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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kiss Me Heroine Make 5th Anniversary set - Long & Curl Mascara + Mascara Remover

Heroine Make by Kiss Me is releasing more and more interesting items. I picked up their 5th Anniversary kit on Adambeauty recently as it´s a great value for money pack (I paid US$14.50).

This set contains: 
-Long & Curl Mascara
-Mascara Remover
I am not usually a fan of lengthening mascaras but I thought this looked pretty interesting and I have always liked the volume formula from Kiss Me Heroine Make.
The Mascara Remover isn´t a product I would have been interested to purchase usually but since the set just costs a few $ more than the mascara alone I thought it would be a nice chance to try this, too.
The Long & Curl Mascara comes in a pretty deep burgundy colored tube and contains 6ml. The brush is thin and curved so it´s easy to use this without smudging any mascara on my lids. 
The mascara promises lasting curl and 120% more length through fibers, it contains lash repair ingredients and is water-resistant so it won´t smudge.
I expected the mascara to be nice as it´s very popular but when I tried it I was totally wowed by the wonderful results it gives. Seems these days I am unexpectedly lucky with choosing the right mascaras and this Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara is seriously one of the best I tried recently. It´s not a wet or heavy formula but rather lightweight and yet it spreads easily without giving the impression that the mascara is dry.
It keeps the curl all day long, separates my lashes to give a full feathery effect, makes them look long and adds a bit of thickness. The fibers don´t give ugly spider legs but just long lush lashes. The mascara could be a tad bit more black but actually it´s really just a perfect product.

This removes easily with cleansing oil and a bit of eye makeup remover but doesn´t smudge or flake during the day at all.

With a little of Majolica Majorca Lash Base and 3 coats of the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. First curled with a Koji curler.
Rating 5/5

The Mascara Remover comes in a cute pink tube with a coil-shaped comb applicator. 
How to use: Just coat lashes with the liquid using the included comb, leave it on the eyes for 2-3 minutes and then wipe off with a cotton pad.
The liquid feels a bit oily but doesn´t sting or burn in my eyes.
This product definitely works and would be convenient for traveling since the container with 4ml will last through many removals however this product is totally inconvenient for daily use. The whole process takes about 4 minutes or so while washing everything off with cleansing oil and regular eye makeup remover takes 1-2 minutes max.

Rating 3/5

Overall a good value pack but the Mascara Remover is only useful if you travel a lot or to throw in your purse for those cases when you have/want to remove your mascara on the go. 
The Long & Curl Mascara is really fab, so worth purchasing!


Anna said...

Got mine last week as well and actually wanted to buy it at Ichibankao, but saw Adambeauty offered it for muuuuch cheaper ;) Crazy, huh?

Anyways, I bought the mascara before when I was in Japan, somewhere around March, and absolutely loved it, I guess it's by far my fave mascara ever. The mascara remover is a huge disappointment, it doesn't work for me and I paid the price for something I already own and a product that doesn't work. Thanks god it wasn't expensive, though!

Unknown said...

I saw this months ago at Sasa when they were offering 10% off for all Heroine items..! AHHH!! but I didn't grab it..>_< Pretty sad now.

Heli'♥beauties said...


thanks luv for this info.
great blog

having giveaway. if have time drop by

Whizzer's Rose said...

I bought this one from sasa in hk, I haven't tried it though, because I haven't finished my majolic majorca but after this-I might open it up and try it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you were finally converted to Heroine Make mascaras! The length and curl is my favorite too, and I use it in conjunction with the volume and curl. However I can't get it off without the remover (which I also love). What cleansing oil do you use?

By the way, Heroine Make just released a new mascara called Impact Frame & Curl Mascara. I just ordered it from Ichibankao but it said it was just released on 2/1 so it's brand new. No idea how it is different, but maybe you will like the new one too!


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