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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kao Liese Iron Make Collection Rich Straight & Multi Arrange

I love using either the flat iron or the curling iron on my hair. I know it´s tough for my dyed hair but so far it survives everything well hehe =D

Back in April I got couple of bottles of spray from Liese´s new Iron Make collection made especially for using with hot iron tools. There are 2 types: 
-Rich Straight for the flat iron
-Rich Curl for the curling iron (I didn´t get this one yet)
-Multi Arrange for both uses

The Rich Straight spray comes in a cute blue-striped bottle. The spray dispenser makes a relatively fine mist so a few sprays are enough to make my hair a little damp but not too wet for styling. It smells nice (floral and fresh) and initially feels a little sticky which is another reason why one shouldn´t spray too much of this on the hair. 
According to Alphabeautyuk on eBay from whom I bought this this contains heat protection, keeps hair in place like a hair spray and makes hair soft, straight and smooth. It contains stretch polymers to help keep the hair straight.

I really love this stuff! It´s really the best styling aid to get my hair completely straight in a few minutes. My hair is pretty straight but with a light wave which can look untidy quickly but a few spritzes of this stuff and some strokes with my flat iron give me super silky soft and shiny straight hair. 
Afterwards I just use a little of wax for straight hair and a couple of sprays of a hair gloss spray (both from Liese, too).

I am on my 2nd bottle now and will repurchase.

Rating 5/5

The Multi Arrange spray in the rainbow-striped bottle however is one of those multi-purpose items that doesn´t work well for either purpose. 
It smells like the Rich Straight but when I try to use this with my flat iron my hair still doesn´t get as sleek as I want. I don´t know why since I use a good flat iron but this spray just isn´t doing the job.
Also for the curling iron it´s not perfect, I very much prefer my spray from Lucido-L which does a much better job.

Rating 2/5


♥ Starryxuan said...

I have not spotted this in local drugstore yet, but the rich straight sounds nice :)Thanks for the review :)

jacinta said...

is it avaible in malaysia yet,i wanna get rich straight.

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