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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kiss Me Heroine Make Pencil Eyeliner 01 Black & Pencil Eyebrow 01 Dark Brown

I normally shy away from wooden makeup pencils as I just somehow dislike them. I prefer automatic liners as they are usually more convenient and often a bit on the harder side.

2 of the newest products in the Heroine Make line from Kiss Me are the Pencil Eyeliner and the Pencil Eyebrow.
They retail for 500 Yen/each (about US$6.50), I paid US$7/each on Adambeauty incl. shipping.

The Pencil Eyeliner features a sweet white pencil with the head of the "heroine" manga girl all over the pencil. It looks more like a normal pencil and my daughter already asked if she can have it for school =P

I was very surprised to find this eyeliner to be very smooth and pigmented and super easy to apply. I only use these kind of eyeliners on my lower and inner lids as I always use a felt-tip liner for my upper lids...and for this purpose this liner is really good it lasts very well, especially on the lower lids and it´s a deep black color. On the inner rims it lasts decently, it does fade by time but honestly all liners do this on me as the inner rims are wet so it´s hard to stay put there. 

This doesn´t irritate my eyes at all like e.g. the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Liners do so for 7 bucks this is a pretty nice liner!
Comes in black and brown.

The Pencil Eyebrow is a hot pink pencil with the girl´s head printed all over, too. 
I am actually not a fan of eyebrow pencils as they are often hard as hell and hard to apply. There are definitely good pencils out there but generally I just find powders to be more convenient and better to apply and dose.
I didn´t really expect to like this liner, especially after swatching it the first time as it was very hard and nearly didn´t give any color. 

After swiping it over my hand a few times the hard top layer disappeared though so the pencil beneath was nice to spread and applied evenly.
The color 01 Dark Brown is a dark slightly grayish brown which looks very natural on me. I like that this doesn´t have any red tones as they don´t look good on me especially now that my hair is blackish brown.
The liner stays put all day on me so my brows stay nicely shaped and colored all day long.

I like this a lot as it´s really a nice product.

Pencil Eyeliner 4/5
Pencil Eyebrow 5/5


Heli'♥beauties said...

wow.........i never seen those before. where did you get them??
on the internet??

Kathi said...

As I noted in the post I got them from =)
Just click on his "New Arrivals" section where you´ll find them

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