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Monday, October 25, 2010

Candy Doll Lip Stick in Apricot Beige

The super pale lips seem to be quite popular among the smaller (Gyaru?) brands like Candy Doll and Melliesh
I am not quite into the super nude lip look myself but sure for the sake of my blog I have to always try new things. =P

I got this Candy Doll Lip Stick in Apricot Beige in the recent blogger sale from Apopofkawaii and since I really wanted the green Visee Blossom Eyes and the price for the eyeshadow and lipstick was really good I decided to pick the duo up.

I definitely like how the Candy Doll products come packed in their cute striped packaging. 
The tube is made of plastic but since it´s a drugstore brand targetted to younger ladies this is totally fine with me. I think it looks cute anyway!

The lipstick is quite opaque and creamy...the opacity and matte-satin finish made me think that I can´t wear this lipstick the first minute I applied it. Seriously, it looked ghastly on me! Also my lips looked uneven and weird. I decided to not remove it to see if it would melt a bit into my lips even though I felt the strong desire to wipe this stuff off =P. 

And wow, after about 3 minutes the lipstick looked really nice and even with a satin finish. Also the stark orange tone had vanished a bit. The lipstick also set so it felt really nice and creamy but it didn´t cluster up in certain areas of my lips.

This is definitely not the best formula nor the most flattering color for me for sure but to contrast a very dark eye look it´s perfect. 

Apricot Beige is a light beige with orange tones which works surprisingly well for me. The color is not so light as to wash me out completely but not sure about slightly deeper skin-tones.
I am thinking of picking up the pink version as the undertone would probaby work much better with my skin-tone.

A bit of lipgloss can make the super-pale mouth a bit more wearable but I also enjoy the satin finish.

This is unfragranced and retails for 1260 Yen. 

Overall a good lipstick and a nice unusual color for me. 
Rating 3.5/5

Off topic but it´s snowing here today! Yay! The kids were waiting so hard for the first snow! Even though it won´t last for long as the ground is still too warm we´re enjoying the first taste of winter! I know we´ll be fed up once we tasted enough of the snow lol but for now it´s lovely!


Semona said...

Really Nice.

Riya~ said...

the color looks nice on your lips!

♥ Starryxuan said...

I have this in Ramune Pink and was thinking if i should get this. now i can add this to my buying list :)Thanks for the review

Anonymous said...

tuned into a gorgeous peach on your lips!! thanks for sharing :D

Rica said...

Kathi, why does every lip color looks good on you? I'm so jealous... :D

would you care to exchange blog links? I'm a new blogger trying to make friends. :D

Big Hug,

pitchapa said...

i've just bought a candydoll lipstick from you and it smells kind of weird but i'm not sure if it's the normal smell i just want to make sure how your lipstick smells

pitchapa said...

i've just bought a lipstick from you and it smells king of weired but i'm not sure if it's the normal smell i just want to make sure how your lipstick smells

Heli'♥beauties said...

OoOoOo........where did you buy this?? its lovely. i'm always into nude lipsticks!!

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