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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SINN Snow Base & Powder Snow trial kit

I was lured to order the SINN Snow Base (aka SINN BB Cream) and Powder Snow trial kit when I found my dear friend Iris posting about SINN on Rouge Deluxe. When I saw dear Yumeko's review on it I was sold and decided I needed to try this stuff myself.

SINN is an organic mineral brand which is only available in a few places in Japan if I am correctly informed. I got my sample kit from Ichibankao (per special request, not listed on the site).

The Snow Base comes in 1 color only, the Powder Snow comes in 2 colors (Pearl & Nude). I was assured that the color difference in Pearl and Nude is minimal however Pearl contains shimmer.

I settled on the trial kit in Nude and eagerly awaited its arrival.

The SINN trial kit contains:
-Snow Base 5 g (small squeeze bottle)
-Powder Snow Nude 5 g (loose powder in sifter container)
-Face Brush
Costs 1890 Yen (around US$20)

First off I was shocked by the measly amount of BB Cream you get (5g only!). You also get 5 g of the powder which is fine for me but for the price the BB Cream really could contain a little bit more.
After all we're paying for samples here others give out for free (which - in my opinion - is the use of samples...get them free to try and then decide if you wanna buy the full sized products)

Unfortunately after testing the BB Creams for a few days I have several reasons why it doesn't work for me:

-The texture is thick (like most BB Creams) but also waxy. I don't like how it feels and it doesn't spread smoothly

-The smell is gross. I don't think I got an old tube as my kit says 2009 so it must be quite fresh...but somehow the Snow Base manages to smell sort of rancid/bad

-The main problem is the color is very off for me. It's too dark and pink for me. Even though admittedly the color melts in nicely with my skin it's still a bit wrong

-The coverage is too little for my taste. Nowadays I use the MAC 187 brush to apply any sort of liquid foundation and this improves their coverage and flawless finish tremendously. However with the BB Cream it fails, nor can I get a decent coverage when using my fingers.

So all in all I am glad I didn't dish out the cash for the full-sized bottle which only contains 19g anyways (which is less than half than most standard BB Creams).

I understand that SINN is a higher end mineral brand but I think around US$65 for 19g of product is obscene. I would pay that price if I thought the Snow Base was amazing but thankfully it isn't that great.

The Powder Snow is a bit too dry for my skin so it reacted with a tight uncomfortable and hot feeling (that happens with powder that offer too much oil control). Also the color is too dark for me and doesn't do anything special to my skin. I pretty much prefer most other powders I own.

The brush is nice and soft but I don't like those flat brushes so it's not of that much use for me.

All in all I am not thrilled and think this was my last venture into SINN. However they released a Skin Milk which looks interesting...hmmm...


fuzkittie said...

Thanks for the review! I've been waiting for more reviews on this BB cream... :] What other BBs have you tried before this one?

Kathi said...

Errrr, so many! Please check my BB Cream Quick comparison series (see label)

birkinbagbeauty said...

awww, sorry about your dissapointing adventure into SINN. Quite a sin(n) actually (pun intended). Was it ichibankao that charged your that extremely high price, or is it retailed around that price as well?

Yumeko said...

i'm sorry to hear it didnt work for u! i am beginning to wonder why it works for me. i have had a few other blogger friends try it and whilst they love it , they do say they dont get the results i did either.

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I never got around to reviewing this on my blog. I was not able to find the trial kit so I had to shell out about 15,000 yen for the full size versions of the BB cream, loose powder :-(

For me, the cream was ok in terms of coverage and color match but the big drawback was the absolute lack of oil control which meant that my face was shining like a disco ball within a couple of hours. I also got the Nude loose powder and thought it was a bit too dark for my skintone. I haven't been using it that much since I got it as I prefer my current Lancome foundation which has better coverage, lasting power and oil control.

Stephy said...

oooo thx so much for the review!! i have been lemming this for so long and i feel so sorry that it doesnt work for u!!

did ichibankao charged u $20 USD for this or more?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you reviewed it, cause I've been intrigued by it too! Of course the price and availability holds me back a bit :p.

Kathi said...

Hi birkinbagbeauty,
the 1890 Yen is the retail price in Japan. Surely I paid a bit more than that (shipping, handling etc.)

Hi Yumeko dear,
what works for one doesn't work for another lol (like that Integrate e/s quad you love and I don't like hehe). I am glad the SINN stuff works so well for you!
Did you try this stuff?:
Would love you see your review on that =P

Hi Haru =D
You should do a review on the SINN stuff in your blog =D
I think the Nude powder fits best for about NC25-30. Also the skin reaction wasn't very pleasant. But I can't seem to wear mineral makeup at all...always made my skin feel tight and hot

Anonymous said...

totally agree dear, i guess thats why some brands still stay in business even when we think its crap haha there's always one person that likes it

but u are right, legere is highly raved by almost everyone but me XD
i mean i like it, it just doesnt cover me much. weird right?

but hey we;ll never know till we try. haha tat sounds like such a bad excuse to buy more things

Anonymous said...

hi =)

i was googling "SINN mineral bb cream" and found your blog

i want to know do you want to sell your "SINN mineral bb cream"? because i am interest in the SINN mineral bb powder.


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