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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kokuryudo Privacy Point Magic Pressed Powder SPF15 & Clubbin' Lovin' Nude Pink Lip Liner

My only experience with Kokuryudo Privacy until now has been with their Eyelash Curlkeeper (basically a hairspray for lashes). The Curlkeeper is really good and I am on my 3rd can now I believe =D

Sasa doesn't really carry a lot of makeup that interests me but they carry Kokuryudo stuff for quite cheap so I decided to add the Point Magic Pressed Powder in #11 Light Beige to my most recent order. It was only US$8.80 so not a big loss if it sucks hehe.

The Clubbin' Lovin' Lip Liner (man, that name really sucks lol) in Nude Pink was part of my first order from Jpmon which I received end of December.

-Point Magic Pressed Powder SPF15:

When I received the powder I was stunned by how tiny this compact is! It's rather a travel-sized pressed powder with a little puff so it's perfect for toting around and keep in your purse for touch-ups.
The powder comes in a rather snore-worthy pale pink compact... I know that Japanese brands can do much cuter stuff but for US$8.80 I won't complain too much!

My main worry was that the color wouldn't match anyway. Being sickly pale is really not easy sometimes especially when it comes to matching foundations and powders *sigh*.

However the Point Magic in #11 Light Beige is a perfect very pale neutral powder with sheer-medium coverage. Applied with a fluffy brush (which is not that given the tininess of the compact) this gives a flawless non-cakey finish.

I am quite impressed with this little cutie as for the price it really delivers.

-Clubbin' Lovin' Lip Liner in Nude Pink:

First off I HATE THAT NAME. It's too stupid for words really! It's tacky and yucky hehe (only topped with MQ's Moisture Climax stuff!)! Who came up with it anyway?

The name thankfully didn't keep me back from ordering the pencil (I paid somewhere around US$6-7 for it) as it's a darn good lip pencil.
I own tons of lipliners and in my opinion they're a vital step to gorgeous lip makeup (well, not that necessary for sheer glosses etc.). My favorite lipliner has been one from IPSA for the past 2 or 3 years and it's finishing soon so I am so happy that I found a good replacement.

Japanese brands make the best lip colors but I have an issue with most of their lipliners: oranginess! Even pink or beige liners often have an annoying obvious orange cast that doesn't work with the neutral beige pink lippies I like to wear most of the time.
There are several liners I like from Lunasol, MQ and CdP but they're more suitable to use with roses and plums.

The Kokuryudo liner is a perfect pearly nude pink. It is very close to my natural lip color but with a little sheen so it's very nice to use with most of my neutral lippies.
I used this almost daily for the past 2-3 weeks and it looked good with every lippy I used this with.

This is a regular pencil which requires sharpening and I sharpened mine already 2x so I am sure I will stock up on this with my next Jpmon order.


birkinbagbeauty said...

Kathi, I have been waiting on your review about the Clubbin'Lovin'Nude lip liner since you showed your jpmon haul, and I have been looking for a useable lip liner for ages. This sounds really useful and it will find a way to my home soon (hurries of to jpmon)

melanie said...

Hey Kathi! I am very interested in hearing more about the Curlkeeper... could you maybe do a review on that if you get a chance? I would love to hear more since you like it! Thanks bunches!

Kathi said...

The Curlkeeper is very easy to use: Just spray a bit on the metal (upper) part of your curler and then just use it as normal.
I do however first spray the curlkeeper, then apply mascara base, then use the curler as this will keep my lashes curled all day long.
Doesn't irritate my eyes either =D

melanie said...

Yay! Thanks so much Kathi! Sounds great, and I am all about not irritating my eye area AND keeping my lashes up. :) Thanks again!!

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