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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My perfect eyebrow powder: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder in 01

I own lots of eyebrow powders, pencils, waxes and whatnot. I am somehow obsessed with having well defined and groomed brows =O

I am content with many of my brow items but there is one serious problems I face with Japanese eyebrow products: they tend to be light, orange or bronze-toned. My hair is a neutral medium-dark brown so I want a neutral dark eyebrow powder to go with it.
My favorite eyebrow powders so far were from Maquillage, Integrate, Etude House and Lavshuca. I still was lemming that new one from Paul & Joe though as it just looked too cute in its pale peachy pink compact =)

As I was placing my order for the P&J Disney Flower ballz I decided that I wanted to add another item to my cart so I decided to finally get the Eyebrow Powder I had been lemming for some time.
The price on Asos worked out to be really affordable at below €18 so I ordered the one in #01 Medium Brown (there is also a #2 Light Brown available)

The Eyebrow Powder comes in a small round compact just like P&J's eyeshadows. That's rather small but given tiny amount you need per application this will still last me a very long time.

The powder is medium pigmented which is perfect as I don't like overly pigmented or super sheer eyebrow powders. The included applicator (which comes in an extra pouch) is very good in applying the powder so I like using this instead of my usual brow brush.

Both brown hues in #01 are neutral-toned and both work for me, I just swirl them together or use either color depending on how soft or dramatic I want my brows to look =)

All in all this Eyebrow Powder offers the best color match for my hair color I found so far. Both colors look very natural on me and are just perfect.

I'd definitely buy this again in a heartbeat!


Inge said...

Wow, that looks great. I really want one. Wonder what color would look good.

Rachel said...

just started reading your blog and I really like it :) Thanks for this review! Have you ever tried the Anastasia brow powder? If yes, how would you compare it to this?

Kathi said...

No, I haven't tried Anastasia. I only use Asian makeup =)

Tracy said...

This eyebrow powder sold out quickly in SG when it was launched... lovely hual... :)

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