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Monday, March 9, 2009

Skin Food Coffee Creamy Lip Essence & Coffee Creamy Sheer Lipstick PK302 Vanilla Pink

I haven't purchased anything from Skin Food for very long time now. Recently I was checking their website and found a few new cute makeup items, 2 of them being coffee-themed.

While I am one of the few people on this planet who hates coffee (but I do like the smell of freshly milled or brewed coffee) I found that the Skin Food Coffee Face Wash (or whatever it is actually called) smelled very nice so I expected the new Coffee Creamy Lip Essence and Creamy Sheer Lipstick would smell the same.


They taste and smell ghastly. I tell you I hardly sniffed something so yucky when it comes to cosmetics (the worst was that yucky wine-flavored gloss from The Body Shop from like 15 years ago though lol)!
The scent is more floral (that typical cheap yucky lipstick perfume many might know) with a undertone of old coffee and a bitter taste. The Lip Essence in particular smells really horrible, the lipstick is a bit more bearable.

The Lip Essence is a white cream (no balm or gloss) which sinks into my lips leaving them sticky and yucky and I don't dare to lick my lips as the bitter-sweet taste is really disgusting.

Not licking the lips when wearing lip care is a good thing but the Lip Essence doesn't do a thing to improve my lip texture anyway =X
This is totally trash-worthy in my opinion.

The Creamy Sheer Lipstick is not that bad, a bit drying and not sheer. It's far from the quality you will find in Japanese brands but it's surely also a lot cheaper.

I am quite pleased with the color I picked (PK302) as it's a nice muted pink.
The scent is a turn-off though.

I think I paid about US$7 for the Lip Essence and US$9 for the Lipstick. Not that bad but still more than retail for sure.


miss_waterlily said...

that just killed a lemming for me thanks kathi!lol

Anyway cant wait for ur banilla co haul reviews, Im waiting for those then i shall gave in to my banilla co indulgence!^_^

btw, i received my gmarket haul from last week, cant believe it though, etude house didnt put almost any gwps, n two of my item came out the wrong combination! What should i do in this case?!

Jéssy said...

I love the your products!

They all have a beautiful package and are chic! .. I buy makeup if the packaging is pretty haha

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,

I'm a long-time reader of your blog since early 2008, and I just love your Japanese cosmetics reviews. I have a quick question for you: what's your HG lip treatment or primer? I'm having trouble wearing lip glosses as my lips are always chapped and flaky, and I see your lips are always smooth and plumped in your LOTD's. What's your secret? What products would you recommened? I'd really appreciate your help, thank you :)

PaperedLove said...

Aww and I was thinking about buying a ton of their products! Hahah thanks for a great review!

fuzkittie said...

Your lips look good no matter what!! xD

Soapaholic said...

You have GORGEOUS lips.:) I echo the comment before me. How do you do that?:D

MiuMiu said...

i was about to pick up the coffee lip essence lol. i wonder what your next haul would be!

CyNurse said...


This review, in particular, is hilarious. I am glad I don't have a thing for Skin Food products, except of course, for their BB creams.

Btw, what do you with purchases you hate? Throw them away? Just curious.

Kathi said...

Hi miss_waterlily,
yea Etude House is quite disappointing with their lack of gifts nowadays =(
There is a return/refund section in "My Gmarket"... I'd try with that one.
Regarding Banila, the haul was really disappointing. They didnt' include any gifts advertised away from cotton pads and primer samples =( I am REALLY pissed now.
Will post about it later!

Hi Anonymous and Soapaholic,
I use any random lipbalm i have around at night (something thick like Tony Moly, Kose Happy Bath Day balm, Skin Food Honey Pot Balm etc. Otherwise I don't do anything really away from either wearing lipstick or balm most of the time =D

Hi CyNurse,
I collect everything I don't use or like in a big box and list the nicer items on lotuspalacesales. Other cheap stuff I either toss or try to send it to someone who might like it.


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