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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First venture into Peripera

Quite some time ago couple of lovely ladies emailed me to ask me if I had seen/tried items from a little Korean brand called Peripera (which is to my knowledge related to Clio cosmetics). Sherry also provided me with a link so when I clicked I knew I had to order a few items to try them out =D

I think Peripera has a "Wonder" line out which features really cute more trendy packaging with lovely prints and a regular line that offers pretty bottles and compacts (I want to try some of those products eventually, too).
A month or so I decided to get a few of the Wonder items to see how this brand performs.

The items I got are:

-Wonder BB Cream SPF15, 40g (18000 Won, came with a free Dual Song Lip Balm)
-Wonder Ever Pact SPF25 PA++ in #13 Crystal Beige (
19000 Won, came with free Fun Fun Blusher in #1 Sheer Delight)
-Wonder Shot Blusher in #1 Pink Scandal (15000 Won, came with a Fun Fun Powder in #1)
I also received a little envelope with a few sample sachets.
All from Gmarket seller tree005656.

-Wonder BB Cream SPF15:

The Wonder BB Cream comes in a cute squeeze bottle with pump dispenser (mine get stuck sometimes, very annoying as I pump and pump and pump and nothing comes out).
Peripera states that this BB Cream has a whitening function and is KFDA approved (Korean Federal Drug Administration I believe).
To me this is a pretty good BB Cream with a non-heavy feel (but with the rather thick texture BB Creams are known for), sheer-medium coverage and a soft matte finish . The color match is excellent as the BB Cream blends into my skin completely.

The BB Cream is lightly scented but with a pleasant fragrance in my opinion.
I think it's worth buying this if you want a light-toned rather lightweight BB Cream.

-Wonder Ever Pact SPF25 PA++:

"Very good powder pact expressing clarifying and transparent skin with no necessary in Photoshop correction. It simultaneously offers both sebum control and skin covering effect and immediately sliding with smoothness. With an excellent affinity effect, it shows cleans make-up"
LOLOL! Isn't that cute English? And just use the Wonder Ever Pact and you'll not need Photoshop lol!

Anyways, the powder isn't that special in my opinion. It offers light coverage but has glitters scattered throughout =/ .
The result also ends up lookin a tad bit cakey after some hours of wearing this.
The color I got #13 is a very good match though.

Not a necessary purchase at all in my opinion. The compact is pretty though! (and has the typical for Korean brands clear flip cover to rest the puff on, very convenient!)

-Wonder Shot Blusher in #1 Scandal Pink:

This comes in a little cardboard box like the ones Benefit or Nini Monica use. However the top doesn't fit well on the bottom so it is very loose (annoying!)
Anyway, the Wonder Shot Blusher is a "Lovely Blusher and shimmering highlighter at once are creating pretty and natural look".

The blusher makes about 2/3 of the compact and the highlighter 1/3. Honestly this is much too pale to be used as a blusher, even for me. I normally can deal with light blushes but the Wonder Shot Blusher just doesn't really show up on me as it blends in too well into my skin. After 300000 layers you see a little of a pink sheen but that's it.

However it makes a nice soft pearly highlighter so it's not all wasted in my opinion.

-The freebies I got:

The Dual Song Lip Balm has a thick goopy texture (think vaseline or pot gloss) with a nice strawberry scent and a soft cherry red color. It gives a very glossy finish and looks very pretty due to the red tint it has.

The Fun Fun Powder is surprisingly good even though the packaging sucks. It comes in one of those containers with a built-in sponge but the powder leaks out and gets spilled everywhere so this item has to be stored upright. However the powder is very finely milled and gives a very pretty airbrushed finish. I pat the sponge on my brush to distribute the powder as I find the sponge too hard to be feel pleasant. I am very pleased with this item!

I haven't tried the Fun Fun Blusher as it's a loose silver white highlighter and I just detest the sort of packaging it comes in (same as the Fun Fun Powder). It's still shrink-wrapped.
If you want to have this I'll just charge the shipping costs & packaging materials (US$3.50 worldwide). Just email me at if you want this item. The first to email me will get it!)

All in all I think Peripera seems to be a decent brand. However I am not really thrilled with the items but I'd try out more products!


miss_waterlily said...

hi kathi, thanks so much for the reviews! I was going to order some peripera items yesterday with my ginormous gmarket order but held up as I was not sure of the quality. Anyway, I am wondering what to go for first, the bb cream, base, or blusher/bronzer?

Unknown said...


Hope all is great with you?!

You found some peripera, I tried their masks but wasnt thrilled with them.

That BB looks like a near perfect porcelain colour match for you. Well done you!!

miss_waterlily said...

hi kathi, again lol! Where did you get your english descriptions of products? Cos I never manage to understand a word of korean in the description, I can only make out sort of what it does from the names and pictures! Do you go to their official website or do u use translations? Just curious so maybe next time i can understand products a bit more:-D

birkinbagbeauty said...

This brand caught my attention on gmarket, especially the blusher. Too bad it lacks pigment, otherwise I would have snapped it up as well.
The packaging is very cute, though.

Kathi said...

Hi miss_waterlily,
hmmm..hard to say. i think the BB Cream is quite nice so I'd order this one. The wonder Shot blusher in #2 (The bronze one) might also have more color pay-off than the pink one!
I get the English descriptions mainly from the product boxes/packaging as there often is a short description included. I also use Google or Yahoo to translate descriptions i find online (if I can copy and paste them and they're not part of an image)

Hi Glow Chaser!
So nice to see you here! I really like the BB! It really matches perfectly!

Hi birkinbagbeauty,
yea i like the packaging but the blusher in #1 is not really must have in my opinion! I think it's the main problem that it blends too well into my skin so it's useless as a blusher!

=D Kathi

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Thanks for the great review! Another new brand to try!

Anonymous said...

This line was actually created for the Wonder Girl (kpop group). That's why it's named Wonder

Anonymous said...

hi kathy~! ooohh now i regretted didnt ask a friend of mine that's in korea atm to buy me their stuff. the BB looks nice and i'm a sucker for cute packaging 8D

btw, fyi like anony said the line is actually created for Wonder Girls, a k-pop girl band/idol that uber popular at korea at the moment. if u're interested u can see the promo pic here:
(not my blog btw)

great blog u have here :))

Anonymous said...

hi kathi

thanks so much for reviewing the items! i wanna buy them cos they are endorsed by wonder girls, but i wanted to know first if they worked, esp the bb cream. thanks for this great, detailed review! its really helpful!

kawaii_momo said...

Hi Kathi!
Thank you so much for this!
Packaging is really cute, I wanna try the bb cream ^-^

How to search the seller name in gmarket? is it the same box as item search?

Anonymous said...

Do you have the list of ingredients for the peripera wonder bb cream? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

does the BB cream have a yellow undertone? because I hear that most BB creams have a neutral or pink undertone.

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