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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xmas 2010: Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Color Set 002 Allegro

I am quite split about Paul & Joe...on the one hand they have really gorgeous lipsticks, blushes etc. and their limited releases are usually uber-pretty. On the other hand some items like their eyeshadows don´t work for me most of the time as the texture tends to be below the quality I am used to from other Japanese brands.
Getting my quick fix of Paul &Joe is quite easy as I purchase it from Asos (which I did right now after reading this post hehe) and usually receive my package just like 3-4 days later as they are in the UK and I am in Europe, too =)
I purchased both holiday sets, one of the nail colors and the powder case (along with a refill of course) as I love the sweet floral print very much! 
To be honest for GBP30 the sets aren´t a good deal as all you get is a pouch, a small tub of lip color and 5 cards of eyeshadows that look rather sample-sized to me. According to Asos each card is good for about 30 uses but they need to define the exact amount per use to me hehe =P Depends how much I layer etc.

That´s why there are no swatches, I am too stingy for that =P However I am posting an EOTD using 4 of the colors so you might get an impression of the overall color tones.
Everything comes presented in a cute box with floral print and a sheet of music print on the inner side. The collection is called Symphony Collection.

The Lip Color C002 is really cute as it has a rose-shaped pink part and a clear glossy part around it. I haven´t used this one but judging from the other lip color from set 001 it´s a bit hard and dry so I was a bit disappointed with that one. I am not sure about the color 002 but I guess it should have the same texture. Sorry, no swatch as I didn´t want to spoil the pretty rose =X
The Eye Color C002 (from A-E) eyeshadows are surprisingly silky and pigmented and very easy to use. The card is sealed with a sticky clear plastic sheet so you can reseal the shadow after each use. However I am not sure if the stickiness will get less over time. 
All the cards come stored in a cute cardboard case however I wish it was made of reuse later on and to keep the case look neat for longer time.
The colors are a light blue, light beige, light plum pink, deep hunter green and dark gray, all with shimmer. I used all colors except for the light blue in my EOTD.

Overall a nice set but not the best value for money and a bit disappointing to find the lip color rather dry and the sample-sized eyeshadows. The pouch is great, though!
Rating: 3/5


~Lisa said...

The packaging certainly looks cute but it good be of better quality--especially for the price ppl are paying for it

♥ Starryxuan said...

The Lip Color is really pretty with the flower :) I think i will be very stingy with the eyeshadows too. it look so little.

Riya~ said...

the lip color looks so cute and nice!

Melody said...

could you please add some pictures with the eyeshadows compared with your hand? Or something like that so I can see what size it is. Thanks!

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