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Friday, January 30, 2009

Spring 2009: Lunasol Blooming Eyes (aka Layer Bloom Eyes)

Nearly all of the Spring collections are out while we are still shoveling snow =) However that doesn't mean that I can't go out in soft lilacs and other spring colors, right?

I have to admit that I am not a die-hard fan of Lunasol. While I really adore many of the products (especially their lipsticks) many of their eyeshadow palettes aren't for me.
I find the texture is often hard and dry and not really pigmented and below the quality level they should be considering their price. Also out of the usually 4-5 available colors only 1 or 2 have potential to flatter my colorings. (now come out and flame me for the blasphemy lol)

However I have been really impressed with the Sheer Contrast Eyes as they're silky and pigmented so I had high hopes for the pretty new spring quads called "Layer Bloom Eyes" in Japan or "Blooming Eyes" in Hong Kong (at least my quad from Hong Kong carries that name).

I haven't really made up my mind completely about the Blooming Eyes yet... On the one hand the texture is not smooth and the colors are very sheer on the other hand the result is quite pretty though a little (but only a little) dull.

I have the quad in 03 Purple Gradation and it gives me a pretty soft purple feminine look but the shadows look a little chalky since they are pale and are only having a pearly finish (except for the darkest shade which is pigmented, silky and a little more shimmery and the glittery shade). I know that on the closeup pic they look somewhat shimmery but when applied they definitely aren't!

The shadows are rather sheer which is probably intended for spring but I would just have preferred a little more color so I can decide how intense/sheer I want to apply the shades.

The colors are a sparkly pale lilac (nearly white), pastel lilac, light cool purple and stunning dark gray with a violet undertone. The gray is the outstanding color in the quad as it's really pretty, smooth and pigmented. However in a quad I expect all 4 colors to be nice *sigh*
The staying power is great, I wore the quad for over 8 hours and there was no sign of creasing or fading.

I honestly can say that for me personally this is not worth its price as it's no way better (rather worse) than a Kate or Coffret D'or palette (and both are Kanebo brands, too!)
(EOTD: Applied the medium purple all over lids blended upwards, pale lilac and glitter on brow bones, dark gray to line and light lilac on inner lids).

However it is a pretty spring quad and I will not give it a negative review but for the high price I just expect better quality.

On another note: I also got the Full Glamour Lips S in #22 (White Beige Pink). I actually had ordered the spring lipstick in EX04 but the seller didn't have it so I picked 22 instead.

It's such a gorgeous soft nude beige pink with a hint of salmon! Lunasol really makes fantastic lipsticks, that's guaranteed! The color works very well with the Purple Gradation quad.

The texture is of course creamy, moisturizing and the finish is a gorgeous silky soft shimmer.

I paid US$55.95 for the quad and US$32.95 for the lipstick & a moderate shipping rate from Alpha Beauty Store on eBay.
Gooddealer lists the quads for (only!) US$48.88 and the lipsticks for US$29.14 (+shipping and handling...add about US$5 on top of each item when you consider your purchase).
Gooddealer is by far the cheapest source I can find right now as the retail price is so high due to the strong Yen.

The palettes retail for 5250 Yen/each (=US$59)
Lipsticks retail for 3150 Yen/each (=US$36)


fuzkittie said...

Wow 22 is GORGEOUS on you, but you make EVERY lipstick look nice, hahaha. I like how you applied the shades of the palette~ Must learn from you! :] Your version is much more office appropriate. I agree, the texture is chalky, I much prefer the texture of Coffret, but I love how unique these colors are...

Kathi said...

I actually liked application of the shadows much more hehe! The light lilac on the inner corners looks somehow off (but was suggested on the inside of the box to use it there)!
Next time I'll use the darkest shade more liberally around the crease/outer V and use a black liner on the inner rimes as the purples alone look a little washed-out in my opinion =)

Kathi said...

I actually liked your application of the shadows much more hehe! The light lilac on the inner corners looks somehow off (but was suggested on the inside of the box to use it there)!
Next time I'll use the darkest shade more liberally around the crease/outer V and use a black liner on the inner rimes as the purples alone look a little washed-out in my opinion =)

Anonymous said...

Aww the Lunasol Palette looks soso only :( i was expecting something more due to its high price. (even higher than coffret d'or's)

do you prefer lunasol's lippies or the coffret dor glow range one?

aichaku-愛着 said...

I actually thought the palette colours look gorgeous on you keke. Yours is the 2nd review I've read that says the Lunasol palette texture is chalky. I'm now in 2 minds about this, even though I was keen on it when I first saw the promo pics.

Latte adict said...

Hey thanks for your review! It helps me a lot in finally deciding NOT to buy Lunasol e/s he..he..
I could not decide which one to buy since the colors are so pretty. But considering the price I was going to buy 1 only. Since I live in the Netherlands and have no access to a the real thing, I have been visiting online stores quite often and trying to guess on the texture...yeah it is impossible to do ;)
So I am definitely not going to buy one and going to spend my money on other e/s like coffret ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Kathi! I bought this palette too and am keen to see how it turns out on me :)

Whitepiano555 said...

thanks for reviewing and posting those nice pictures. I just came to USA this year and it's so difficult to buy Lunasol product. Do you know where I should buy it in a good price ? can't wait to get e/s in purple and white tone. (^_^) email me:

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