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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fresh Light Blythe Doll Hair Color in Natural Black

I am not a fan of Blythe...somehow I just find these dolls creepy, sorry! Of course this didn´t prevent me from buying the Blythe Doll Hair Color from Fresh Light as these hair dyes seem to are quite popular and I am a hair-dye-junkie so I picked up couple of boxes in the color Natural Black.
There are lots of colors incl. a Cool Black which seems to have more blue-tones than the Natural Black which leans towards an ashy color.
I got 2 kits to dye my long hair. This is what the kits contain:

The hair dye is to be used on dry hair, just mix the cream into the developer and apply to your hair, leave on 10-20 minutes (I did 30), rinse off, shampoo & condition as usual. It´s recommended to do an yllergy test 48 hours before using the dýe and to put petroleum jelly along your hair line to prevent staining your skin.

This is a cream hair color with comes with a comb applicator. Quite ok to apply it with this in my opinion and my color came out really evenly.
What I noticed positively about this hair dye is that it doesn´t reek as it seems to be free of ammonia (not sure though, it just doesn´t smell so), on the contrary, the hair (dye) smells really nice (I think green apple). 
Also this color is extremely mild leaving my hair super soft and shiny without any rough or brittle feel. I am not sure about the lighter hair colors though, they might be harsher if they contain a lightening agent!
Anyway, the Natural Black shade is gentle and dyed my hair really nicely, much like a deep dark ashy black-brown.



I think I paid around US$20 for both boxes plus shipping so not the cheapest hair dye choice but not the most expensive either. I am not sure how long-lasting the color will be as I dyed just a few days ago.

I can highly recommend this Natural Black shade to anyone seeking a deep cool blackened brown!

Rating: 5/5


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Hey just saw your blog and love it!! Try checking out mine.

Tam said...

I tried one of these, the bleach one. I didn't find it bleached very evenly unfortunately. I'm sure my mum will be interested in trying that one out though!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I don't think I ever left a comment on your blog although I've been reading it very regularly since I discovered it.
I live in Japan and your reviews are soooo useful to me since I'm surrounded by so many nice products but I wouldn't know anything about it as can hardly read what they're all about, what they're for or how they work.
That, plus your recommandation about what you found good or not is a great help for me.
So I'm sorry I didn't write before, but I really wanted to thank you.

About hair dye, I'm actually looking for a non-permanent one. One that would wash away and not color the hair forever. Is this one permanent or not ? Do you happen to know one ? I've looked at your other entries about hair dye but I don't think you mentioned a non-permanent one...

Thank you if you have time to answer and, anyway, thank you very very much again for your great work here !

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