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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kose Softymo Q10 Powder Wash

Ah, here we are in 2009! You can bet it will be a year full of reviews and giveaways! Time for the first post!

I used FancL's Washing Powder for about 3 years as 2nd step after the Mild Cleansing Oil and was very pleased with it. I don't know why but the idea of a foaming powder appeals to me.

Within the past year I got unfaithful to FancL even though the cleansing products are really good but I just was interested in trying other things now.

Recently I found the Softymo Q10 Powder Wash from Kose on eBay for US$10 straight (incl. shipping...seller japanbeautyproduct) so I thought it looked interesting enough to give this a try. Adambeauty does also list this for US$12.50 shipped.

For some odd reason I like the bright orange bottle the powder comes in. I think it just looks nice, no idea why exactly! =P

The bottle contains 75g of Powder Wash and comes with a normal cover and a 2nd tight cover so there won't be any spillage.
The bottle is only filled about 2/3-3/4 of its volume so don't worry when you notice that.

One thing all powder washes seem to have in common is a higher amount of enzymes. I don't know why, maybe the enzymes survive better in a dry form or something? I am far from having any idea though so that's just a guess lol.

Using the Powder Wash is easy: Just pour a little on your hand, mix with a little water to lather it up and then wash your face with the soft dense foam. I noticed that the FancL Washing Powder had the tendency to clump up a bit wheras Kose's version dissolves right away.

Nope, that is not cocaine!

The Powder Wash leaves my skin very clean and honestly I feel it's slightly drying. Anyway, my skin seems to tolerate this product very well even though my skin was messed up with a severe allergic reaction (to the My Beauty Diary Masks I used *sigh*...shall review [and rant about] them soon!)

Softymo Powder Wash I picked is the moisturizing one with added Coenzyme Q10. There is also a Pore Care (green bottle) and a Whitening (blue bottle) version available.

Powder Wash is unfragranced and doesn't contain any colorants. It smells slightly soapy, almost a bit fishy in my opinion. However the smell is not untolerable or strong and washes off right with the product.

All in all this makes a good substitute for and is comparable to the
FancL Washing Powder which only contains 50g and costs a bit more than the Softymo Powder Wash.


Laura L said...

Dear Kathi,could u please tell me what items u used from My beauty Daries mask sheet cause u allergic?

Same things happened to some people in malaysia too.. So far I'm okay with the mask sheet.But I really need to know what are the type of mask that will cause allergic

thanks^ ^

Pink Sith said...

I have always been interested in powder washes, but every time I try them I sneeze! lol. Happy New Year! I love your blog and look forward to your wonderful posts in 2009!

Kathi said...

I used the Lavender Provence and Natto Masks. My face got all itchy after the lavender mask but I thought it was another item I had just started using a few days before (a Mandom moisturizer) ... after 3 days of cortisone my skin was fine.

I then used the Natto Mask at night and woke up in the middle of the night with nasty itchy and rough/bumpy skin so I immediately washed my face and had to use cortisone cream again for 3 days to get rid of the itchiness. My skin is fine now but I am not using anything for some more days as I still have a few red patches on my cheeks.

I was allergic to most Clinique crap which caused me really horrible skin for about 4-5 months before I gave up on the whole brand and took a makeup-free and skincare-free time of about a month to let it all heal.

Ever since I had no allergic outbreaks, away from some red bumps I got from items irritating my skin from time time, but also related to climate change.

The allergic reaction to the Beauty Diary masks was the first in 3 or 4 years I believe as all the Japanese and Korean stuff I use seems to work quite fine with my skin!

I am really pissed as I got the nice 23 piece My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask Xmas pack =X Guess I'll have to sell it off to less sensitive girls than me =(

All other sheet masks I used (Etude House, Skin Food, Dermal, VOV, Kanebo, Kose and others) have not caused any adverse reactions!

Happy New Year!!

Wombat said...

Hi Kathi to hear about the Beauty Diary masks, I haven't tried those two variety, but I do like the white pearl one (i think one of the very first release) and found the apple/yoghurt/sake ones average or slightly above par.

Sounds like I might have the same allergy as you (other than mine is well over 3 or 4 mths now and no generic cortison cream prescribed by GP is really fixing it)- i suspect it was the MOM lotion recommended widely on MUA.

I've got the Softymo whitening powder wash (in white), they are quite drying over the long run though, especially because of the enzyme which is really a mild exfoliant (activated and reacts to water =D ).

Laura L said...

dear Kathi.thanks a lot for your information.Hmm,so far mask sheet that cause allergic to some user in malaysia are: sake yeast,pearl powder,yogurt mask sheet.

I'm wondering whether part of this mask are authentic or not. Because we user and seller,sometimes,we do not know how to recognize the mask sheet.This really worried me.

I'm really thankful to your information ^ ^

Yumeko said...

i never tried the powder wash but if u get the chance ,try their gel face wash, i really feel an uplift feeling when i use it in the morning

the cleansing cream from this range is so so for me

hapy new year dear

~raspy~ said...

I have been using the Softymo Q10 Powder Wash for months and recently, the powder in bottle clamped up.. :(

Anonymous said...

Do you use the foam ball when you use Fancl's Washing powder? I use it to create the foam. So the Kose one doesnt need the help of the foam ball??

Kathi said...

No, I foam it up in my hand (also do so with the FancL one)..though the FancL Washing Powder was best used together with their face cleansing puff...thick nice lather and a bit of soft exfoliation!

I think those powder washes have the tendenct to clump up if they get even slightly wet inside. Strangely my FancL washes never got clumpy so i could use them to the last bit but I can't say how the softymo one will be =D

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