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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spring 2009: Kose Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B-3

I love dark gray/smokey eyeshadow palettes. For some reason darker eye colors look good on me (better than very light ones). I love the definition and dramatic look they can give.

Those kind of palettes aren't really that "spring" though so I was astonished to see that Visee dedicated a whole eye palette line to the color black.

The Blackish Forming Eyes are a new style of palettes containing a deep black and 3 color shadows.
I actually wanted more of the palettes but got B-3 first from ichibankao to see how I'd like it. Also I wanted to wait to see these listed on Adambeauty before I indulge in more colors (I ordered 2 more now as they're on the site hehe).

The Blackish Forming Eyes come in pretty glossy black compacts with a snake pattern with a clear window in the middle so you can see the colors through.

The texture is really good! These shadows are rather silky and well pigmented with very little powder fall-out. The shimmer is gorgeous but not extremely OTT in my opinion (well, I am used to shimmery shadows and LOVE them!)

The box comes with instructions how to use the shadows. I used them a little differently though.

(EOTD: Dark silver shade on outer 1/3 of my lids and blended into the crease, lighter silver on inner 2/3 of my lids. Black in the outer V and on lower lashline, blended a bit into the crease. Lighter silver on browbone, white right under brows blending out the lighter silver).

The colors are a shimmery off-white, silver gray, darker silver gray (just a little darker than the other shade) and intense matte black with scattered sparkles. In the pan the black looks like the darkest and most intense black I ever found in an eyeshadow. When swatched it's a regular matte off-black (lol).

These retail for 1680 Yen in Japan (about US$19). Adambeauty just listed these at US$20/each.

Iris from Rouge Deluxe listed an interesting article here. Do check it out!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Very gorgeous...I have to check out adambeauty again ;D

paperdollrevenge said...

Very nice! I've seen the pink one (B-4) in a few of the February issues, though I wonder how pink it really is. I also think the blue one (B-5) looks gorgeous, and the gold (B-2) looks nice too. I can't wait to see the other two you got!

fuzkittie said...

Really nice palette! You did an really good job making it look amazing on the eyes! :D Wondering if you use brushes or just the applicators that comes with palettes to do your eye makeup?

Kathi said...

I ordered b2 and b5 =D

I use brushes, the applicators only for my lower lashline =D

Anonymous said...

The Visee palette is gorgeous !
I'm gna check them out now :)

Anonymous said...

this is a very beautiful look on you! i wonder why it's called forming???

can't wait to see you wearing B2 and B5!

Anonymous said...

I am learning to love a good smokey eye, so I think I might end up with a few of these... are they LE do you know?

Anonymous said...

It looks so gorgeous on you! I'm having trouble picking just one palette *sigh*..

And I thought I hoard Adambeauty bad enough (keep refreshing every hour :p) but apparently YOU are faster than me lol.. Thanks for updating us Kathi!!

Kathi said...

Hi Jojoba,
no idea lol! The Japanese usually come up with the weirdest names =P

I think these are permanent. I didn't read anywhere that these are limited!

Adam told me they're getting new stuff end of next week/weekend =) I hope to find more Kate and Lavshuca as i want to try a few more items (I ordered as little as possible as I didn't want to spend too much on ichibankao hehe)

makeupmag said...

I just ordered this. It is beautiful... as is your etod! :)

watercoloursky said...

You and Haru @ Rougedeluxe are making me want these! How do you think they compare with the Glam Hunt series?

Anonymous said...

Great EOTD! This looks like the ideal smokey eye palette! :) I want to get it too! hehehe.... Can't wait to see your swatches and EOTDs for the other two palettes!

Jenn said...

I just got the b-4 palette and it's beautiful. Now I don't know if I should get another color or wait and see how I like the lavshuca palettes.

Bijin Blair said...

Hello Kathi,

I love your EOTD! May I know which eyeliner did you use and what is your staple eyeliner? And, do you tightline or line your waterline using gel/cream liners?

Daituf said...

I used a picture of yours from this post on my blog. IS that ok???
I mentioned that I got it from here of course.
But please let me know if you're not ok with it, and I will remove it ASAP :)
Thanks a lot!
Love your blog!

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