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Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple purple EOTD, showing step by step

I have been asked several times to show how I am doing my eye makeup. There is nothing special about how I do it and I am not a makeup pro...and no matter which color combo I use I usually do the same steps and use the same kind of brushes lol.
I generally use the darkest shade in my crease and on the outer 1/3 of my upper lids but not blended out much, I first apply a rather solid stripe into my crease which gets softer by adding and layering the other shades later on.
I think this fits my rather small and close-set eyes best and is the most flattering look for me ( I also like just using one medium color on my lids and blended out onto my eye socket and then highlighter on the rest of my lid up to my brows).
I decided on a fresh purple combo today using Lunasol´s Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral. I used all colors as I always do...I don´t like to mix and match different palettes and I always use all colors from a palette unless it exceeds 5 colors.
I apply my makeup in this order:
Eye concealer - a bit of powder around the eyes - e/s primer - eyeshadows - eyeliner - face makeup (base, foundation, powder) - eyebrows - mascara base and mascara - lips (liner and gloss/lipstick) - cheeks - highlighter 

My scary moisturized naked eye:

Using Coffret D´or Moist Coat f (or any eye concealer)
Using a light layer of face powder to set the brightener

Primed with P & J eyeshadow primer
Applying the darkest purple shade with the deep crease definer from Sasa, along my crease and on the outer corner, also along lower lid (2/3). The brush can be seen on the pic at the left side, pic posted at the bottom of this post
Patting the shiny lavender color on with the rounded thick brush from Clinique (middle on the pic)
Applying a sheer layer of the pink shade above the deeper purple on my eye socket
Using the sparkly yellow golden shade just below my brows blending it with the flesh pink shade. I applied the pink and yellow shades with my Laneige brush (far right on pic)
Lining my eye with the Dolly Wink liner
This is how I am doing my inner rims: I just place my Kate Square Cut Liner gently on my inner rims, close my eyes and then pull the liner carefully from one side to the other for a few times. I never hurt or irritated my eyes before but I find the shape of the Kate liner works best, don´t do this with a pointy pencil not to hurt your eyes and anyway, do the whole thing at your own risk!
Applying a layer of mascara primer from Majolica Majorca
Curling my lashes. I know this is an absolute no-no (to use the mascara base and then curl the lashes) and any makeup artist would flame me now but this works best for me as the curl stays and I never had a problem with lashes breaking off and I´ve been doing this for over 6 years now!
Adding mascara from Esprique Precious. I use 2 coats of mascara and comb in between to avoid clumps. It´s important to get the brush as close to the lash roots as possible and apply mascara on the back and front of the lashes.
Voilá! Finished eye just as you are used to seeing on my blog hehe:
 Main products and brushes used:


Paris B said...

I loved seeing your eye pics and you make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing Kathi :D

Jennet said...

Ahh, the mascaras make your eyelashes look like falsies! :D

sizbelle said...

thats really pretty, i'm gonna attempt on this look!

Anonymous said...

very different and great post :) I should really try your way of using the square cut liner since I never really had much luck with it

plue said...

Kathi, thanks for the tutorial!

your lashes look lovely and i always love your eye and lip shots! they are just so pretty and clear!

.blushfully. said...

so pretttyyyy!!!! I want this quad now... =)

Unknown said...

I've been trying and re-trying to do your eye looks but to no avail.
But now i get double eyelids closed fully. Like when I opened my eyes, there are hardly any lid to be seen..=_=
Your eye make-up is so pretty =)

Tine said...

Aww that's so pretty! Simple, but elegant :)

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

I love seeing step by step tutorials. I will have a try over the weekend because it`s a little diff to my own routine.
Thanks for sharing.

Shan said...

really great to see how you do your eyes!! i've always been wondering how do you manage to do such wonderful EOTDs all the time. thanks!! =D i have this palette, will try it out soon~

Rowena said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this step by step! Beautiful. I need to dig out my KATE square cut liner I think, I am so disorganised in the morning because I have too much to choose from. Keeping a few staple products ready will make my routine quicker!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I always do my eyeshadow the other way round, from the lightest colour first, but I'll try it your way! Your eye makeup is always so pretty

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