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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aube Couture Designing Stay Rouge RD531 & RS333

I generally love Aube Couture´s lipsticks, they are nice and emollient and come in really pretty colors. And they are often dirt cheap on eBay so sometimes I can score great deals there (I believe I hardly ever paid retail for any Aube Couture lippy?).

Best time to score good deals is in summer when there is less traffic on eBay =) While I was in Egypt boring myself to death I kept a close eye on eBay and was able to get some nice goodies there, yay! Among them couple of Aube Couture Designing Stay Rouge lipsticks in really gorgeous colors.
I really like the cute pink and silver tubes of this lipstick range, they look elegant and feminine. The formula is creamy with a gorgeous silky finish and very fine shimmer which doesn´t feel gritty at all and gives a good dimension to the list. Both of the new colors are about sheer-medium pigmented so they show up well and they last decently without drying out my lips at all.
These are unscented and unflavored. 

RD531: A pretty natural pink with muted creamy beige tones 

RS555: Neutral-cool rosy pink

Overall highly recommended and I really love these lipsticks.

Rating: 5/5


makeup merriment said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the look of those and the packaging is lovely.

Thanks for the post and the lemming!


Vanity Fashionista said...

I love snapping up a bargain on ebay :)
Now I can't wait to receive my lipglosses, those shades looks beautiful on you!
I managed to get 4 Aube lipglosses for about $28 shipped :D

Sakara said...

ooh like the beige you know if this brand test on animals? Aube Couture? are they owned by another company because if you dont know i may be able to check with the owner company.

Kai said...

Sakara, Aube Couture's a subbrand of Sofina.

Thank you for info on these l/s~ although I'm curious, how much did you pay for these two? I know you mentioned you bought them for a good price, but as I'm just starting out on Japanese cosmetics, I'm not quite sure what you consider "dirt cheap" for these. XD I'm seeing some stuff on ebay, but yeah, again I'm not sure on the price lol.

Thank you~

Kathi said...

Hi Sakara, Aube Couture is produced by Sofina, a sub-company of the big Kao company.

Hi Kai,
I paid US$11 for both, incl. shipping about US$18, so about $9 per lipstick.
Retail price per lipstick is 3200 Yen (=39), so I saved about US$60 for both? I call that dirt cheap =P

xoxo Kathi

ashura said...

OHHHH~~ I like RD531. It looks very moisturising too! I will have to give AUBE a try soon. Currently more obsessed with Sofina =)

Anonymous said...

I went on ebay to look for these lipsticks and I didnt see the deals that you got for them! Do you have any sellers you can recommend?

Thank you ;)

Kai said...

holy crap, that IS a fantastic deal Kathi! :D i was looking on ebay as you suggested and everything was around $20 after shipping for one, which is why I wanted to know what was considered "cheap" by you. Thank you SO much for the reference! ugh, i really need to keep a better eye on ebay.

Joseibi said...

You have the most beautifully shaped lips!!!!! Wow!!

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