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Monday, March 30, 2009

Xmas 2008: Sonia Rykiel Pink Kiss Collection

Yup, you're reading this correctly... I am indeed reviewing some stuff from past Xmas (wow, that was already 3 months back!). =D

I know it's probably too late to get hold of that Sonia Rykiel stuff now but I thought I'll review it anyway in case you stumble across some items online (eBay or wherever). After all I purchased my items not more than 2-3 weeks ago (from eBay). All items were a total steal considering their retail price. I paid less than US$30 (incl. shipping) for all 3 Holiday items!
Sonia Rykiel is a very costly brand that has so far mostly disappointed me. Away from a few items most of the stuff turned out to be just not worth the high price tags so I quit buying anything at retail price.

Anyways, the Pink Kiss collection they released for the past Xmas was small but cute and what I liked most is the replacement of their usual stripe design with cute metallic raspberry pink compacts/tubes.

The items I won are:
-Creamy Eyecolor in 01 (white)
Lip Color in 01
Face Powder

The names aren't really fancy or witty in any way.... honestly that bugs me a little as I love cute names =D

-Creamy Eyecolor 01:

This is a shimmery liquid shadow which comes in 2 colors. I got #01 (white) but there is also a pale green (02) available.

The texture is silky and creamy. The liquid dries down rather quick so you need to apply/blend right away. That's not so much of a problem since the color is white so you won't do a lot of shading etc. with this color :P

For me this is a great highlighter for the brow bone area as it's a glistening pretty white but a very translucent hue so skin shows through.

It's really pretty, lasts all day long and wears well.

The Water Eyecolor Duos (formula is pretty similar to the Creamy Eyecolor) are an item I liked from Sonia Rykiel back in 2007 when they came out with cute duos for summer.
I have sweet memories wearing the turquoise/golden duo as it was my last EOTD (20th June) before my youngest child was born (21st of June) =D

-Lip Color 01:

ACtually I am surprised that I really love this item even though at first I thought it would be my least fave product of the lot. I normally dislike any sort of lipcolor in pots/palettes etc. so I wasn't having high hopes of ever using this but it came together with the eyecolor and after all both items cost me about US$11 & shipping.

This looks a little like children makeup but turns out to be a really lush lipcolor.

The little jar is filled with a medium pigmented glossy lipcolor in the center which looks like a lips shape (this goes through all down to the bottom).
Around the lips there is a clear gloss with glitters throughout.

I expected the gloss to be super soft and sticky but it's not at all. It's rather creamy and moisturizing with buildable pigment in the color. A few swipes of this give me that perfect red pink stain that looks like I just ate raspberries. I added a little more color and dabbed on a little of the clear gloss and the result is really pretty.

I find this lasts quite well. I think I didn't touch up for like 2-3 hours and that's quite long when it comes to lip products.

-Face Powder:

This is definitely the star of the collection. It's a very pretty face highlighter consisting of a pink lip-shaped super shimmery part surrounded by white powder with a finer shimmer.

This is a rather loosely pressed powder so there is lots of fly-away. The powder gives a pretty shimmery highlight with a few micro-glitters spread on my face.
Honestly not my most favorite finish for a highlighter but it's still pretty.

I wouldn't have paid the retail price which was above US$50 I believe but it's nice to add this to my stash. After all I paid only about US$11 plus shipping =D


✿Ji✿ said...

Love all of your stuff, you just make me wanna buy so many things!*laugh*

Catherine said...

Oh wow, that gloss is way prettier on your lips than I expected it to be.

Rawr said...

the lip gloss looks so pretty =)
its a cute collection

Kathi said...

Yea I like the lips-theme =D

kori said...

You have very pretty lips. It makes all the lipsticks look so great.

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