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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sasa order (and a couple of eBay purchases)

I don't/didn't order from often as
a) their variety didn't appeal to me that much
b) their prices were ridiculous on some items (like US$25 or so for a Kate palette...hello?) and
c) they either declare no value on my parcels which delays them so much as customs have to ask for a proof of value or they write a high value and I end up paying a lot of tax.

Anyways, recently they got more interesting items and lowered their prices on many items considerably so they're now a really fantastic source to purchase many pretty Japanese (and/or Korean) drugstore goodies.
Also since their shipping is free (or a flat rate if you are under US$75 or use EMS service) I like ordering heavy body and hair care items!

I placed my order on January 3rd and my EMS parcel was sent on Monday (5th) so it arrived really super duper fast here. I ended up paying customs as usual (at least this time they declared the actual value correctly) so I always consider my Sasa orders well and order rather more than less to make it more worthwhile (also since I upgrade to EMS which is a flat rate of US$25 I ordered more).

I ended up getting a nice bunch of stuff:

-The highlight is the Hisamitsu Lifecella Moisturizing Special offers you 16 face masks and 2 face soaps and also came with a pack of 20 cotton squares. I ordered 2 kits as 1 is for my mom who is currently really busy with work so this will make a nice relaxing gift for her.
The kit contains 5 Hyaluronic Acid Essence Sheet Masks, 5 Trehalose Essence Sheet Masks, 5 Ceramide Essence Sheet Masks, 2 Moisturizing Mask Orange Facial Soaps and a Milky Lotion CoQ10 Squalane Sheet Mask.
The kit comes boxed and costs US$21.
Hisamitsu also offers an eye mask set which I wanted but it was OOS when I placed my order =( It's now back in stock though!

-Another item I wanted for long time now is the Nexcare Hair Turban. It's made of microfiber fabric which supposedly dries you hair 10 times faster than regular cotton so your hair should be dry in about 10-15 minutes. I have to try this yet but I really like its shape and that it's closed by a button so the turban will stay on my head instead of slipping down all the time like regular towels do.
Cost US$12.80

-Kose Asience Moisture Balance Shampoo for normal-oily hair... I normally opt for rich shampoos but they can be too much for me so I decided to get this to wash my hair once a week with this instead of my richer stuff

-B&C La France Pear Lip Cream... I have the apple which is quite nice and had the Pear on my wishlist for long time now. Finally I ordered it and it smells lovely (like buttered pear). Will see how this performs!

-Another interesting item I wanted to try out were the Dariya Magic Hair Sheets. They're just 2 flat pieces of velcro you can use in the front of your head to keep your hair back while doing makeup etc. They actually really work fantastically and they're not bending your hair like hair clips do. I prefer them over any head bands now as they don't hurt behind my ears and don't slip back like most head bands tend to do on me.
I got the black ones but there are also pink and blue ones. A pack of 2 costs only US$2.40. I am definitely stocking up on these in my next Sasa order.

-I got 3 Kokuryudo Privacy
Lip Glosses in Cashmere Beige, Cherry Pink and Raspberry Jam. Cashmere Beige and Cherry Pink look really pretty, however the swatch of Raspberry Jam was obviously off as it turned out to be an orange-red (it's still pretty but rather warm for my liking)
I paid US$5.40/each

-Even though the eyeshadows from Kose Fasio all failed completely for me I decided to get 2 of their newest palettes as they looked pretty and were cheap and who knows, they might have improved their texture!
I got the Zooming Eyes in A-9 (the pink/gray trio) and the Double Dazzling Eyes in C-2 (neutrals). From just swatching them a little I have to say the Double Dazzling Eyes seems to be pretty good. The Zooming Eyes seems very sheer but the colors are pretty. It might turn out nice on my eyes.
I paid US$10.30 for the Zooming Eyes and US$13.90 for the Double Dazzling Eyes.

-Kose Salon Style Hair Repair Serum, US$6.20

-Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Conditioner, US$6.50

-Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk, US$8.30. This is designed specially for the dry hair ends. I am curious how this'll be.

-Shiseido Ag+ Deodorant Powder Spray (Baby Powder scent), US$4.10

-3 packs of Sasa Eyebrow razors (US$0.80/each duo pack)

-I received a free Sasa eyebrow scissors & comb set and a nail file. The scissors and comb set is quite nice and practical. I just recently wanted to buy new scissors and they were like €14 in the drugstore here!

I did also receive a couple of items I purchased on eBay over a month ago so I thought the package was lost. However it turned out that the seller didn't have stock of one of the items so he sent my package just a day before Xmas =X
I got:

-Kose Clear Turn Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask dispenser box (22 pieces). These are definitely much drier and cheaper than regular sheet masks but they're nice if you're in a rush and just want to give your skin a quick moisture kick for 5 mins or so. For a relaxing deeper moisturizing experience I definitely prefer the single packets of sheet masks.

-DHC Rose Beauty Gel Foundation Q10. This is a lightweight sheer foundation. I picked color 00 which looks really dark in the tub but blends in to a much lighter very suitable color (on my arm at least). I will have to try this on my face and will review later.

Yesterday I also got a skincare haul (eBay seller alphabeautyuk):

-Hisamitsu Lifecella Collagen Eye Masks (these are tinted light blue!)

-Tabinoyado a
Bath soaks Akita (4 piece box). I believe none of the 2 deluxe sets contains the Akita soaks!

-Kose Clear Turn Eye Zone Mask Q10 (soft pack contains 18 pairs)... These are rather dry so only good for about 5 minutes before I had to take them off... Didn't feel much moisture honestly

-Kose Softymo Airy Whip face cleanser. this is a very dense mousse-like face cleanser. Really nice stuff!

-Kanebo Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil. This stuff is really nice, will review when I tried it more

Shiseido Aqualabel Moist Cleansing Oil (seems currently I am crazy for cleansing oils! Though in my defense, I got this to give as a gift, not for myself)

-5 Kose Happy Bath Day Bath Tablets (I like these better than the Bath Powders as the rose scent is somehow softer!)

More detailed reviews of most stuff will follow later.


shynygal said...

Wow so much stuff! I just ordered the Hisamitsu eye masks too cuz I heard they're really good! I've been curious about Shiseido hair products specifically the Tsubaki line but I'm really careful about what I use for my hair.

makeupmag said...

You find the neatest things! I love how tidy you are too, in your presentation of the products. Reading your blog is such a joy!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Kathi, what a massive haul! I am looking forward to your reviews soon.
I received my haul today as well, which is a lot faster than usual.
I was not aware sasa had Fasio Double Dazzling Eyes as well: I love the Double Dazzling Eyes...the pigmentation is rather good.
Have fun with all your new goodies ;D

Digital Angel said...

Wooow ! Goodies :D I am so interested in turban stuff. I want to know how it works, I have so much hair..I mean soooooo much. Usually it takes around 6~7 hours until it gets dried perfectly. Plus it's long hair. I would love to see the review on it :)

Jupiterfalls said...

I love your site - i found it today and have spent most of the afternoon reading the archives.

i gave you a mention on my blog here.

Jupiterfalls said...

i love your blog and have spent the afternoon reading your archives
I gave you a mention here

miss_waterlily said...

Great haul kathi!I always wanted to order Ma Cherie and Asience stuff etc. from sasa and hate the fact that many people say it makes you pay customs!Anyway cant wait for the reviews as usual:-)

Apparently the Kose clear turn sheet masks (box variety) are more like serum that helps products to penetrate and are supposed to use after your final step of skincare routine but before sunscreen and makeup, maybe this is why it is much drier?I dunno.

P.S.I have that DHC rose foundation too, love it! I think i have 02, something called yellow ocher?I think it is a decent foundation, although can be a little bit on the mask-y side.

Anonymous said...

i will be interested in your mask review soon! i am thinking to start trying out some. i don't uuse mask and not sure how they work. that's one massive haul!

Laura L said... have so many wonderful items.
I will try it the lifecella items once I get my order.
I watched a taiwan show stated that shiseido Tsubaki shampoo is really good for hair.The red color is for normal hair and the white color is more on hair treatment.

I enjoy very much reading your lovely blog ^ ^

Unknown said...

I use always Ma Chèrie by Shiseido and I had Tsubaki too. They are good.

makeupmag said...

Oh by the way I love that the Dariya is only US$2.40!

I wrote about it here:

I have the ugly blue ones, lol!

Now you've made me trawl, hoping for nice deals...hee!

Wombat said...

Hi Kathi, I know you love Japanese makeup so thought I'd drop a line to say I added lots of Spring m/u pics on my blog which should assist with internet shopping! (i found this biteki issue so useful!) =)

onno david said...

Just found your blog today it's wonderful. I just reading this blog nice very nice. You have so many wonderful items. I love Tsubaki shampoo. I think Tsubaki shampoo is really good for hair. This blog is so helpful.

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