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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Esprique Precious Dress On Glossy Rouge in BR381 & PK881

Esprique Precious is really an awesome brand and I like it better and better everytime I buy something from them. 
Mostly you will hate me for this sentence but: I scored those on eBay for cheap lolol! Yea it seems I am the one who is always snatching up the good deals, sorry! I got them in an auction, not buy-it-now and the seller only had one of these sets.
The lipglosses I got are called Dress On Glossy Rouge and I believe they came out last year, I think for fall 2009.
I like the rather bulky tubes the glosses come in, similar to the ones from Shu Uemura. However the glosses contain ony 4.5g/each which is quite little for a lip gloss (most come with 7-8g per tube).

The texture of these glosses is quite thick and sticky so they give a gorgeous mirror-shine finish and last a good amount of time. I like thick glosses but I understand that they can be a nuisance (hair etc.).

The applicator is flat with a fuzzy material on the one side and a smooth surface on the other. On the closeup pic of the applicators you can see both sides.

Both of the colors I got are sheer but noticable so the colors turn out really nicely as they mix a little with my natural lip red.
There is no scent or flavor as with all Esprique Precious lip products. 

I got the following colors:

BR381: I normally shy away from any lip color with a BR (brown) color code as brown normally means warm, orangey or muddy. Right now I am a bit on a brown lipstick kick so this fits my mood perfectly. This is a gorgeous sheer caramel nude which looks absolutely great. Love this to bits! 

PK881: A really lovely very pale nude pink with a milky finish. This can look a bit uneven at first but after a few minutes it settles to a pretty soft nude color.
Overall a great set of lipglosses and very worth checking the line out. I am very positive that I might pick up more colors later on!

Rating: 4/5


clementine said...

LOL, maybe you should do a tutorial on eBay searches! XD

They do look really gorgeous on you, though. :)

reene said...

I am so envious that all these light cute colors show up so well on your lips. I adore light pinks like PK881, nude pinks, but on my lips I see nothing (or I look ill). I think I'll have to start looking around the evilBay soon for nice deals. Thank you for sharing. ^^

Unknown said...

wow, i never find anything as good on ebay. nice!

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