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Friday, March 20, 2009

Etude House Precious Mineral Collection

Etude House usually comes out with new stuff monthly... That's really cool as that means I can constantly try out new stuff but on the other hand it's hard to follow up with all their new cute stuff =) Luckily Etude House isn't a very expensive brand after all (thanks to Gmarket)...

I was quite excited when I spotted their newest stuff on Gmarket as the products come in really pretty boxes and compacts so I picked up pretty much everything available (except for the lip tints, eyeliner and 2 of the powders).

The new items mainly focus on the skin and offer a good variety of powders, BB Creams, a super pretty highlighter, a cream blusher duo and a super cute makeup primer.

Etude House is jumpsing somewhat on the mineral makeup bandwagon but the products are all in no way pure minerals. I think it's more of a gimmick.
To me this looks like a pearl-based collection as the compacts are shaped like shells, the highlighter contains pearl powder and the primer gives a pearly sheen and is made of a clear gel with little powder pearls inside.

The items I purchased are:
-Precious Mineral BB Cream in #1 Sheer Silky Skin
-Precious Mineral BB Cream
in #2 Sheer Glowing Skin
-Precious Mineral BB Pact
in Sheer Silky Skin
-Precious Mineral Makeup Essence

-Precious Mineral Brightener

-Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo

-Precious Mineral BB Creams:

I was a little hesitant ordering one of the new BB Creams as none of the BB Creams from Etude House and Etude have worked for me so far (color match). However their swatches looked pale and neutral and they were less than US$10/each so I added them to my order anyway.
There are 2 types available:

#1 Sheer Silky Skin comes in a white tube. It's formulated to give a soft matte finish and is more suitable for oily skin.
#2 Sheer Glowing Skin comes in a pink tube and gives a shiny/slightly dewy finish (it's not over the top at all). This is more suitable for dry skin.

Both BB Creams contain Adenosine, Arbutine and Pearl Extract and offer a good sun protection of SPF30 PA++; they are whitening, promise good coverage, are not sticky and supposedly don't turn darker on your skin. Both carry a soft floral scent.

When I first swatched the creams on my arm they looked super pale but when I rubbed them in they turned noticeably darker. I was sort of disappointed but decided to try them on my face using my Banila Co stippling brush (review will be posted shortly).

Actually the Precious Mineral BB Cream in #1 was almost too pale for me which is something that didn't happen to me so far (swatch on top). It blended in perfectly using the brush and offered good coverage. The result was indeed matte and it felt a little dry on my skin thus I am sure this is definitely not for someone with dry skin.

#2 is a little darker but works for me. I think it would be best suitable for a NC20-25 though. The finish of this is glowy but not really shimmery or glittery.
This feels more moisturizing and comfortable for me but the color of #1 is better.

Each tube costs 13500 Won (somewhere around US$9) and all in all I like both BB Creams. #1 will be perfect for the hot sweaty summer if I don't tan at all :P

-Precious Mineral BB Pact (Sheer Silky Skin):

There are 3 new BB pacts. Since there was no English info available I picked the one with the lightest color. Now I figured out that the one I got is for oil control. There is also a slightly darker shimmery one (Pearl Pact in pink compact) and the darkest is the one offering high coverage (dark purple compact).
I chose the one which looked nearly white in the compact (compact is also white) as I was sure it would work for me.

It's a nice finely milled powder which mattifies and keeps my face look fresh all day long. It also offers a sun protection of SPF25 PA++ and carries a weird smell (reminds me of a cross between marcipan and nail polish remover lol).
However since it's a very oil controlling powder it can look dry, especially under my eyes so I make sure I only pat on a little and not overdo application.

All in all a good powder but it can look a little cakey overtime.. my Majolica powder and various other Japanese ones are still better than the Etude House in my opinion (but EH's is cheaper).

The powder contains Pearl Powder, Lavender, Chamomile and Angelica Extracts.
Each of the 3 powders retails for 14500 Won (about US$10)

-Precious Mineral Makeup Essence:

Anyone knows that primer from Guerlain? The one which looks like pearls in a bottle but when you pump it's just a light gel?
I just tried that in a store here and honestly the new Precious Mineral Makeup Essence from Etude House is not much different. Away from the fact that you can probably buy like 5 or 6 or more bottles of EH for the price of one Guerlain :P

Basically this is a clear gel base with hundreds of little skin-colored powder beads throughout. When you pump you first get the gel but after some pumps the gel is mixed with the powder so it's tinted lightly.

The gel is super moisturizing and smoothing and makes my skin really feel perfectly primed for foundation etc. The gel doesn't really cover anything but gives more of an iridescent pearl pink sheen (it contains Pearl Powder).

I really like this product and would recommend it!

It's only lightly scented and retails for 16000 Won (about US$11-12)

-Perfect Mineral Brightener:

This is definitely the most beautiful item of the lot. The pretty shell-shaped compact is made of a light pearly pink colored plastic.
According to Etude House this contains hand-made terracotta pearl powder (it seems to be a baked-type highlighter).

The pressed highlighter consists of various pastel shades (ivory, pale pink, pale green...the arrangement reminds me of a 2-row pearl necklace) and imparts the most gorgeous pearly glow. It's rather soft even though it looks almost metallic in the pan.

The color is a soft pastel pink/white, not really noticeable color so it's the perfect highlighter as it's quite translucent.

This retails for 15000 Won and is really well worth it!

-Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo:

This isn't really part of the Precious Mineral range but comes in a similar box and is a new product so I believe it's part of the collection.
The Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo contains cherry extract (supposedly to improve blood circulation!). Sounds really yummy!

This is a cream blusher duo of rich cherry pink and a warm bright coral color. You can mix the colors to get a softer coral pink.
All in all this is a great blusher duo. Both shades are very pigmented and blend well.

I love the cherry pink more as it's cooler and very wearable and feminine. But I also like the coral mixed with a little of the pink to go with peaches and other lippies (swatch on the right shows the colors when mixed with more coral than pink).
Both colors blend well, stay on all day long and are not disappearing even under a light layer of powder.

This is the most affordable item in the collection as it costs only 7500 Won (about US$5 or so).

All in all this is a great collection and one of the best ones from Etude House that came out in the previous months.

I hope next month will bring us some pretty spring makeup colors!


Usagi Chan said...

What a pretty collection! The powders really are lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! First time commenting but I've been reading your blog for awhile. Love reading about your Gmarket hauls and have been inspired to order some stuff myself!

Inge said...

Gosh, they are so pretty! I have been eyeing that Guerlain primer, but it's just too expensive for what it does. This looks like a really good alternative.

Anonymous said...

wow... i want to see these products. but i don't think we will have them soon. love that essence. the pearl looking balls look very interesting. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am totally sold on getting stuff from GMarket now. Am actually placing order into the "cart" & checking your site on what are the recommendations. Thanks for all your post & tips for us gals out there to have lots skincare / makeup fun at affordable prices :)

Fifi said...

I love your hauls & reviews! We also got Etude House in Indonesia but they're a bit pricey here.

birkinbagbeauty said...

How did I miss this collection? (probably because I was too wrapped up in work). There are some gorgeous items in this collection, especially the Guerlain Look-a-like product.

PaperedLove said...

Ah, Etude House looks so tempting!! And the packaging is so so pretty, I wanna steal those BB creams from you!

Unknown said...

That pearly gel looks great!

B377Y said...

Thanks for the review! Now I really want to make another Gmarket haul..I MUST have that beautiful highlighter! But before ordering, I really want to figure out whats the difference between the 3 powder

smilecusiluvu said...

so you always order from gmarket.. do they ship to the states?? their site isnt very user friendly cause its has different languges sometime and the currency is different sometime too.. haha maybe its just me but im always confuse when I go to their sites.. haha

Naomi said...

Thanks for reviewing the Etude House items! I love EH but the only way I can buy them is by gmarket. I'm wondering how much money shipping cost you for all of those items? I always hesitate to order because the shipping price is so expensive!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

the only thing I've bought from EH is their powder brush.. It's real bad and lost all my confidence on EH... but ur hauls seem so attractive and ignited my fire again.. hahaha

Anonymous said...


Can you please do a review on Etude House BB Magic Balm SPF30/PA++?

Thank you! :D

Gigi said...

i really like the collection, I think I'm going to get it from g-market.

Thanks for all the great reviews

miss_waterlily said...

Hi kathi,

What a haul!I've got the guerlain meteorites primer it is actually a bit difficult to blend and sometimes it balls of and looks to shimmery to be used on it own, or even loose powder,grr.

Anyway i think im gonna get the creamy blusher and highlighter powder;-) I hope I get some nice freebies this time, what did u get this time?

fuzkittie said...

Wow amazing Etude haul!!!! Hehehe

Berrymint said...

just wondering where you bought them? also are these bundled or you bought it individually? nice blog!keep it up!

kat said...

would the etude foundations work for a nw10-15?


Anonymous said...

wished they had a gmarker her in the us!

Delirio Sensorial said...

Hi ,

I need your help about the components of etude's precious mineral compact powder... =(

I live in Chile and in order to buy it and import it here I need to check the components and see if they are allowed in my country...
if you have them please I would be really happy and thankfull. =)

take care



this is my email

DEEPTI said...

how i can purchase........etude mineral make-up essence.plz tel me

i live in delhi

Madt said...

I have their Precious Mineral BB Cream in Sheer Glowing and I love it! It made my skin flawless like Korean actress' skin :)

theotherworldly said...

Hi Kathi, I'm thinking of trying this, but I can't swatch these around here. I'd like to ask you -- what's your MAC shade? I'm about a NW20 or NC15 on my pretty glowy days and a NC20 or so elsewise. Do you think I should get shade 1 or 2?

Kathi said...

I am NW15-ish. I think the shade #2 would suit you well

Azraelle said...

I ordered the Precious Mineral BB Cream in #1 a while ago after reading your post and: BINGO =) It suits my skintone p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y and the texture is great for my oily skin. Once again Kathi: Thanks a lot!

Danke vielvielvielmals <3

Anonymous said...

I just used a sample for the BB Cream in number 2. I have combination skin and when I put it it sorta looked a bit oily to me but it seemed the right shade for me as it only brightened my face a bit. I usually use a NC15 for foundation but I think I got a bit darker since it's summer.

If I'm to buy the BB cream, should I get number 1 or 2? Or should I just go with number 2 since it fits my shade?


bella gureishi said...

hi there I really want to purchase this etude collection where did you purchase this? Thanks

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