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Friday, January 16, 2009

My first order from Strawberrynet

I had ordered from before actually but through eBay a few years back.

I received an email from them about mid December offering me:

-A free Stila Lipglaze (color of my choice...I picked Interesting)
-1 free Stila Lipglaze Liner (color of my choice...I picked Rose, it's really pretty!)
-20% off my complete order
-additional 5% off on ordering 3 or more items.
-free registered shipping
-refund of customs taxes if I am asked to pay (and yes, I had to pay)

That sounded like a darn good offer so I was checking Strawberrynet for products I might be interested in.

Honestly Strawberrynet doesn't have a lot of stuff I like and many things are old.
However I found some items from Lunasol that looked like a good deal so I ordered

3x Intellectual Lips Full Glamour (10 Pure Pink, 11 Warm Pink and 16 LK Soft Rose)

1x Nuance Change Foundation 01 (a liquid highlighter)

I paid US$91.50

The Lunasol lippies and highlighter retail for about US$34/each in Japan so this was a pretty good deal (I purchased several of them for retail/above retail so it was a nice change to actually pay less lol)!
I know the lippies have just been discontinued recently but all 3 colors are absolutely lovely and wearable and the highlighter is really gorgeous, too!

The package needed very long to arrive because it was stuck in the customs but I got it yesterday and I am very happy with the items. I also like how they gift-wrapped everything for free =)

Actual reviews will follow later

Oh and sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was very busy with university-related stuff but now time is a bit easier =D


Anonymous said...

That was a VERY good offer from Strawberrynet and I think I might have that #10 Lunasol lippie! I haven't been using it enough that's for sure - great buys!

Connie De Alwis said...

such a great offer! really need to get on the strawberrynet bandwagon

Inge said...

I was just wondering if they had refunded the customs fees yet? I always end up paying so much when I order from outside the EU :(

Anonymous said...

I love Strawberrynet & have ordered from them for years. Their service to the U.S.A. is fast & I've never had an issue with customs. They also have a loyalty program which gives you extra savings, and everything I've ordered from them has been in great condition, i.e. new & fresh.

Anonymous said...

oh what a great deal!

Kathi said...

Hi Pixie,
I haven´t received the refund yet. I have to scan and send them the customs bill first.

Anonymous said...

I order from strawberrynet very often and like their service very much! But i have no idea they have Lunasol!!!!! May be it's not shown for those who live as me in Russia :)

Kathi said...

it's listed under Kanebo, maybe that's why you can't find it?

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