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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring 2009: Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes & Gradation Mix Face Color (+Double Perfection Rouge)

Fasio by Kose is one of those brands I tend to ignore most of the time. Most of the items I tried from them were mediocre or below that (though I also found a few items I really like)

Recently I noticed that the prices went up and the design of the items changed a bit, getting more similar to brands like Kate and Integrate.

Honestly I have never been impressed with Fasio's eyeshadows as they were always unpigmented and chalky.
Some of the new Gradation Deep Eyes palettes looked really yummy but I had no real intention to order them until I found this post by my dear buddy Iris. The green/aqua quad looked REALLY delicious and the taupe quad was right up my alley, too!

I ended up ordering more from Fasio because I liked their revamped blushers and also found an interesting long-lasting lipstick in their lineup I hadn't noticed until now.

I got:

-Gradation Deep Eyes in I-3 and I-6
-Gradation Mix Face Color
in RD420
-Double Perfection Rouge
in BE30 and PK80

-Gradation Deep Eyes:

The new eye quads come in a simple black/silver/clear plastic compact reminiscent of Kate and Integrate (esp. Kate).

I find these quads quite pigmented but the texture is a little strange. It feels like the shadows are a little damp?! They have the tendency to clump up a little in one place so blending them well is a must.

But it's not a big problem as the shadows blend quickly and once applied they stay in place.


Gorgeous neutral taupe quad. I couldn't resist picking this up even though I probably have 80786078785657645485296145 palettes like this.


Most gorgeous aqua/deep green combo. It's bright but not in an overwhelming way. The colors are vibrant but wearable!
I got mine from Ichibankao (around US$19/each)

-Gradation Mix Face Color:

The new Gradation Mix Face Color comes in practically the same compact as the eyeshadow quads.

It contains 3 hues of the same color from light to dark.
The blusher has a satiny finish (leaning towards matte not shimmery) and is decently pigmented.

I find the 3 colors are too small to really pick them up separately (you can with a smaller brush though) so I just swirl the whole thing together and get a very pretty color.

I chose RD420 which is a perfect neutral red beige palette. It fits most nude/natural and also red lipsticks.

I think I paid about US$19 from Ichibankao. Btw the included brush is rather soft but very small thus for me it's more or less useless.

-Double Perfection Rouge:

Some years ago (before I was into Japanese/Korean beauty stuff) I used to love those Cover Girl Outlast lipsticks. Many brand have released those 2-step lipcolors (lasting color and gloss top coat) in the past years and in general they're rather uncomfortable to wear but last very well.

I honestly didn't spot those 2-step lasting lipcolors from any Japanese brand yet until I discovered the Fasio Double Perfection Rouges.

I was super curious so I got 2 colors.
You get a quite pigmented color and a sheer shimmery gloss in 1 rather large stick.

You first apply the color coat and let it dry for about 2 minutes (keep your mouth lightly open till it feels really dry) and then dab on the gloss topcoat (which looks tinted in the tube but looks clear when applied on top of the lipstick). Just reapply the gloss if your lips feel dry or the shine fades.

I think these are quite comfortable to wear and they last decently. However these are neither as long-lasting but also not as uncomfortable to wear as many other brands so I quite like these lippies.

There is no scent added to these and they remove easily with normal cleansing oil/makeup remover.

I will definitely pick up more of these. I am already quite happy with the 2 colors I got:

PK80 (the shade pictured on top): Happy warm medium pink and gloss.

BE30 (the shade you see on the bottom):

Pretty pink-beige which fits really nicely with the blush.
These are also around US$20 on ichibankao.

All in all a Fasio haul I really like. I will review the quad in I-7 and one of the Rich Stay Rouge lipsticks soon (they're on their way here =D)


Stephanie said...

im drooling over your kate palettes!

✿Ji✿ said...

The eyeshadow palettes are really pretty!<3

Hannah said...

i know this is old, but i came across your old post on skin79 bb pearl, the one in the brush, i hope you remember. i was wondering if you'd tried any of the other brands (legere, oriks) pearl creams. i want something that will give my face luminosity but not too much sparkle. i found oriks a bit too dark for me and was wondering how skin79's compared. is skin79 generally a good product compared to the others? its all so confusing

makeupmag said...

So pretty on your eyes, as always. I agree about the texture of these shadows.

I've made some swatches here:

They may be of help to you. ;)

I'd be happy to CP Fasio for you, so you don't have to pay Ichibankao prices! :)

sophia said...

Hey I can't get the application for the double rouge right. When I apply the colour portion it leaves my lips soooooo dry :( and the brush is quite terrible (very hard to control) and tips and tricks?

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