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Monday, March 16, 2009

Small Ichibankao haul (Integrate, Kiss, Sana)...teaser!

I received a cute little haul from Ichibankao today! (small doesn't equal cheap usually when I haul though!...)

I tested a few of the items already and I LOVE them! I will review more for you over the next days..

Btw I am really sorry for my lack of posts these days... I am going through some checkups and stuff and will probably go to the hospital for a surgery soon so my mind is somehow a bit blocked these days so I have no real energy/mood for posting these days. Don't worry, this phase will be over soon and I really have soooo much stuff here to review!

Here's a pic, more about the items soon!


Jae said...

I can't wait for your review on the make essence concealer!

I hope everything is okay and you have a speedy recovery ♥

Jenn said...

I got the same integrate palette and of of the lip glosses too. I totally understand "small does not equal cheap" lol.

Sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch, hope you feel better soon.

Jéssy said...

Oh examinations?
I hope that soon you can post every day!
I love everything you write and love the products you purchase!

The design of the Concealer is very cute haha!
I love the palettes Integrate, I want one for me Muahaha

You love Japanese and Korean products huh girl? I also like much, but my savings will not allow me to spend it hahaha

PaperedLove said...

Can't wait for the reviews!

birkinbagbeauty said...

That is a beautiful haul. Goodluck with your health, I hope it will work out for you...

Anonymous said...

you know howmuch i hate teasers!!!

good pic though. :P

MiuMiu said...

omg you have the pore concealer! can't wait to find out how it goes.
what are you going into surgery for? i hope it's nothing serious! get better soon =D

Pink Sith said...

Oh. Never feel that you need to apologize for LIFE getting in the way of your Blog. Take care of yourself and feel better soon. We won't go anywhere! :-) ((hugs))

Laura L said...

those blush looks so nice... love it. u always have wonderful things

AskMeWhats said...

You are right, small hauls doesn't equate to cheap hauls! Gosh can't wait to read more about your hauls

CyNurse said...

Get well soon, Kathi:)

Anonymous said...

howz the quality of the integrate eyeshadow palettes

Soapaholic said...

Your hauls always look so good. I hope the surgery isn't anything major. Get well quick!:) Many of us will be waiting for your posts.:)

Anonymous said...

Agree,Take care of yourself and feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Take care!! :)

Kathi said... are all too sweet! It's nothing serious, just a surgery to help me solve a problem I have for many years now! =D So I am actually sort of looking forward to it =)

cavano said...

Hope the surgery went well :). And I'm really looking forward to the Integrate reviews. Is the VI palette better tan the BR730? Iirc you don't like it right? And please you have to tell me which Jelly Rouge shades are those :D!

wen said...

ohh. pls take care and i hope that everything will turn out alright =)

makeupmag said...

Take care, Kathi. Have a safe procedure and a speedy recovery!

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