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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inexpensive Beauty Find: It's Demo Noble Eclat Eye Palette in Bordeaux Gold

The beautiful Yumeko from Bittenbefore offered an It's Demo Noble Eclat Eye Palette for sale on her blog so I was lucky and quick enough to snatch it up. (Her review is here) =D

I really wanted to try the palette as I already got an It's Demo Pink Luxury Eye Palette about 2 years ago from my dear friend Iris from Rouge Deluxe and was quite impressed with the palette so I was really happy to give a try to the newer generation of their eyeshadow palettes.

I received the palette yesterday which was very fast considering that Yumeko had sent the palette just the week before and there was the New Year holiday here! I was really delighted to find the package in my mail box yesterday (and dear Yumeko added a package of super yummy Hello Kitty marshmallows to my package =D Sure thing my kids stole them lol) =D

The Noble Eclat palette is similar to its predecessor in terms of packaging as both come in a cute metallic pink compact with white flowers printed on. Both palettes contain 8 colors but they rearranged them in the new Noble Eclat palettes (5 smaller pans, 3 bigger whereas in the Pink Luxury palette all colors came in the same size).

I notice quite an improvement though! The color payoff is much better now. The old palette has good pigment in the darker shades but the lighter ones nearly didn't show up at all. The new palette packs a lot of good pigment in each color and offers a silkier texture in most colors (a few are still a bit crubmly but not really much).

The finish of the shadows is shimmery but not over the top and the Bordeaux Gold palette makes a pretty palette of basic browns to wear for every occasion.

With Flash

One of the colors is too red for my liking but for 890 Yen this makes an amazing deal as you get a cute compact with pretty shadows and I really find all the other 7 very neutral and wearable even for cool-toned ppl like myself =D
I am especially in love with the pretty metallic beige in the middle and the darkest shade on the very right of the upper row =D

In natural sunlight (flash pic is more accurate!)

Top row (first 5 swatches) and the 3 highlighters (3 swatches on the right)

All in all this is a great little palette so if you come across it in Japan or online then be sure to grab it!

This is the Pink Luxury Eye Palette I received from Iris:


Yumeko said...

yes i am so impressed mail was so fast! i got u the brown one already but i am on the hunt for the elusive pink silver which i am lacking too XD

Kathi said...

yea the mail from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan arrives here in no time! Your package arrived faster than something my mom sent a week ago from about 100km distance lol (it still didn't show up, probably got stuck in the holiday mail bulk)... lol!
Thanks for picking up the brown one! =D I hope the Pink Silver one is not the unicorn lol!

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