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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring 2009: More Lavshuca

I was waiting for Adambeauty to list the new Spring collection from Lavshuca so I could order more items. Unfortunately he didn't bring in the new lipsticks (yet)...I really wanted to get a few more colors from him!

I quite liked the items I purchased a few weeks ago from Ichibankao (review is here) so I was sure I'd like the items I ordered from Adambeauty recently. Unfortunately some items turned out rather crappy for me =(

I got:

-Finish Powder High Cover
-Makeup Base Moist

-Separate Keep Mascara Volume
-Mascara Base N

-Grade Color Eyes PU-1

-Finish Powder High Cover:

I haven't tried Lavshuca's previous version of the loose powder so I can't compare. I read praises of it online though so I thought I'd like the new repackaged High Cover Powder as it looked pretty nice.
The powder comes in a pretty clear container with an eggplant-colored cover and a very soft puff with a super cute purple bow.
The powder looks very pale in the tub so it looked like a perfect thing for me.

You know I don't know what went wrong with this powder but the finish this gives is horrible. No matter if I apply this with a brush or the puff the result is an uneven blotchy mess with light yellow spots on my face.

I don't know what's the High Cover part in this as it's sheer but still totally messes up otherwise flawless face makeup.

Big nay from me. I actually don't like loose powders as a general thing (with few exceptions) and really should stick with pressed ones from now on.
Retails for 1680 Yen (I paid US$20 from Adambeauty)

-Makeup Base Moist:

The Makeup Base used to be filled in a pretty glass jar however Kanebo decided to use tubes now which is a lot more hygienic and convenient in my opinion.

The Makeup Base Moist is a pale pink cream which gives no coverage, just moisture. I prefer tinted bases but a good moisture base is always welcome, too (and this is a nice moisturizing base)...however Lavshuca's Makeup Base Moist irritated my skin a bit which led to the formation of a few red bumps on my cheeks.
So this gets a nay for sure =(
I paid US$15.50 (Adambeauty)

-Separate Keep Mascara Volume:

I should have known that this was going to be a mediocre mascara as Lavshuca's other mascaras (and most other mascaras produced by Kanebo brands) didn't work for me.
However I had hopes they would have a nice improved formula so I ordered the volumizing version (there is also a lengthening one available).

The mascara brush is curved which is a nice thing in my opinion. However the formula has a tendency to weigh my lashes down and if there is one thing I hate it's mascara that makes my lashes look straight. Why would I bother with base and curler if the mascara doesn't do its job?

The volumizing properties of this aren't that good either.
All in all skip this stuff. It's not worth it even though the new tube looks cute =). Get a MM mascara better!
I paid US$17.50

-Mascara Base N:

The simple white tube looks pretty much like the older version so I don't know if they did any repackaging?
The mascara base is pretty good (yep, finally something I like hehe!). It is clear and so it doesn't leave that annoying hard-to-cover white cast on your lashes.

It helps holding the curl well so it does its job well.
I paid US$13.50 and I think this is really a good choice if you're searching for a mascara base.

-Grade Color Eyes:

I really like my Grade Color Eyes in BR-2 and GN-1 as they have a shimmery silky texture.
So how come this quad is off?!? The colors are chalky and the light lavender shade has a problem sticking to my skin. The more you apply the more you rub off and end up with uneven eyeshadow (and I used the same base as with all other shadows and this is a problem that rarely occured so far!).

The 3 light colors all pretty much look alike, only the dark purple is very pigmented and shows up well. The colors looked like nice very cool-toned purples but in real life the purple is very much a standard shade many Japanese brands have in their lineup.

Really a pity as I was looking so forward to this palette! I suggest to rather get that new Coffret D'or palette in purple/pink which looks much prettier than Lavshuca's.
The colors are a pale pastel lilac, white, lavender and dark purple.

I paid US$18.50 from Adambeauty. BTW Attention, adam mixed up the swatches of the palettes in BR-1 and BR-2 so double-check that you will receive the correct palette when you order.

All in all a disappointing second visit of Lavshuca's Spring collection. I think their base makeup and mascaras will be on my do-not-buy list from now on.

The EOTD shows the palette, the mascara base and the mascara. My lashes really look bad *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,
:( Lavshuca seems like such a disappointment!
But did you know, the seller khs 005492 that sells banila co on gmarket has started shipping internationally! I'm so delighted :D

miss_waterlily said...

Hi kathi,

Glad to have read ur reviews before I gave in to my lemming to lavshuca! It seems that the new collection is such a bummer!

Anyway just wondered if you ever had ur gmarket order items cancelled for no reason? I know sometimes stuff are out of stock, but i have had this happening to me quite a few times lately that it says cancelled upon customers request and it doesnt show up out of stock either, I wonder y, it is so irritating!

birkinbagbeauty said...

awww, too bad it was a such a dissapointment to you. BTW do you prefer the Kate Base or the new Lavshuca base as a primer (especially for holding a curl)?

La Petite Maison said...

Grrr... I just placed an order yesterday with Adambeauty, which included that Lavshuca powder. I,too, read the praises of the previous version of the loose powder so I was very excited to receive it.

fuzkittie said...

Aww! :[ You should try the Sofina Primavista powder if you haven't! It's great! Hehe, I'm the opposite of you, I like loose powders much better than pressed! xD

You still made the palette look good somehow though, hahaha.

MiuMiu said...

i was looking at the lavshuca counter last week, and everything seems to be going down hill! it's so boring and blaahhh. it sucks that the powder isn't working out well. i'm currently using their old formula and it's great, but i guess i should turn to something else when i finish it..maquillage perhaps?

Eka said...

Thank you for warning us regarding the label mix up in Adambeauty. I was planning on getting one of new Lavshuca eye palettes but would always think twice. I heard in other blogs that Lavshuca had better make up before.

david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!! I love your creations!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Do we have Lavshuca here ? Thanks for ur reviews .. save me a lor.. haha

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