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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spring 2009: Maquillage Face Creator (3D) in #44

I am slowly testing out the bunch of spring items I got last week (Maquillage, Kate, Lavshuca, Lunasol, Visee and waiting on a few more items by Maquillage, Jill Stuart, Cle de Peau and Coffret D'or).

One of my favorite or maybe even my favorite Spring collection this year is from Maquillage. I LOVE how they revamped a good part of the line to give it an even more modern and elegant touch.

I wasn't very fond of the original stripey blush they put out when the brand debuted in 2005. It was hard and gritty and with horrible chunky glitters so I rarely used the one color I had (I think it was #44, too).

The new Face Creator (3D) is made to bring out the best shape of your face as it offers you various highlighters, a blusher and a contouring powder all in 1 compact.

You buy the refill and case seperately so if you're not keen on the case you can save yourself a little with just ordering the refill.
I am a sucker for packaging though so I ordered both (and you only get the set on Gooddealer anyway, they don't offer the refill separately).
The pan clicks in place safely so you don't need to use glue and you can easily remove the refill.

I paid US$40.93 (& about US$5 shipping and handling) for the set which is not that much considering that the refill alone costs about the same in a certain online shop =)

The Face Creator looks so pretty with a metallic sheen in the compact. I thought at first that it looks almost like a baked blusher/highlighter as those come with that same kind of perfect finely milled shimmer.

The Face Creator contains 5 colors and I honestly wish they'd have put the blusher pan in the middle instead of the highlighter. I find the narrow shape makes picking up the colors individually a little tricky. It works but placing the blush in the middle could have saved me some nerves hehe.

This is how you should use the palette/description of colors of palette #44 (which is probably the lightest and coolest-toned palette):

#1 is the middle rectangular pan. It's white and should be used on the bridge of the nose and under your eyes.
#2 is the shade on top. It's a baby pink and should be used on the forehead
#3 is the blusher shade on the right side of the compact. Use it on the apples of your cheeks. It's a pretty soft rose pink with medium pigment so it shows up very well on me.
#4 is the contouring powder on the bottom of the compact. It's a light very neutral beige so this color works perfectly on fair-light skint-tones.
#5 is the shade on the left. It's a pale mauve pink and should be blended over #4 and on the top of your cheeks with #3.

Wow, quite a lot of complicated steps for defining your face, don't you think? I can honestly hardly tell a difference between the 3 highlighters as all blend to a sheer nearly identical white-pink on me. So I just swirl the 3 highlighter together to use them on the forehead, on my nose, under my eyes and on the chin. The glow the highlighters give is really extremely pretty!

I use the blusher on my cheeks and contour with the beige shade to take a few pounds off my face. I love makeup diet! =)

So I think this is a good purchase as you get highlighter, blush and contouring powder in 1 handy and pretty compact. The blusher shade in #44 is a very flattering soft strawberry icecream pink which works so nicely with the majority of my pink lipsticks.

The other 3 palettes look a bit darker so I am not sure how well they might be working with my skin-tone.


birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, it is absolutely gorgeous. The three highlighters look all very similar indeed. I have ordered the 33, the more mauvy coloured version.

fuzkittie said...

Yay! I'm absolutely in love with mine (11)! I find the contouring shade SO perfect, it's amazing, hahaha. But yea it probably will only work on fairer skin tones. It looks like your blusher and contour and the middle color are the same as mine... just the two other highlighters are different.

Anonymous said...

I regret not buying this item while in Japan!!! My only question would be how's the shimmery brown color contour the face then? Isn't we are suppose to use more matte less shimmery color for shading? Anyway, thanks for sharing this review. I've been looking for website where we can purchase japanese cosmetics oonline for a while Your blog definitel helps!

g said...

Found your post through a google search of Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator. Thanks for breaking down which colour is for what. I just bought the same #44 one in Japan while on vacation and totally forgot what was what and I can't read Japanese. Glad I found your blog, its been great learning about all the other products you've tried!

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