plump and moist. This is an effect all good sheet masks give to my skin though so the Princess Carnival Fuji Sakura Brightening Mask performs just as good as my other favorite masks.
I am not quite sure how much use the primer really has. I believe the mask would perform pretty much the same with or without primer so for me this is a bit of a gimmick. 
Still I think this is really good stuff and very worth purchasing and the primer after all is a nice little extra.

I got mine from Alphabeautyuk on eBay for around US$11 for 5 pieces. I ordered the value pack of all 4 available kinds a few days ago so reviews for those masks will follow later.

Rating 4/5


♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

I have used their eye gel before and it`s not bad.
Cute packaging.

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