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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paul & Joe Disney Collection

Admittedly I am quite immune to anything related to Disney. I just don't fall for their characters/movies/cartoons much even though I have some DVDs and various merchandise (esp. Princesses) at home because my kids like them. =)

But I had no chance to resist the cute Paul & Joe Disney Collection featuring a few known characters such as Bambi, Flower (the skunk), Marie and Lady (that's the dog I believe?). I think those are really cute little pets and the products looked promising.
I am sure if there would have been pictures of Minnie or Mickey or Daisy Duck on the products I would not have purchased them though!
The collection came out a year ago in Japan and was quite successful from what I know. After all the Japanese ladies like everything kawaii =P

To get the products I decided to place my orders (I had to place 2 as 1 of the items was sold out first) with for the first time ever. It's a UK-based shop carrying some interesting brands incl. P&J.

What I really don't like about Asos is their careless packing. They didn't bubble-wrap any of my items but just tossed them in a small box without any protection. I was really lucky that none of the items I ordered shattered in transit (I also ordered an eyebrow powder which luckily survived the trip).

Also the shipping is super slow though this is not Asos' fault but rather of the Royal Mail. Airmail from the UK to Austria should never take close to 2 weeks as we're both EU countries hence there is no customs barrier plus we're not that far apart after all. Stuff from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. arrives much faster than from the UK these days.

The prices are good in my opinion, I paid only €21.71 for each of the Face Color B pressed blusher beads which makes it cheaper than even brands like Clinique here.
I also purchased the Milky Lip Treatment for €13.78 (it's now cheaper at €12.01).

-Face Color B 001 (Bambi) & 002 (Flower):

I actually wanted the pink "ballz" but Asos only had the orange ones in stock so ordered these instead. Bambi is one of the really cute characters so I really wanted to add it to my collection.
Around end of December/early January I found the pink face color back in stock so I ordered this one finally as I generally love pink blushers.

The packaging is absolutely adorable. The round (not super sturdy) cardboard compacts have a pretty floral design (typical P&J style) with the Disney characters printed on top and around the compact.
Each jar comes with a soft puff with a pretty satin bow which you can grab to apply the face color. The ribbon is peach-colored in the color 001 and baby pink in 002.

The face colors are pressed into beads like Meteorites and other similar products. They're lightly fragranced with the typical floral P&J fragrance.
Both blushes are decently pigmented (they show up well on me with 2-3 swipes) and leave a delicate and pretty soft shimmer behind. You notice that this is quality makeup and not toy makeup hehe =D

001 (Bambi):

Bambi is a blend of peach, light orange and medium soft peachy orange and shows up as a pretty natural peachy orange on me. I was afraid it would be too orange or warm but it's a very flattering color which looks great with purple or blue eye makeup.

002 (Flower):

Flower is the typical perfect soft bright pink (a blend of medium pink, light lavender pink and medium warm baby pink beads) which freshens my complexion in an instant and works with the majority of my pink lippies (my faves are pinks, roses and beiges).

I paid €21.87 (around US$29 right now) for 25g/each jar.

-Milky Lip Treatment:

This comes in a 15g cute squeeze tube with a slanted applicator and Marie printed on. The Milky Lip Treatment has a nice slick moisturizing texture and feels very comfortable on my lips.
The balm is tinted with a sheer white and very finely milled pink shimmer bits that are hardly noticable and give more of an opalescent quality to the balm.
On my lips this looks like a milky pink which is nice and natural.
For the price I paid I am very satisfied and I am sure I will enjoy using this a lot!
I can't detect any scent or fragrance in this.

All in all I really love this collection and I am still debating whether I should get the Lady Hand Cream or not.


Inge said...

That is strange. Orders from usually reaches me (in Denmark) in about 4 days.

That P&J collection is adorable. I wasn't able to justify getting anything from it, but now I sort of wish I had...

birkinbagbeauty said...

I have been eyeing up these blushes for ages, but I did not find any good swatches online until now...they are really lovely.

I agree with your rant on Royal Mail from the UK. I have parcels arriving from Hong Kong or the US in a faster pace than the UK parcels...

watercoloursky said...

I know what you mean about not being into Disney...when this came out in Japan I wasn't interested in getting it at all! But after seeing it again a month ago I had to order it because its too cute :)

I agree about their packaging, all they put in mine were this air filled plastic pockets which were almost deflated by the time I got the package. Luckily nothing in the Disney collection is too fragile.

I'm still debating whether to get backups of the Stinky pink powder and the lip treatment :)

fuzkittie said...

Yayy!! You got both, haha. I looove the blush! I got the bambi one and it's just lovely.

Kathi said...

Hi Pixie,
for me Royal Mail is totally unpredictable. Some items reach me within 2 days, others take 3 weeks to arrive. Strangely I can usually predict all other mail services like Hong Kong when the sender posts on Monday in 90% of the cases I will receive my package on Friday =P

Tracy said...

The blushes looks lovely, is the color obvious upon application on the face? Looks pretty pigmented in your swatches... Tempted to purchase the lip treatment! :)

Kathi said...

They show up very well on my face. They're quite pigmented in my opinion

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