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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Etude House Giveaway!

It's been quite some time since my last giveaway!
However now you have the chance to win 2 very nice products from Etude House:

-Sleeping Facial Pack Brightening:

Get bright and vitalized skin while you sleep. Special 10 hour sleep efficiency formula.
Full-sized sealed 120ml tube.
Apply at night as last step of your skincare, rinse off in the morning. Doesn't really feel sticky so it's easy to sleep with this on.

-1 box (3 pieces) of Magic Soothing Mask Sheets

My rules:

-Only followers can qualify. Please follow my blog (just scroll down a bit and you'll see the "Followers" on the right side.)

-You also have to leave a comment to qualify. If you're a follower AND leave a comment (only 1 per person, please) you will qualify for the contest. (I took those rules from dear Yumeko from Bittenbefore...I think that's pretty cool lol!)

-Please tell me in your comment how/where you found out about my site.

-I will post the winner here on my blog. The winner should please contact me within 2 days telling me her address or next on the list will get the prize.

-I will use to chose the winner!

-The prize will be sent by airmail within 2 business days after the winner contacts me. Giveaway is open to readers everywhere in the world! Please let me know when you receive your package!

-A few people who won in previous contest and didn't bother to ever contact me about receiving their prize cannot take part! Thanks for understanding but it really annoys me when I do a giveaway and never get any reply about the items arriving safely.

-Contest will close on Saturday, March 28 at 6 PM (my time)

-Thanks and Good Luck!


✿Ji✿ said...

That´s a cute contest!<3
For the qualification:
I think I searched for some reviews on kate and jill stuart and found your blog per coincidence!^^
xoxo Ji♥

ashley said...

Haha, I guess I'm second.
You have a helpful blog, I've been following it for a while now!

anna said...

I just stumbled across your blog long time ago when reading other blogs. I think there was just a link to your blog somewhere :) Since that I've been reading it on daily basis. Thanks for your lovely and helpful blog <3

cleung341 said...

Hi... I found your blog because I was looking for pictures and reviews about Asian brand cosmetics and I stumbled onto your blog. I've been hooked ever since! Love your hauls and pics!!!

Jae said...

Great contest!! ♥

I found out about your blog from MakeupAlley and have been reading/following it since it's creation!

Gigi said...

I totally love your blog, I check it daily for updates :)

For qualification part: I searched on google for bb creams and I found your blog page.

And eversince I`ve been your follower


elaiNe said...

Hmm..I believe that I googled "lunasol makeup palette reviews" and voila..I landed on your page! I love looking at your hauls, btw! :D

watercoloursky said...

I found you from Rouge Deluxe when she first announced you were starting a blog.

NancyShao said...

I definitely think I was searching for reviews on BB creams, and you have the bestest, most thorough reviews on them ever!! haha. <3 your blog!

Pink Sith said...

Hi: I hope I'm not too late to qualify. Thanks for having another giveaway!

GC said...

=O im so excited!
I've been looking into more japanese and korean brands lately and i came across your blog!! & bookmarked it and i check it everyday if you update it lol. its always fun to see what you get.

izumi said...

i found your blog via google search for majolica majorca palettes.. and fell in love with your reviews and SO many pictures of pretty items! :) been following it for awhile using google reader but i guess i'm following w/ the sidebar thing now too :)

smilecusiluvu said...

I love contest!! although I never win but its worth a shot!! haha

Unknown said...

can't remember how i found your blog, perhaps googled about some make up and saw ur review and like your blog, bookmarked it and been reading it since.

Catherine said...

Yay contest!

I found out about your website when someone posted on MUA asking for good blogs about Japanese/Asian makeup and I've been following your blog ever since. =)

dazzlingtots said...

have been reading ur blog everyday for some time now!
can't exactly how i stumbled upon your blog. i think i found your blog when i was searching for reviews for some korean cosmetics and bb cream or was it gmarket stuffs. haha
Pei Ni

Inge said...

I am pretty sure I found your blog by following a link from makeupalley. And now I'm stuck with all these lemmings ;)

Unknown said...

Hello! I would like to join the giveaway..
I found your blog through google when I searched bb cream reviews and jill stuart cosmetic reviews! Isn't google wonderful? Hahaha. I've been reading your blog for a while and I really like your hauls&reviews!

Anonymous said...

i found your link in a soompi forum about Etude House (: they referred to your blog if we wanted to read a review on the product

Jenn said...

I found your blog through google as well. I think I was googling for reviews of all these japanese brand and your blog kept popping up. You had the greatest scope of products covered so I knew I had to bookmark your blog. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!!
I think I found your blog by researching bb cream from google search

now I'm a loyal follower

Anonymous said...

Hi~ I remember finding your blog when I was looking for more information about BB creams, and since then I've been always following it!

fuzkittie said...

Oh man I missed it! :[

Unknown said...

hi i followed your blog via my aim sn. i found out your blog because I first got to other blog and that blog recommended yours for korean and japanese product!! I AM SO GRATEFUL that she did!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your website. I seriously read your blog daily!! and follow your posts!! they are so helpful! i am so glad that you are a beauty blogger <3

Laura L said...

I was searching for Skinfood product last year, then your blog appeared, so I took a look and I got hooked and addicted.

thank you for sharing with us all these wonderful beauty information

Tasha said...

I found your blog while reading another blog. I don't really remember but I think it's Musings of a Muse. I found it again while I was googling certain brands of BB cream and Etude House items. :)

PaperedLove said...

Aw, what great prizes for a giveaway!
I'm a follower of your blog, I had just recently became interested in japanese brands. I searched around and found your blog! Which is perfect for what I needed. :)

Anonymous said...

Etude House! Awesome. :D

I found your blog on google. I was looking up different shades for bb creams, and it has helped me choose which one I wanted! :)

Bomi said...

I was searching for bb cream reviews through yahoo and I found your bb cream quick reviews! and I was amazed by your extensive reviews on korean makeup! I was soo excited I spend hours looking through your reviews on lotree, bb creams and etudehouse! I remember verry well that day.

I just became a follower, I hope I did it right. But I am already a subscriber so thats how I read your blog.


Kimberly said...

awww hooray for blogger contests!!!
let's see I'm Kimberly -- and I found you by doing a search one day looking for BB Cream and SKIN FOOD items + I bought some goodies from you too! Some Etude House ^_^

and someone's got a new layout! go YOU!

Anonymous said...

I like contests but never win :( Nethertheless I'd love to take part))) As I remember correctly I read a review of your blog from another blogger "A touch of blusher" and have been reading it since that time :)

Anonymous said...

I originally stumbled across your blog when searching for some Asian brand cosmetics.

I love your blog and FOTD.

lisay0932 said...

I just come around your site recently.

I googled for etude house because i want to know money about them because my bf is going to malaysia with his dad for 3 weeks so, i want him to get products that i can't get in the US.

So far, i love your blog because you put the names and prices etc.

Fifi said...

Yay! A contest for everyone! I found your blog while I was googling about bb creams. Then I stumbled on your blog AGAIN while googling about sheet masks and SANA nameraka honpo skincare line. ^^

I love your blog since it has so many good reviews on asian products! :)

AskMeWhats said...

Hey :) wonderful conest.
I've found your blog when I was searching at google for any ETUDE products, I've seen these brands at HK facial Shop and I would like to purchase it but I needed feedbacks and reviews. From then on I am hooked :) Thanks

Unknown said...


I arrived to your blog looking for Japanese products. I wrote in google Kanebo Lavshuca y your blog appeared.
Then I knew about Korean brands and G-market, but I don't like how G-market works.
I learn from you about Adambeauty and I got my first package yesterday!

Zuuchini said...

yay i love these simple rules!

I was searching some good swatch from Paul and Joe disney collection! and your blog has the best swatches and then noticed how awesome your blog is!

Ti_Amo said...

Great contest! Alright, I found your blog by when you posted about it on MUA when you first created it! That's how and where!

gracie said...

wow, thanks for hosting another contest!!! :D hmmm... i remember it was during the time when i first started having interest in korean cometics so i typed in a couple brand names on google, and i found your site, found some great reviews on a lot of japanese and korean cosmetics (which was excellent because it was right before my trip to asia) so then i decided to follow your blog

C said...

I found your blog via the pink siths blog...she has your site listed under her favorites..thanks

PH!3! said...

I ADORE ETUDE <3!love the reviews you make!choose me!LOL!~


Anonymous said...

So cute!
I don't have any Korean skincare & cosmetics products so I'd definitely love to try this! I'm following now too, hehe :) I suscribed to e-mail updates & It's one of the e-mails I actually look forward to reading :D. I found your blog because I was looking at info on BB Creams on Google!

Thanks so much!

- Hazel

Eli said...

I love face masks! =)
For the qualification, PJ from "A Touch of Blusher" was babbling excitedly when you first started your blog. Have been following it since.

theotherworldly said...

Hi Kathi, I've been reading your blog for close to half a year now ...

I found it through links on the sidebar on Connie's blog ( Since many of the Japanese makeup you try is available in Singapore, I really enjoy the reviews you do as I can find them in the malls here.



P.S. I just signed up on the feed. :)

Anonymous said...

Good day there

I fell in love with Korean skincare and their makeup product a year ago. That is the reason I hook up to search for more reviews, pictures and swatches on-line. I went thru lines and line in Google and I bummed into your blog.

Now I converted myself to be one of your silent readers+fans of your beauty blog. I admire your makeup palace very much hahah, which inspires me a lot with how I should do with my makeup and what I should purchase for my makeup and stuff etc....

Thanks once again for your informative beauty sharing blog.

Have a great day ahead!

With Love


mkt350 said...

i searched for reviews on BB creams and found your blog and ever since i have been reading your blog almost everyday. =D

They Say Fairytales Could Never Exist In Real Life said...

Every since I came across ur blog while googling. I have since been hooked to check ur site daily to curb my makeup addiction. Being currently jobless did not help my pocket at all :(

sumiji888 said...

I was googling for skin79 BB cream pictures and I found your website! I've been checking your blog since then because I love all korean cosmetics and skincare (some japanese too)... Your blog is very helpful when I want to try out some new korean cosmetics/skincare

I subscribed your blog to my yahoo e-mail account before I signed up for google.

My ID was :Sumiji888 (Still is sumiji888 now)..

tessa said...

Hey Kathi,

I found your blog from MakeupAlley and i've been an avid reader since you started your blog :)

Thank you for your wonderful reviews!!

xoxo Tessa

Dessert Queen said...

I found your blog when I was searching for reviews on etude house and have been reading it ever since!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

well, that's pretty a tricky question on where/how I found out ur blog because that was long long time ago. I can't remember how and where at all. I'm reading ur blog every time u updates it and I love it so much...but I didn't become ur follower until recently I have my own blog...Kekeke

ALICIA, x said...

Hello! :D

I got to know your blog through a BB cream spree and the organiser had bookmarked your blog for reviews and recommendations!
I've been checking back frequently ever since.

P.S. Wondering if you can do a review on Gowoonsesang BB Cream SPF30PA++?

Thank you! (:

Jéssy said...

I love Giveaway .. but i only participate in sweepstakes that I always follow!

Once I did the Giveaway in my blog .. the winning never visited my blog and not read my comments .. Giveaway are not always good for bloggers = /

But still fun because I think people have the opportunity for new items =)

I hope that your lottery is a success, and everything good for you girl! I love you and your blog!

Nicola said...

Hey! I've been visiting your blog almost every single day to check for updates! :D its nice to read your blog~ I was surfing through the beauty blogs and i got linked to your blog! been reading your blog since then!

acutelife said...

found you blog through google n been reading eversince ^^

Unknown said...

I found your site through google searching of bb creams. I love your blog!

serendipitously said...

Aww I love your blog, you're actually the only blog I follow. I came across your blog when I was desperately looking for a way to buy the Etude House Peach collection. I saw that you bought from Gmarket, and so really, thanks to you, I found my source to Korean makeup! (:

anna. said...

Someone posted your link of your reviews on Soompi forums so I decided to visit. I've been searching for a blog dedicated to Japanese and Korean cosmetics for a while! :D

Unknown said...

Cute contest!!

I found your blog when I was searching google for Japanese cosmetic reviews. I decided to continue reading (without being a follower til now) since I find your reviews so helpful. :)

Rawr said...

I want to join. I found your by by clicking one of the blog site on Yumekno

bijinkei said...

I don't remember how I found your blog. I think I was clicking on links from some other beauty site and I found yours? XD

Stephy said...

sweeeeeeeet! another giveaway! thx for holding this! :)

i think i found ur blog by a link from another beauty blogger!

Kimberly said...

I found your blog by doing a Google search. I love it & is a must read for me daily. Thanks to you I have really fallen in love with Asian makeup brands.

janny said...

first time participating in a contest like this so yea

um....i was searching up facial sheet mask reviews on google and your blog happened to popped up so i clicked into it
your article was very informative (^-^)

Unknown said...

hi.. i think i was surfing for makeup review sites and came across yours.. this was like in end 2008.. till now i never miss reading any posts

Anonymous said...

Hey..well im super excited..i was reading about Lee min Ho's new ad with one of the actress for this brand. I wanted to purchased some so i looked up where to purchased it and saw you on beauty blog so i followed it and got so jealous to see that you have so many korean and japanese makeup..i would love to try etude makeup and some other korean JEALOUS!! Love all your makeup!!Love the pics of etude too!!


tralala said...

I googled blogger reviews on the skin food shadowbox and delightfully stumbled upon your site.

hinwow said...

Hi, I was looking for etude house n japan products. Your blog stood out n have many info. It's cool!

Anonymous said...

I was searching for bb cream reviews..n i found ur blog..n from tat day onwards i read ur blog..i envy u so much esp on ur collection of korean n japanese them so much..haha!!!

Unknown said...

discovered your blog last year when i was googling for reviews on korean skincare products. lol. you've got me addicted to gmarket now :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i saw your blog while scanning the blogs on nikki's site(ask me whats). :)

Anonymous said...

Love to read u sharing your latest haul! Found your blog in a forum where u condemn somebody stealing your photo :p

wen said...

I'm a follower!
i found ur blog from makeupalley actually =)

Virginia Lissi said...

Hi Kathi, it's so nice of you to host some giveaways! Btw, got to know you from CC and since then always big fan of your reviews and pics. xxx L!

Unknown said...

Hi, Kathi..
I've been following your reviews lately, simply because i'm addicted to make-ups (also with korean and japanese products!!)

I found your site when I googled for Sofina Reviews. Your site is verrryy helpful for me to make a decision whether to buy a product or not.

Thanks ^^

fuzkittie said...

Woohoo! I can still join, haha. I found you by searching Japanese makeup reviews online!! :D

Unknown said...

hello! I found your blog when I googled about some japanese make up!

Thanks for reviewing all the products! :)

un4getabl3 said...

My friend introduced me to your blog when I told her I needed help deciding what brand of BB cream to get and which Etude House items were good =] Your blog is realli helpful! Thank you <3

Anonymous said...


I found your blog when I was googling Asian cosmetic reviews one day! I've been following your site since and it's been such a great help to me in terms of showing me what's available out there. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win products that I don't have easier access to!

metallicleora said...

Hi I found your blog when visiting A Touch of Blusher's blog. Love your blog and have learned alot. Please enter me in your contest.

michhy said...

Hi ^^

I found your site while looking for reviews for Etude skin care products and BB cream. Ever since, I've been visiting your site daily, as your reviews had been really helpful and informative to me.

Though I've been reading your blog, I actually just signed up in blogger for this ^^.

Anyway, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I was searching for Etude House product reviews on the web before making a trip to Thailand for shopping at the outlet there, and ta-daaa! Your site appeared! (:
I've been following it ever since and it is really useful! (:most informative blog regarding korean makeup and jap)that i've ever come across, so good job!

Anna said...

Hello Kathi!
The first time I came across your blog was a while ago via a link on Eru The Punk Cat's blog (I'm also a fellow European!). A few days later I googled for some Paul&Joe review and I found you again! Since then you've been on my blogs-to-read-faithfully list!
Anna x

irukablue said...

Thanks for having such a comprehensive blog! I came across it whilst searching for reviews on BB Creams and another blog posted a link to yours as having the most authoritative reviews on Asian cosmetics.

Its great to know that i can finally look for English reviews of Asian brands that are hard to locate elsewhere (^_^)v

Pooja said...

Hi I randomly came accross your blog when I was searching for reviews on Korean Products[google],Just recently I started ordering them from GMARKET & I really love them,& now that I know about your blog it will be easy to order as I can read reviews first,because I don't know Korean,Thanks

Kristine Chan said...

Super helpful blog! Especially on hard-to-find reviews for korean skincare and makeup items!

From your reviews, I found out moistfull is really good for my skin!

reggi said...


i've been reading your blog for awhile now but was never a follower (i just had subscribed to you on google reader - don't know the difference...)

anyways, i found you on the MUA boards when i was doing a search on jill stuart makeup. so glad i found your blog! love all your reviews on asian makeup!! =D

Milo said...

Hi Kathi
I found your blog when I was searching info about bb creams on makeupalley. Many people recommend your blog for BB cream reviews, and I am so glad to find your wonderful blog!

greyhakuro said...

Hi~ I found your blog through makeupstash =) I reallylove your blog and all your reviews! <3

Thanks for holding this contest =)

breakingrumours said...

Ah i got here from dear Yume-chan's blog =) btw,the integrate eye palette is so cute! etudehouse from where i'm from is pretty limited with their stuff -__-

Anonymous said...

Hi,I found links to your blog, when I was searching for reviews on Jill Stuart, Etude house items :) I think some links were from another blogger Rouge Deluxe from Singapore.
Your blog is ♥FANTASTIC♥. Definately better (even more detailed, informative, up to date) reviews than any fashion magazine I have come across!
Plus, it seems we have the same taste in cosmetics and skincare (Korean and Japanese brands) so you will be seeing me here very often. In fact, i check your blog eagerly everyday!
But, sadly for me, Singapore do not carry most of these lovely brands that i love, and I only get some of them when my friends travel overseas.
Please continue to write and post more pictures of your made up look cause i think you have great makeup skills, or you are a really pretty lady with great facial features to begin with :p You really can creatively make most of your purchased eyeshadow products work for you. I think i will have lots to learn in terms of my application skills. I just do not do much justice to my eyeshadow palettes... So if you have the time, will truly appreciate it if you can post up a step by step mini tutorial on eyeshadow application, about how you achieve your lovely eye makeup looks!
I love giveaways, but only if its products from brands i love! Thou I'm not too sure how to join this giveaway correctly, (I sure hope i have!) but I have and will follow this blog faithfully. LOVE this blog. Keep up the good work!


Keyreo said...

Love contests with asian beautyproducts, wiie! I found your blog through a link at another beautybloggers page a while ago!

Unknown said...

hye, :D

I found your blog by googling for asian beauty products, and had been subscribing to it ever since.

you have a lovely blog.

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