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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lunasol 10th Anniversary Makeup Palette

Lunasol was celebrating their 10th birthday so Kanebo released a special limited makeup palette containing a few best-sellers and shades created exclusively for the palette for less than 10000 Yen so it was really good value for money considering the retail prices of Lunasol cosmetics.

At first I wasn't that excited as the whole thing looked rather blah but I decided to get one for my mum's birthday and after reading Blushed Wombat's review I added another set for myself to my order =)

The Lunasol 10th Anniversary Makeup Palette comes in a chic makeup case made of some lacquered material. The color is a blackened brown. To my eyes it looks like soft black and I can only notice the brown tones under bright light.

Inside the case the following items are presented on a plastic tray:
-Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige (regular size)
-Coloring Cheeks in 01 Reddish Beige (regular size)
-Noble Shade Liner in
EX01 Deep Brown (smaller size)
-High Stylized Mascara EL in 01 Black (smaller size)
-Full Glamour Gloss N in EX08 Beige Coral (smaller size)

Hmmmm...what should I say now? I don't like the palette.
The colors are super warm and don't look flattering with my complexion at all.
On most pics it looked neutral but to me it's just too warm.

The Skin Modeling Eyes in Beige Beige is an ok neutral palette, however it lacks depth and intensity.

2 of the colors are skin-toned. However on me they turn out orangey-beige (yep, even the shade on the bottom left!). The highlighter turns into a creamy mustard shade with glitters and the darkest shade is a medium brown. I can understand that for skin-tones from NC25 up these shades will be perfect to create a polished nude eye look. However for me it's just not the right combination of colors.

The Coloring Cheeks in 01 seemed to be the perfect peachy pink but morphed into a rather bright orangey shade on me.

It's super pigmented so applying this sheerly is not easy.

The Noble Shade Liner has a wider brush than the Geminate Liners. The liner brush works really well so the line I can draw is super precise and lasts pretty much all day.

However again the color is a warm medium-dark brown that's just not intense enough for my taste.

The High Stylized Mascara EL gives length but no volume and doesn't hold the curl well. I haven't had luck with Lunasol's volumizing mascara either.

I just think Shiseido makes better mascara's than Kanebo. Integrate, Maquillage and Majolica Majorca offer great mascaras.

The Full Glamour Gloss N in 08 is the only item in the lot I like. It's a sheer muted coral pink which turns more into a light iridescent pink on my lips.

Quite pretty but somehow doesn't 100% go with the blush in my opinion. But this might be the fault of my naturally rather pink lips!

All in all I am disappointed and will probably let this go. No use if it's just sitting here looking pretty and collecting dust!

At least I paid "only" retail but it's not worth it for me. If you're warm-toned this would be a great choice and good value for money. However it's very hard to get hold of this set now!


Anonymous said...

Full Glamour Gloss N in 08 is also the only product I like from this lot! :)))

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ahh, too bad you did not like the palette. I have been contemplating buying the set, but I have not been the greatest fan of Lunasol's eyeshadows so far, so I skipped it.
Mmm, orangy blush, me no likey..

Anonymous said...

I just got this from Ichibankao & it's gorgeous - then again, I'm warm-toned with dark hair, like Asians although I'm Italian. I had been eyeing up the Beige Beige quad but this was such a good deal considering what everything would cost separately. It's a shame it didn't work for you.

MiuMiu said...

i was a bit disappointed on the shadows as well..they just didnt' show up well...blah! i didn't test it out at the counter either haha..i just grabbed it as quickly as i can.
did you manage to contact the seller about the banila products? i didn't go to the mall this weekend so i couldn't check it out for you

fuzkittie said...

Sorry you're disappointed! :/ The blush looks pretty.. maybe I'll just get that blush, haha.

Kathi said...

Hi MiuMiu dear =D
I contacted him via Gmarket and he replied that no gifts away from cotton pads and samples are given =( Thanks very much for your help (also for asking your co-teacher for a translation!). I will try the other Banila seller next time (though he is too slow with bringing in the new products!)

Hugs =D

Jéssy said...

Hello dear! It has a tag for you on my blog <3

Ciambella said...

Aaaagh, so tempting! Looks like a perfect all-in-one kit for work days...yet with just a little bit of flirt to make it fun. Sigh...I'm such a sucker for palettes and sets that it's just not funny anymore. Thanks for the pictures and the post!!

CFZ said...

Love you reviews! I always come here and check out your reviews before buying anything these days haha. You know I am dying to get my hands on this palette! If you ever consider selling this palette please please let me know instead of putting it up for sale, because I know for a fact that someone else will get it before me, since I am a flight attendant so i don't always have access to the internet. My email address is, and thank you for all your amazing reviews!

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