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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring 2009: Integrate (various items) + Volume & Curl Mascara WP

I posted a teaser pic over a week ago so I think I tortured you enough and it's time to review my new goodies from Integrate =D

I honestly rarely buy from Integrate even though the brand offers solid quality for fair prices (especially their lip products are lovely!) and the colors are all wearable and sophisticated. You won't find super bright orange lipstick or bright aqua eyeshadows from this brand.

Packaging-wise all is clean and simple (silver, white and transparent) and reminds me a little of Fasio and Kate.

-Accent Eyes in VI710:

Oddly what caught my attention most was the Accent Eyes palette in VI710. I didn't really like my Accent Eyes in BR730 so swore to myself I would not try any more Integrate shadows but the VI710 just screamed at me: "Buy me! Buy me!" so I listened and purchased it.

Hmmmm...I have to admit it. This palette ROCKS! It's a perfect cool grayish purple palette for me with colors that I don't see very often among Japanese brands.

I find this quad pigmented and soft, blendable and long-wearing.
I digged out my BR730 palette after having such great results with VI710 and it's weird but BR730 was pigmented and lovely! I wonder what happened the first 2 times I used it? (and after which I ranted in this review which I have to take back now in total?!)... Probably that's one of those mysteries that will never be solved *plays theme from X-Files*

Now of course I am very seduced to pick up more colors from the range! =P

Anyways, on with VI710... I won't describe the compact as you can see it in the pic (simple silver/faceted clear plastic).

The colors are: Cool metallic gray-toned purple, deep blackened purple (matte base with some scattered green and red glitters), pearly off-white (a little sheerer = perfect highlighter) and the sheer ivory glitter shade.

I believe this retails for somewhere around 1600 Yen. I purchased mine from The Spring collection contains a total of 4 new colors.

-Forming Cheek Blush:

I actually believe Integrate revamped the compacts of the blushes but didn't change the colors and formula.
I already have the RD310 one in the old packaging for some time now so I purchased PK210.

To me the only thing that seems new about the compact is that the clear window is now faceted instead of smooth.

The blush is not really silky but blends nicely and has decent pigment. The finish is matte though with a little luminousity.

I really like this blush and PK210 is a pretty fresh cheery pink. It also has a paler highlighter shade (also pink) but it nearly disappears on my skin.

-Design Veil:

The highlighter range has been replaced with their new Design Veil Range offering 4 highlighters with 3 instead of 2 colors like before.

I picked the one in Pink which contains 3 shades of pink:
a shimmery super pale pink-toned white, pastel pink and pale baby pink.

Actually since I got used to baked highlighters I don't like shimmery/glittery ones much anymore. The Integrate one doesn't really give a glow but leaves fine glitters on the areas I apply this and this annoys me.

I prefer a dewy/glowy finish so I am not too fond of this item.

-Soft Jelly Rouge:

The Soft Jelly Rouge was yet another item I was eagerly anticipating. Since Integrate usually just comes up with winners (lippy-wise) I was sure the cute new Soft Jelly Rouge (love that name!) would be another winner!

So out of 8 colors I chose 3 to give this new product a try.
The Soft Jelly Rouges come in rather fat tubes reminding me of Maquillage's Neo climax Lip and Kose Visee's Nudish Rouge.

On the pics (from top): PK702, PK395, RS394

What makes them somehwat new and innovative is the applicator. It's a wide slanted lipstick-shaped soft rubber tip with a hole in the middle to distribute the creamy gloss. So far the applicators similar to this were made of hard plastic, not a soft rubber (maybe that's where the name Soft Jelly Rouge originates from?).

The texture is lightweight and slick and feels more like a cream than a gloss.
My lips are only getting slightly glossy and these aren't terribly long-lasting but comfortable to apply and wear and the colors I picked are so pretty. I feel these are on the moisturizing/balmy side and don't dry my lips out.

The pigment is rather sheer in these and all colors are on the muted/subtle side.

One thing that slightly annoys me that these lippies have the tendency to sort of sink into my skin but by far not as much as with e.g. Lavshuca's Color Conc Rouge which I really hated.

All in all these are great little lip creams so it's definitely worth picking one up.

PK702 (right):

This is a pretty nudey pink-beige without shimmer.

PK395 (left):

Warm sheer pink with super fine shimmer

RS394 (bottom):

Cool sheer mauve pink. My fave!

All in all I think Integrate's Spring collection is pretty nice and wearable all year round since the colors are great basics and subtle neutrals.

-Volume & Curl Mascara WP:

I have good luck with Shiseido's mascaras in general. My HG mascara is the Lash Enamel Glamour mascara from Majolica Majorca and Maquillage's Combing Mascara is pretty good, too.
So I was expecting big things from Integrate's Volume & Curl Mascara WP.

It's indeed a great mascara which gives great volume, a bit of length and keeps the curl all day long. I am quite thrilled with this actually and used it nearly every day because I love this so much!
I really like the curved wand as it helps applying the mascara without messing around too much.

It's waterproof and really stays put. It removes easily with my usual double-phase makeup remover (right now it's the one from Aube Couture which is pretty awesome)

I am also wearing this mascara on the EOTD pic above!

I think I paid less than US$14 from Adambeauty? It's very worth it!


✿Ji✿ said...

The lipglosses look really nice!
And I love the look you created with that Integreate palette!<3

MiuMiu said...

the PK702 looks really nice on you

Laura L said...

awww... there are so pretty. the lipcreams are cute <3

the volume& curl mascara WP is like a comb, similar to Marjolica mascara?

fuzkittie said...

O I hate lip colors that sink into the lines.. :x I just bought Integrate's lipstick.. forgot the name, but I really like Integrate's moist lipstick range, very smooth and nice.

That e/s palette is WOW on you!!!

bk377 said...

Great detailed reviews, I can't wait to go and look at these for myself. Integrate is one of the Japanese brands available to me in Korea (sadly Majolica Majorca and Kate are not) so I shall investigate further.

Do the Soft Jelly Rouge's have any noticeable scent or flavour to them?

Bomi said...

Maybe you need to break the surface of eyeshadows before they start becoming pigmented. maybe onot all brands, but I think I remember this happening to me a few times. haha

Those lip creams look delightful! I might shop around for them soon! Depending on the price. Are they just lipgloss or a lipcare product?

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i feel I wanna to kiss on ur lips.. hahaha...u hav the nicest lips...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews! I've never tried anything from Integrate, but the palettes look similar to Kate and Fasio ones. Any idea how they compare up to those 2?

Unknown said...

I like the lipglosses.

Latte adict said...

I find that you always apply eye shadows beautifully! May I know which tools you use to do this? Do you use brushes or the applicators that come with the shadows? Thanks in advance.

Johanna said...

OMG!!!! or you are extremely pretty or this products really work, because in your pictures you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

MiuMiu said...

after seeing your post on the integrate lippies, i just had to get one hehehe...didn't regret it at all XD

janelle said...

Hi im rather new at makeup and Ive gotten myself integrate accent eyes and kate deep trap eyes. Can u tell me how to apply them like those seen in ur pics? They look really nice on u! thanks~

seria said...

did you purchase all these integrate products online? if so, can you provide the site :)? thanks!

and i just wanna say that that palette you really like (purple-gray ish) can be found in KATE

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