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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall 2010: Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Mascara & Heart Graphical Rouge PK831

I wrote before that I was waiting for more goodies from the Esprique Precious fall collection. I got them last week and had time to test them out several times so it´s review-time!
I was lucky to score the 2 goodies on eBay for really cheap, less than half of the retail price per item.  
I reviewed the Heart Graphical Rouge in PK832 some days ago and actually wasn´t that thrilled with it. The lipstick in PK831 has the same formula of course which is a little dry and slightly gritty but still comfortable to wear and with a decent lasting-power. 
I still love the cute heart carved on the lipstick tip =) 
PK831 looked quite orange at first but turned out to be a really nice light milky peachy pink shade which is perfect to wear in combination with a smokey eye look. 

The star for me is the Heart Graphical Mascara though! I am extremely picky with mascaras, finding one to please me is extremely difficult! I pretty much only use my beloved Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo daily without alternating much even though I own a variety of Japanese mascaras. 

When I got the Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Mascara and had a look at the brush I gave up hope right away that this mascara would be suitable for me. The brush is a bit awkward as it´s somehow spiral-shaped but with being fatter at some point and a round small ball at the tip to use for enhancing the outer lashes. The formula also contains fibers (and quite a lot of them!) so it´s the kind of mascara I usually don´t like.
When I tried this out I actually was surprised with how nice this mascara performs as it gives perfect definition to my lashes, keeps their curl and just makes them look full, long and defined. It´s not as good as my HG mascara but not that far below =)
This is one of the few Japanese mascaras that´s not waterproof so most of it is removed with just my cleansing oil and I wipe off any remains with a bit of eye makeup remover. I love that this keeps my lashes feeling soft and not too spiky or crunchy. 

The color I got is BK001, which is a nice deep black.

Heart Graphical Rouge: 3.5/5
Heart Graphical Mascara: 4/5


Rica said...

Are these limited editions?

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous shade of lipstick. I have to check Ebay for it now :)

Unknown said...

the heart on that lipstick charms me ^_^ color is so pretty too~

Rica said...

I've checked this out this afternoon. I was wondering about the texture of the lipstick if it's the same as the Moist On Rouge?

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