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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Banila Co Gossip Girl

Banila Co comes up with cute new items about every 2 months so I always make sure to frequently scan their website for new stuff =D

Oh before I go on I just wanted to mention that YOU CAN GET BANILA CO FROM GMARKET NOW!! (I had to scream now - seller
khs005492). One of my readers (beautystudent) left a comment telling me those great news!
I just placed an order (paying retail for Banila Co is cool!) and if you order 5/8 items or more you get some great full-sized freebies and tons of free cotton pads & samples so I hope to get my package early next week to see if those freebies are really in there =D I'll let you know next week =D

Anyway, I had no idea that I could order from Gmarket now so I relied on my usual Banila Co supplier (rumistyle on eBay) who offers me special discounts (I am a good customer hehe) so I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get my hands on 2 of the newest items from Banila Co's Gossip Girl collection.

Overall the colors in the Gossip Girl collection are a bit too loud for my taste (bright pinks and oranges). However the new Gossip Girl Multi-Palette was a must as I am collecting all Banila Co palettes (this is the 4th now) and they're of excellent quality! The colors in the palette are very wearable and feminine so I was happy to add it to my collection.
I also decided to try that new toxic green Lip Plum Balm so I added it to my order.

-Multi-Palette S-01 (retail 22000 Won = approx. US$15-16):

This is the first time I see a mixed palette from Banila Co (though I just discovered that brand a year or so ago hehe). The other 3 palettes contained 6 eyeshadows whereas the Gossip Girl Multi-Palette offers 3 eyecolors and a cheek blusher. The dimensions of the case are the same as the other palettes but the applicator is a simple wide brush

The case is really's made of metallic red metal (yep, sturdy metal case!) with little circles (or bubbles or whatever you want to call them) in different hues of pink printed on.
Inside you'll find a nice little detail: The protective plastic sheet has red bubbles printed on so when I saw first pics and when I opened my palette it looked like there would be a red pattern printed on the shadows and blusher.

The shadows are silky and well pigmented with a pearly or slightly metallic finish. I think Banila Co came up with some of the best Korean cosmetics I ever tried. Only a few color makeup items didn't work for me so far!
The colors are pure white, pink-toned taupe and hot pink. All colors create a really beautiful feminine eye look.

The blusher looks rather pale and blah in the pan but when I applied it I just thought "wow!". It gives such a pretty glowy finish! The blush is rather pigmented but light in color and works perfectly for me. It's a light neutral pink.

If you are planning to order from Gmarket I highly recommend getting the Gossip Girl Multi-Palette and maybe check out some other stuff (just browse my Banila Co reviews =) )

-Banila Lip Plump Balm (retails for 9500 Won = about US$6):

I am not that much into lip plumping stuff as I don't really believe in the concept. In my opinion the best way to make your lips look fuller is still a mirror-shine gloss with a little shimmer.
But I like the cool feeling some lip plumpers give and the new Lip Plump Balm looked pretty nice in its heavy frosted glass jar so I got it anyway.

The lip plumper looks clear on my lips and has a strange gel-like texture/feeling. It's thick and lasts long but doesn't really give a very glossy finish.

It has a pleasant fresh minty scent (there is some fruity smell in there, too!) and feels cool and soothing on my lips.
I really like this stuff but I don't think this makes my lips look even a tiny bit fuller.

I am surely looking forward to Banila Co's next releases. I hope they'll give us an aqua/green/blue eye palette soon =D


Pink Sith said...

Why oh why do I read your posts? Now I am completely lemming that Gossip Girl palette! *Shakes fist at you* LOL. Thanks for the awesome post Kathi!

fuzkittie said...

It looks SOOOO pretty!! That palette is to die for~~ :D The colors are really nice.

Haha, your lips are perfect anyway... you don't need any lip plumper!

Unknown said...

omg! those palette looks soo beautiful. I'm planning to go on gmarket and have a look and get a few bb creams (again!!) and a few extra on top. the won is soo deflated and I think it is a good time to buy.

great reviews and the eye shadow looks great on you

PaperedLove said...

Oooh la la that palette looks so pretty! I love the playful colors, they look great for Spring!

MiuMiu said...

that banila palette is so pretty! i thought the pink would come out more of a bubble gum pink, but it looks really nice on you..hmm..maybe i should get it now =p

Anonymous said...

hey this palette is ver MAC like!!! but it's way cuter with all the dots! soooo beautiful.

and i agree with fuz, you never need lip plumper!

Anonymous said...


have you ordered from khs005492 on gmarket before? cause i have a hard time filling out the drop boxes since I don't know krn. Could you help me with that?


CyNurse said...

Hi! The palette is pretty. And the case, oh, the case! So cute.

I'm looking forward to your next Banila Co review.

Btw,did Gmarket improve their services already? I hope they refund excess shipping charges to PayPal now.

Anonymous said...

This blog is amazing. I love foreign beauty products. Now you have me searching GMarket for lip balms.. Grr.. lol.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohh, your post came in time before I indulged in my gmarket order. I did received a tip on another shop selling banilla for the international crowd as well, but it did not have the palettes yet in its store. After I read the comment of beautystudent I went to check out the other shop, and YES, palettes. I was not sure to buy the Gossip palette, but your swatches made me buy this as well.
It is truely gorgeous and I cannot wait for my new banilla haul to arrive!

Anonymous said...

omg thanks so much for the review! the multi-palette looks so pretty on you :) i was thinking of getting the lip plumper when i have some money, hehe. i just found this site the other day! i suscribed :DDD

Tamtam said...

how come i cannot find banila co on gmarket?? i havent used it before.. can you send a direct link to that??

Ciambella said...

You are SO bad for me! Luckily (????), I'm having a lot of trouble registering for GMarket since I use a Mac, and GMarket's registration doesn't seem to like either Safari (expected) or Firefox (unexpected). Aaahh! Thanks for the GMarket tutorials, though!

Kathi said...

Hi Anonymous,
yes I ordered from that seller before. He's fast and all but puts every single item in its own box so you'll get a huge EMS box filled with little boxes lol
I just ignore the drop boxes and select none (except for the one for the color choice which is normally the first box). The drop boxes are to add stuff to your order like cotton pads, makeup wipes, brushes etc.

Hi CyNurse,
nope, you get the refund to your Gaccount. I don't use paypal most of the time anyway as the exchange rate with my credit card is better.

Hi Tamtam,
you have to either search for banilaco or for the seller name I posted. Just type either in the Gmarket search box and you'll find Banila Co stuff.

Hi Ciambella,
Gmarket is PITA as they require IE and nothing else =( and even IE doesn't always run smoothly!

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