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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring 2009: Lavshuca Grade Color Eyes & Dramatic Memory Rouge

In my opinion the Japanese drugstore brands released much nicer Spring collections than some of the higher end brands (e.g. Lunasol and RMK).

Lavshuca decided to stick with safe graduated eye palettes in 5 color combos that are really gorgeous. And away from a bunch of base makeup items they also introduced a pretty new range of lipsticks.

Last year Lavshuca released the Noble On Color Eyes range which didn't appeal to me (each palette contained 2 neutrals and a pastel color). I only purchased the palette in PK-1 which is a nice pink/taupe palette but the other combos just didn't appeal to me.
This year they offer us 5 gorgeous eyeshadow quads in pretty spring colors and neutrals.

-Grade Color Eyes:

The Grade Color Eyes come in the typical pretty dark eggplant cases with a clear front so you can see the colors through.
The palettes are not mirrored just like all the other Lavshuca palettes and contain the typical dual-headed sponge-tip applicators.

Like the Dual Eyes from fall the colors look lighter in the pan than applied (which is a good thing generally).

The shadows have a very fine silky texture with a gorgeous intense pearly shimmer which doesn't look frosty or glittery at all.
The pigment in these is quite good so they show up effortlessly and the colors are picked to go together perfectly.

All in all I am very impressed with the palettes and they make gorgeous basics for everyday wear.


This is a neutral brown palette whereas BR-1 seems to offer warmer more golden browns. I love this brown palette as it's entirely flattering and wearable for every occasion imaginable.
The colors are a sort of a peachy flesh, off-white, neutral brown and dark black brown.


It's nice to see a palette of fresh greens from Lavshuca as the only kind of greens they released so far were olive greens.
This palette contains a pale pale lime, off-white with little golden sparkles, muted grass green and deep hunter green.

I am definitely going to purchase PU-1 which seems to be a lovely mix of cool purples. I am just waiting for adambeauty to list this.

-Dramatic Memory Rouge in RS-1:

Packaging-wise this is definitely the prettiest lipstick Lavshuca has released so far. It's an elegant deep eggplant plastic cap that pretty much covers the whole lipstick except a small metal handle to pull the stick out of the cap.

The lipstick looks quite luxurious and princessy however the cap has a slightly cheep feeling as the plastic is rather thin and a few of the edges are cut a little unevenly leading to a slightly scratchy feeling when you touch them. It's nothing really bothersome though and I enjoy how pretty the lipstick looks =)

The Dramatic Memory Rouge carries a lot of pigment and very little shimmer. The finish is rather satiny with a little shine.
I find the lipstick very comfortable to wear even though it tends to be on the drier and not very emollient side. The lasting power is quite good as it stays on quite a few hours without touching up.


A cool medium rose pink with purple tones.

The Grade Color Eyes retail for 1680 Yen and the Dramatic Memory Rouge lipsticks for 1575 Yen.

All in all I really like this collection and will pick up a few more of the lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette in PU-1.

I will be reviewing the Kate Spring collection soon!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, another winner collection! I cannot wait for adambeauty to list them. I really like the new lipstick!

Jenn said...

I wasn't too interested in the Grade Color palettes when I saw them online but after seeing your pics, I will definitely be getting one or two. ;)

Zuuchini said...

I want the green palette!! Hopefully when i go to hk this summer, there will be still on sale? lol

Digital Angel said...

I really like these two palette, Green is my favorite and Neutral brown, awwww I want them :)
I love swatches too very pretty.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is one pretty lipstick! so fancy! but I dont ever wear eyeshadows, I dont see the point! haha! and lazy!

Mona said...

the lipstick is really gorgeous. I also really like the green palette!

Usagi Chan said...

The lipstick is so cute!! And the shade is beautiful too, it fits your skintone :)

Laura said...

Hi Kathi,

Can I know where did you purchase your Lavshuca Grade Color Eyes from? I can't seem to find it on jpmon, adambeauty or ichibankao?

Thanks in advance! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi;
IYO which spring palette wins this year, Lavshuca Grade Color or Visee Blackish Forming Eyes? Pigmentation, textures etc. I want to get one warm brown and one cool brown palette :p. TIA!

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