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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Etude House Cleansing Dream Moisture Cleansing Oil & Soft Cleansing Foam

Before Etude House closed their Gmarket shop I was placing an order including some items from the "Smile" Collection which I already reviewed and I also purchased 2 of the face cleansers from the new Cleansing Dream range (costs between 7000-10000 Won).

The Cleansing Dream range contains:
2 Cleansing Oils (Light and Moisture) - 10000 Won/each
Fresh Cleansing Water - 8500 Won
Mild Cleansing Milk - 8500 Won
Soft Cleansing Foam - 7000 Won
Perfect Cleansing Cream - 8500 Won

Since my skin is on the normal-dry side I picked the Cleansing Oil Moisture and the Soft Cleansing Foam to go with it.

-Cleansing Dream Moisture Cleansing Oil, 150ml:

The oil comes in an adorable pump bottle in pink and clear plastic. Through the oil you can see a cute pink background and on the front are some houses printed on with the "Etude House" in the middle.
The oil is lightweight and not greasy but feels very comfortable and moisturizing. It rinses off completely but leaves my skin very soft and not oily or dry like some other cleansing oils I tried.

It's lightly fragranced but very pleasant, not strong or overpowering like Etude House's products tend to be sometimes.
All in all this is very worth picking up.
This is free of mineral oil and alcohol and has been clinically tested.
Contains Safflower Seed Oil and Secale Cereale (Rye) Seed extract.
For those interested: I don't see any parabens listed on the ingredients list.

-Cleansing Dream Soft Cleansing Foam, 120ml:

The Soft Cleansing Foam comes in a pretty white and pink squeeze tube with houses, birds and other cute stuff printed on in pastel colors.
The foam itself is a thick white paste which lathers up beautifully. Using this after the cleansing oil leaves my skin completely clean and I can be sure all makeup is taken off.

It has a light scent and is generally a very gentle product.
It's not super special but I like it more than the other foaming cleansers I tried from Etude House so far and it's more gentle than the Skinfood Milk Mania foam.
Contains no alcohol/mineral oil. With Cellplus (whatever that is) and Secale Cereale (Rye) Seed extract.
No ingredients listed in English so I can't tell you more, sorry!

All in all I am very pleased with Etude House's newest cleansing products and can recommend them. I hope they'll resume selling on Gmarket soon!!!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Kathi, may i know after using the Etude House cleanser do your face feel tight? Because most foam cleansers usually make my skin feel real tight :/

Anonymous said...


Is the Etude House Cleansing Oil clear liquid? Do you prefer it more than Sana's Cleansing Oil?


Yumeko said...

they look so pretty,i am a sucker for pink packaging XD

btw i dont know if parado is associated with kesalan, to be honest i only started buying parado recently after i moved to my current apartment as i never seemed to be near a 7-11

miss_waterlily said...

hi kathi,I am wondering if you tried etudegmark on gmarket?They seem to quite a lot of etudehouse products for prices very reasonable,though it seems that they do not offer gwps. Anyway I am going to order soon,so happy that at least somewhere I can still get my etudehouse fix lol!

Kathi said...

Hi Cheryl,
cleansing foam alone makes my skin tight often, too! But after cleansing oil it´s fine for me

Hi terrilynnem,
the cleansing oil is a rather liquid oil, yes!
I like Sana´s equally I´d say!

Hi Yumeko =D
I believe I heard somewhere that Parado is under KP =D
I really loved all those little convenience stores in Japan! I bought some Kesho Wakusei makeup there =D Was hard to pick out food though as all was in Japanese lol =X

Hi miss_waterlily,
thanks SO much for telling me about etudegmark! I actually think they´re the new Gmarket appearance of Etude House as they list the same products and all for retail prices =D I am so glad to have easy access to Etude House again now!


miss_waterlily said...

My pleasure Kathi! I just ordered lots of lots items from them yesterday and shall see when they arrive, will keep u updated! I am so excited, especially since I ordered their new baby lips something set as well, will let u know*wink wink*

Anonymous said...

hi..can i know whether can get Etude House Cleansing Dream Moisture Cleansing Oil in the etude shop store itself??? where did u get yours? thanks

Wynda said...

Hello Kathi,
From your reviews, i've decided to get some of the etude house products, where would you recommend to get them? I'm thinking of Gmarket but i cant read Korean, would you recommend me some good sellers?
Thanks a lot!!!!!

Zy said...

hi! thanks to your blog i can finally buy etude products at normal price.. never heard of gmarket before so i usually get things from ebay,,XD uhm.. how do you know what to pick (like if this product is for this certain skin type and such? can you actually read korean? please help.. >_<~

Anonymous said...

Hi there, are you selling the cleansing oil? :-)

SingingCafe said...

hey there! i havne't bought anything from etude house, except the Moistfull set and i love it! I was curious, im still a teen, (younger than 15) and i get pimples, but mostly random bumps. i have sensitive skin >_< is this product for me? :D hope you respond!

-a frequent reader of ur blogs!

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